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I'm looking for a publisher who may want to translate and publish my "Reverse Engineering for Beginners" book to a language other than English/Russian, under condition that English/Russian version will remain freely available in open-source form.
Interesting? dennis(a)

Remote Support for Windows/UNIX/LINUX: Additional Services Series Pt. 5 [VIDEO]


When outsourcing your operating system support, you want to know that you have expert professionals with knowledge of all your platforms handling your data. At RDX, that’s something you don’t have to worry about.

Welcome back to our Additional Services series!

DBMS_UTILITY.EXPAND_SQL_TEXT and temporal validity in 12c

12c gave us two new features among others: DBMS_UTILITY.EXPAND_SQL_TEXT and temporal validity. DBMS_UTILITY.EXPAND_SQL_TEXT is advertised as a means to expand SQL text that is using views, but it is also very useful to see how Oracle internally rewrites some SQL queries. Here I'm going to use it to see how temporal validity queries are actually executed. All tests are done using Enterprise Edition.

First I'll create a table for testing with two periods - VALID and ACTIVE. VALID is using DATE datatype and ACTIVE is using hidden TIMESTAMP columns.

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: Part Two

Part One outlined the histories and basic foundations of PostgreSQL and MySQL, respectively.

In Part Two, we'll focus on the benefits of using both of these structures and how remote DBA professionals use them to perform mission-critical functions for enterprises.

Birds don't make the best ornithologists

This week I listened to episode 44 of one of my favourite podcasts - Inquiring Minds. It was an interview with David Epstein on the 'science of athletes'.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Computing

As if anyone needs to be reminded, there’s a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding clouds and big data. There’s always oodles of hype around any new technology that is not well understood—I believe the correct term for this is product marketing. There are at least seven deadly sins that can be committed when determining a […]

The Big Data Job Gap: Where are the Platform Scientists?

Big data continues to live up to its reputation for disruption as it gnaws away at all of the entrenched constituencies – IT silos, vendors, pricing models and now, careers; it’s about to get very personal. On the possibility side, there is a massive skills gap that needs to be filled. Everybody knows there aren't […]

Oracle EBS Techno Functional Support: Additional Services Series Pt. 4 [VIDEO]


Welcome back to our Additional Services series. Today we’re highlighting our Oracle EBS Techno Functional Support, a feature we offer to help customers to make sure their Oracle applications are running properly.

Tungsten Replicator: MariaDB Master-Master and Master-Slave Topologies

A common concern in the MySQL community is how to best implement high availability for MySQL. There are various built-in mechanisms to accomplish this such as Master/Master and Master/Slave replication using binary logs as well as FOSS solutions such as Galera and Tungsten, just to name a few. Often times, IT Managers and DBAs alike opt to avoid implementing a third party solution due to the added administrative overhead without fully evaluating the available solutions.

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: Part One

PostgreSQL and MySQL are both recognized as the world's most popular open source database architectures, but there are some key differences between the two.

Database administration professionals often favor both environments for their raw, customizable formats. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, open source means the code used to create these architectures is divulged to the public, allowing IT experts of every ilk to reconstruct the program to fit specific needs. While MySQL and PostgreSQL are similar in this respect, there are some key differences.

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