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PHP for MySQL Striped View

Back in May I explained how to create MySQL striped views with session variables. A couple folks wanted to know how to implement them through PHP programs. The trick is sharing the same connection between a call to the function before a query against the striped view.

I’ve updated the MySQL example beyond the Hobbit analogy from the prior post. It now uses the following database components:

Free Oracle PHP Book

Six years ago, I wrote Oracle Database 10g Express Edition PHP Web Programming for the release of the express edition.


Somebody wanted an example of how to handle column values using PHP to query a MySQL database. While I thought there were enough examples out there, they couldn’t find one that was code complete.

Well, here’s one that works using a static query. If you want to use a prepared statement, check this earlier post.

How is This Possible?

In my July 2012 PL/SQL newsletter (you can sign up for it here), I told the following story:

High Achievers at the PL/SQL Challenge

As Chicago endures another 100 degree day, I thought it would be a good time to honor some of our high achievers: players who were 100% correct for an entire month and those who played every quiz for an entire year or quarter. Even if your temperatures were not very high as you took all these quizzes, it certainly required a lot of effort!

Correct Through Entire Month

Alain Boulianne (7962)

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