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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

Oracle Database 12c, Exadata x3 highlight OpenWorld keynote

Sync up with the Oracle’s keynote at Open world this year Oracle Database 12c, Exadata x3 highlight OpenWorld keynote.   Courtsey: SearchOracle Filed under: Oracle

Uncorrelated subqueries

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Open World 2012

In prior years a daily update from Open World was possible, but this year my schedule was too full to support it. This is my compendium of thoughts about MySQL Connect, Java One, and Open World.

Fiddling with MONTHS_BETWEEN

A few days ago I answered a question on OTN SQL and PL/SQL forum that prompted me to fiddle around with MONTHS_BETWEEN. I did discover something new that I wasn't aware of while developing an alternative MONTHS_BETWEEN implementation.

Yes, yes you can index nulls

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SQL Developer tip: Don't open the table

One of things I don't like about Oracle SQL Developer is that if you are browsing and clicking on tables, it can automatically open the table on the right side of the IDE.There is a simple way to switch that off, just heard how to switch this feature off.

OOW 2012: Is PL/SQL still alive?

Yesterday Bryn Llewellyn, Distinguished Product Manager, did a session called "PL/SQL Enhancements brought by the latest generation of database technology". The room was packed. For the upcoming release of the Oracle 12c database the enhancements were broken into three areas:

  • Improved PL/SQL and SQL interoperability

    In the current version of the Oracle database you needed a Nested Table or Varray Type defined at schema level in order to be able to use it in the TABLE operator.

Should PL/SQL Developers Care About "Internals"?

We've posted a new Roundtable discussion with the title

Should PL/SQL Developers Care About "Internals"? 

This discussion point was provided Jeff Kemp, a long-time player of the PL/SQL Challenge who writes:

Just give it to me at random

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MySQL Workbench Book

Finally, I finished writing the MySQL Workbench book. It’ll be available next spring. Now it’s time to leave for the plane, fly to San Francisco, and see everyone at MySQL Connect.

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