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How is This Possible?

In my July 2012 PL/SQL newsletter (you can sign up for it here), I told the following story:

High Achievers at the PL/SQL Challenge

As Chicago endures another 100 degree day, I thought it would be a good time to honor some of our high achievers: players who were 100% correct for an entire month and those who played every quiz for an entire year or quarter. Even if your temperatures were not very high as you took all these quizzes, it certainly required a lot of effort!

Correct Through Entire Month

Alain Boulianne (7962)

Site Still Down 4:45 UTC 5 July

Unfortunately, the PL/SQL Challenge website is still down, and will likely not be up for several hours more.

So it looks like we will be not doing a quiz today (5 July) either.

We are as disappointed with this state of affairs as the many players who have contacted me directly, wondering when they will be able to play their quiz.

Quiz for 4 July Will Not Be Ranked

The PL/SQL Challenge website has been down for most of the day, as we recover the database from 02:00 UTC 4 July. Our apologies for the inconvenience and lost opportunity to compete.

The results for 4 July will not be used in rankings and determining qualification in the Q3 championship playoff.

So if you are an American, it's just our way of saying: "Don't work (or 'play' with your technology)! Get away from your computer and celebrate the founding of your nation!"


Placement over substance

I was stunned when a SQL query raised an ERROR 1630 (42000) telling me the SUM function didn’t exist in MySQL 5.5.23. The fix was simple. The opening parenthesis of the SUM function must be on the same line as the SUM keyword without an intervening white space. Alternatively phrased, you can’t have a line return or white space between the SUM function name and the opening parenthesis of the call parameter list.

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