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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

PL/SQL Challenge Website Now Available

Just in time for Tuesday!


Well, you know how you just sometimes have one of those days?

This was one of mine.

I am still analyzing the full extent of my stupidity and incompetence (and I fear the results may be classified).

But I can say this:

First of all, thank you, John Scott, for being available and so, well, non-judgmental, as you once again bailed me out.

Poor, Sad Website: Voiding Today's Quiz

At 9:45 AM Chicago time, the PL/SQL Challenge website became unresponsive. It looks like we were and are being hammered by bots. We have been unable to stop the onslaught and so after a few hours of on again, off again access, I must announce with great sadness that we will void the results for today's quiz.

This means they will not be included in rankings for the quarter.

Now, having said that, I plan - when the site and backend become available again - to see how easily we can extend the end date for today's tomorrow (make it a "two day quiz").

Temporal validity(history) in Oracle 12c

In Oracle 11g You can store the previous states of the a table in a Flashback Archive.
Now, starting with Oracle 12c, You can store the old and current states of the rows in the same table.
This is extremely important for dimensonal tables in a Datawarehouse,
because we may want to keep the whole history of a dimension table.
(Consider SCD2 Dimensions)
We can explicitly or implicitly define date/timestamp type columns
that are responsible to store the “lifetime” period of a particular row.

SQL Brainteasers: Guess the Christmas Carol/Song

Christmas is approaching, so some Christmassy-themed songs to guess. Seven to get this time (because it’s Chrismtas ;). As always, put your answers in the comments!

PL/SQL Quiz: How can we stop this function raising NO_DATA_FOUND (without changing it)?

Another puzzle, when we execute the function below it returns NO_DATA_FOUND because the table is empty:

See you all in Seattle

In June 2014 I hope to see a whole lot of you at ODTUG's awesome conference Kscope14...

Compounding the problem for updates

A compound trigger curiousity I found recently:

DOS Attacks!

select description
from dos_attacks

System crippling denial-of-service hacks
The revenge of a Microsoft OS

DOS Attacks sounds like a bad sci-fi movie waiting to be made.... ;)

select posts from sqlfail

Daily Quizzes Will Continue in 2014

I am very pleased to announce that I have decided to continue the daily PL/SQL quiz in 2014.

There are two reasons for this change from my earlier plan to terminate the daily quiz.

First, I realized that I hadn't made it as easy as I should have to write and submit quizzes. I never really gave you, my dear players, much advice about how best to write a quiz, and the Submit Quiz wizard requires too much effort on your part.

Invisible Not Null Column

Yesterday I attended John King (@royaltwit) session on Oracle 12c for developers. He gave an overview of all the goodies that are available to us as developers. The whole plugging and unplugging of database, though very cool and exiting, is most likely not very relevant to most developers.

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