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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

Ohio and New York High Performance PL/SQL Trainings

I will be doing one day trainings on high performance PL/SQL and Oracle Database 11g new features in Columbus and Manhattan (NY) in April:

April 16 - Columbus more info
April 18 - Manhattan more info

These are one day, whirlwind explorations of the many ways you can get those PL/SQL programs running faster, including:

Enjoy reading…enjoy PacktLib

Hi, Nice to see a new development for Indian techies from Packt publishers. The publishers library PacktLib is now free for tech readers in India. Interested readers can create their account and use the library for free from 8 to 8. Find more information at……Enjoy Bye, Saurabh Filed under: Oracle

Oracle CSV Imports

The first step in creating an effective import plan for comma-separated value (CSV) files is recognizing your options in a database. There are several options in an Oracle database. You can read the file with Java, C/C++, C#, PL/SQL (through the UTL_FILE package), PHP, Perl, or any other C-callable programming language; or you can use SQL*Loader as a standalone utility or through externally managed tables (known as external tables). The most convenient and non-programming solution is using external tables.

Recursive Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome

The Republican primary contest has offered many examples of the well-known Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome, whereby candidates say things that cause them, at a minimum, some embarrassment and, even worse for them, lost votes.

Today while reading the Chicago Tribune, I discovered a rare variation of the syndrome, Recursive Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome (RFIM), in which a candidate, while explaining why his foot was planted firmly in his mouth, plants a foot within that foot.

Methodical Performance Tuning Part 2 by Arup Nanda: AIOUG webcast

Arup Nanda delivers yet again a useful webcast on Oracle performance tuning practices. This time he shows the utilization of V$ views to analyse the session level waits and statistics. Download links are as below Besides, the reviewing activities on “Book in Making” are going smooth.

Over 450,000 Answers to 681 Quizzes!

Today, the PL/SQL Challenge hit another milestone: players have submitted over 450,000 answers to N quizzes since April 2010.

 We just passed a big milestone at the PL/SQL Challenge: over 450,000 answers have been submitted for the over 680 quizzes offered since its inception in April 2010. Here are some stats:

The Insanity of Stock Trading in the 21st Century

As anyone who's read my blog or otherwise knows me is aware, I have more than my share of criticisms of capitalism. I am not sure it is possible to come up with a better economic system than one that is market-driven. I am very certain, however, that our political system - whose sole purpose should be to protect and improve the quality of life of its citizens - must put boundaries around the behavior of capitalists.

In other words, the political system must taken priority over the economic system.

New Qualifier Process for Playoffs

We will be instituting a new process for the upcoming Q1 2012 championship playoff.

All or some of the players who qualify to participate in the playoff will be required to take three qualifier quizzes.

If the performance on these qualifier quizzes is substantially worse than the player's performance during the quarter (% correct and/or time required to answer the quiz), then the following steps will be taken:

1. That player will be ineligible to participate in the playoff.
2. That player's status will be set to non-competitive.

Fedora URL Changes

Somebody posted on a Gnome patching blog post for Fedora to let me know that the download URL was invalid. I poked around and it appears that the old Fedora URL at Red Hat’s site doesn’t work:

You now have to go the Fedora Project web site for the code archive, and it’s here:

If somebody knows why they made the change without any fanfare, please post a note.

Upgrading to Oracle 11gR2, presented by Syed Jaffar Hussain

Oracle ACE Director Syed Jaffer Hussain presents a webinar on upgrading database systems to Oracle 11gR2.

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