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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

Quiz Week, Day 2: Album SQL Brainteasers

Continuing this week’s SQL brainteasers, today’s topic is albums. As before, put your answers in the comments.

Quiz Week, Day 1: TV Show SQL Brainteasers

The successful launch of the Database Design quiz on the PL/SQL Challenge last week has put me in the quizzing mood. So this week there will be three SQL brainteasers each weekday with a different topic each day, starting with TV shows today. If you can gues these shows, put your answers in the comments!

Guess the Film part 4: Another Batch of SQL Brainteasers

As before, if you can guess the film titles from these SQL clues then put your answers in the comments.

Participants in the Q3 2013 PL/SQL Championship

The following players will be invited to participate in the Q3 2013 championship playoff. The number in parentheses after their names are the number of playoffs in which they have already participated.

Congratulations to all listed below on their accomplishment and best of luck in the upcoming competition!

We currently plan to hold the championship on 7 November (again, at a single time world-wide), and are waiting for confirmation from players.

See the FAQ for an explanation of the three ways a player can qualify for the playoff.

A question about my e-reader preferences

I received this note late in September:

Hello Steven,

Well, as I've been searching for info/opinions/reviews on this, I figure why not try asking you ???  Would sure appreciate your feedback.

I'm a programmer entering into work where I'll be traveling a bit, no longer able to search my bookshelf for information.  I'll need to travel with my frequent references, including your books and others from O'Reilly, Tom Kyte's books and others from Apress, and books from Oracle Press.

How One Team Enjoys the PL/SQL Challenge

A very nice thing about my announcement over the weekend regarding cheaters is that it prompted several players to write to me about how much they have enjoyed the PL/SQL Challenge.

Here's the best story I got - it really made my day!

Thank you very much for this great project. I love the challenge and learn
(almost every day) new aspects of PL/SQL.

Patch for “Bug 16516751 : Suboptimal execution plan for query with join and in-list using composite index” is available now

Bug about which i wrote previously is fixed now in 12.2, and patch 16516751 is available now for Solaris64.
1. CBO can consider filters in such cases now
2. Hint NUM_INDEX_KEYS fixed and works fine

A Simple Way to Update All the Columns

update all_the_cols_in_one_fell_swoop
set row = a_plsql_table;
"set row" is a handy way to update most/all the columns in the target table easily.

Undocumented results invalidations of function with result_cache

I’m sorry, that example was wrong! Thanks to Jefrey Kemp!
But previous is still relevant.

Sad Day for the PL/SQL Challenge: Cheaters Removed

Since the early days of the PL/SQL Challenge, we have been aware of the possibility of cheating by players. In response, we developed a set of tools to analyze player data to identify patterns of answer submissions that could reflect one or another form of cheating (such as a single person having multiple accounts, or multiple people colluding to achieve high scores).

We have in the past applied these tools to identify players who answer too quickly, and made adjustments to their scores accordingly. When we apply the adjustment, we notify the players that:

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