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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

Delay or synchronize it?

A couple students in one of my classes ran into a problem when competing Java threads tried to insert new rows in a table. They raised an error when they tried the DELAY keyword to avoid the race (collision) condition in an INSERT statement. It was simple to explain to them that the DELAY keyword doesn’t work with an InnoDB table. Any attempt throws the following error:

INSERT ALL master/detail data from XML

This is something I actually made for a quiz on PL/SQL Challenge, but I think the technique could be useful for others as well :-)

Conway's Game of Life in a MODEL clause

This post has no serious purpose. I was just fooling around with the MODEL clause when I got the idea that ITERATE could be used for modelling Conway's Game of Life. So that's what I did - just a little fun example of what MODEL can be used for. Sure it could be done in any number of other ways, I don't claim this to be a smart or efficient way, just fun ;-)

APEX: Custom Image on Button Bug

When you use a custom template for your APEX application and you want to use an image on a button, you might encounter a small, trivial bug. Thanks to Anthony Rayner and twitter for a simple workaround.The Setting

For the custom theme that is used in the application that I'm working on, an Application Level Substitution string was created.You can define these substitution strings at the application level, available from the application home page.

PHP for MySQL Striped View

Back in May I explained how to create MySQL striped views with session variables. A couple folks wanted to know how to implement them through PHP programs. The trick is sharing the same connection between a call to the function before a query against the striped view.

I’ve updated the MySQL example beyond the Hobbit analogy from the prior post. It now uses the following database components:

Free Oracle PHP Book

Six years ago, I wrote Oracle Database 10g Express Edition PHP Web Programming for the release of the express edition.


Somebody wanted an example of how to handle column values using PHP to query a MySQL database. While I thought there were enough examples out there, they couldn’t find one that was code complete.

Well, here’s one that works using a static query. If you want to use a prepared statement, check this earlier post.

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