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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

MySQL Striped Views

A question came up today about how to stripe a MySQL view, and this post shows you how. Along with the question, there was a complaint about why you can’t use session variables in a view definition. It’s important to note two things: there’s a workaround and there’s an outstanding request to add lift the feature limitation in Bug 18433.

High Performance PL/SQL + 11g New Features Training in Colorado

11-12 June  2012 will find me in Broomfield, Colorado, training PL/SQL developers and Oracle DBAs.

This two-day training, sponsored by RMOUG, covers the most critical features you need to know about if you are going to write PL/SQL programs that fully utilize the capabilities of PL/SQL, including the most important enhancements of Oracle Database 11g for PL/SQL developers.

Detailed Description of Topics to be Covered

Schema-level Procedure or Package with one Procedure?

I received this question from a PL/SQL developer:

An article suggestion from

Dear All All Packt publishers have extracted a chapter of my book as an article. PL/SQL: Using Collections The Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide helps you master advanced PL/SQL concepts.

Ideas for PL/SQL Challenge 2.3

We are now planning new features and enhancements to the PL/SQL Challenge website (version 2.3).  I'd love to hear what you think - both about these ideas and your own. Now, you might be thinking that I already asked for such feedback on the blog and that's true - sort of. In my 9 March post, we discussed some possible changes in the way the daily quiz is played. I am still sorting through those ideas. But for our next release, we will be making smaller-scale changes to the site, keeping the basic quiz structures in place, but improving overall usability and access.

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