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A fabulous KScope12 is over

KScope12 is over. What a fabulous conference that was!This was the first time I did a presentation. I am not quite satisfied with my performance - I spent too much time on the basic examples in the beginning of my presentation, so I only had time to do 4 out of my planned 6 demos. I know I can do better than that, so I just need to try it again some time :-)

Time for the Q2 2012 Championship Playoff!

The second quarter of 2012 ended last week...and that means it's time for the next championship playoff.

As you may recall, last quarter we initiated a new qualifier process in which selected players are asked to verify their performance during the quarter before being able to participate in the playoff.

I am very pleased to announce that none of the players this quarter will be required to take qualifier quizzes. What this means, in essence, is that none of the players submitted answers in astonishing and perhaps bewildering shorts amounts of time.

Many thanks, ODTUG

I attended the ODTUG Kscope12 conference last week in San Antonio. It was hot outside, but the J. W. Marriott resort was a very comfy place to hang out, learn and teach. I gave four presentations at this year's conference, and was honored with three awards, as you can see below (taken from an ODTUG email):

PL/SQL Challenge at Kscope12

I returned a few days ago from ODTUG's annual Kscope (formerly Kaleidoscope) conference, this year in hot, hot San Antonio, but located at the very comfortable and luxurious JW Marriott resort.

At the suggestion of Mike Brunstedt, one of our fabulous PL/SQL quiz reviewers, I made up a PL/SQL Challenger ribbon so that players and friends of the site could proudly proclaim their Challenger-ness:

Derived Table Aliases

In my database class, students write solutions as group exercises against the Oracle 11g XE database and then they port the solution individually to the MySQL 5.5 database. One of the students copied over a query like the one below to MySQL (a query used to track the expected number of row returns) and got an error they didn’t understand:

PL/SQL Bug Confirmed from 20 June Quiz

The 20th June quiz tested your knowledge of how to remove "gaps" from a sparse array (make it dense). Daniel Kennedy posted an objection to the scoring, saying that if you use a NULL value for the index value in the collection, then none of the choices are correct.

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