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Oracle OEM Cloud Control - the new features

This document describes the main new features of Cloud Control A lot of new features are coming with the version I will describe the most important ones, but you can also refer to this Oracle documen:
New management services repository page
There is a new management services repository page providing details about the management repository:

Datafile space reclaimable report.

This script will help you find the space reclaimable in your datafiles, it finds the High Water Mark of all your datafiles (the minimum size) and then report the following information: Datafile Size Datafile HWM Percentage of space reclaimable Command to resize the datafile Total space reclaimable in your datafiles Percentage of space reclaimable in your datafiles Find space reclaimable [...]

Enterprise User Security – Presentation Material available

On the presentations page you can find the my presentation material from DOAG regional meeting September 2014 in Munich about “Enterprise User Security”.

How to transition government databases to the cloud

Public authorities are regarding the benefits of moving operations to the cloud with a grain of salt. 

While security will be a concern no matter what the technology, the primary reason why officials are so apprehensive of cloud computing is a perceived lack of control. A number of organizations already outsource to remote database administration services to secure environments and keep critical solutions operable, but putting an entire infrastructure in the hands of a private company is quite jarring. 


I was reading through an old book recently and it said that you could not put a tablespace into hot backup mode if the database was in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

Oracle EMEA Customer Support Services Excellence Award 2014

The corporation announced today that I got the Customer Services Excellence Award 2014 in the category ‘Customer Champion’ for the EMEA region. It is an honor to be listed there together with these excellent professionals that I proudly call colleagues.

CSS Excellence Award 2014

Issue installing the 11gR2 database software after the clusterware setup

If you don’t plan to install the 11gR2 database software after a clusterware installation, I guess there is no need for you to read this post.
I just want to share the issue I got and the way you could workaround it. The purpose of this post is just to save your time, in case of.
So, after a clusterware installation (on a 2 nodes RAC cluster), I decided to install the database software. I launched the runInstaller, followed the install process until the Step 4:

ASM Diskgroup shows USABLE_FILE_MB value in Negative

Today while working on ASM diskgroup i noticed Negative value for USABLE_FILE_MB. I was little surprised as it has been pretty long that i worked on ASM. So i started looking around for blogs and mos docs and found few really nice one around. A negative value for USABLE_FILE_MB means that you do not have…

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part IV

We have now reached Step 3 of the Setup Wizard. PreSteps, Step 1 and Step 2  were already covered. In Step 3 we will start to choose which schemas and table we wish to replicate. Step 3 – Replicated tables The third step is to choose the schemas and tables to be replicated. If the […]

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