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If I Were Governor of California (or Illinois or....)

Governor Brown today announced the need for an additional $8B in cuts to state spending, on top of some $15B of cuts over the last three years. These cuts will slash funding for education, health care for children, welfare programs, etc.

And California is not alone. Many states face drastic shortfalls in their budgets, massive underfunding of pensions, and so on.

Browser Enslavement?

Escape from New York, a cult classic, has Snake (Kurt Russell) rescue the President from Manhattan, which in this dystopian film’s theme is a prison.

It's Yes Time!

Finally after many years of being complicit in the poisoning of our own bodies, many people are coming to realize that lots of the food products (as opposed to food) that we buy in supermarkets are bad for us, make us sick. Thanks, Michael Pollan and others for your impact!

This shift in public opinion is revealed in changes in advertising by the companies who sell industrialized, factory-produced edibles. 

Value or Reference?

In class today, we reviewed pass-by-value (IN-only mode) parameters and pass-by-reference (INOUT and OUT mode) parameters for stored procedures.

A long long proof

Decomposition of a relation into join of projections serves as motivation for database normalization theory. In relational lattice terms relation x projected into sets of attributes (that is empty relations) s and t:

x = (x v s) ^ (x v t)

Lets investigate dual perspective and switch the roles of join and inner union:

x = (x ^ s) v (x ^ t)

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