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Performance Issues with the Sequence NEXTVAL Call

Is SELECTing from a sequence your Oracle Performance Problem? The answer to that question is: it might be!

You wouldn’t expect a sequence select to be a significant problem but recently we saw that it was—and in two different ways. The issue came to light when investigating a report performance issue on an Oracle non-RAC database. Investigating the original report problem required an AWR analysis and a SQL trace (actually a 10046 level 12 trace – tracing the bind variables was of critical importance in troubleshooting the initial problem with the report).

ORA-28043: Invalid Bind Credentials for DB-OID Connection

Have you ever encountered this error connecting to a DB using global authentication against OID? Was re-registration a temporary workaround, but the issue came back after some time? Check out this solution for ORA-28043: invalid bind credentials for DB-OID connection.

During a long project which included changing human account’s authentication method from local to global on several databases, users started to report ORA-28043 after a couple of days.

RAC One Node 12c-revisited on ODA featuring database on ACFS

Thanks to Andy Colvin (@acolvin) and the Enkitec lab I have been able to get my hands on an ODA X4-2. And since that’s a lot quieter than turning on my own lab server, and also a lot faster I used the environment to test RAC One Node in I recently had a question from a customer about the usefulness of the solution and what it brings to the HA table. Well here you go.

dbi services wishes you a Merry Christmas with this SQL Server script

The end of the year approachs and soon it will be time to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends. At dbi services, we wish you a merry christmas via SQL Server with the following script, to execute in your SQL Server Management Studio for example (supported only by SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014). You will find a suprise in the result pane :-)

Oracle’s revises its database administrator accreditation portfolio

Enterprises looking for Oracle experts knowledgeable of the software giant's latest database solutions may discover some DBAs' certifications are no longer valid. 

In addition, companies using SAP applications would do well to hire DBAs who know how to optimize Oracle's server solutions. Many SAP programs leverage Oracle 12c databases as the underbelly of their functionality,so ensuring that SAP's software can use and secure data within these environments efficiently is a must. 

PostgreSQL isn’t just another database engine

While Oracle's database engine and Microsoft's SQL Server are among the top three server solutions among enterprises, by no means is PostgreSQL being left in the dust. 

This year, The PostgreSQL Global Development Group released PostgreSQL 9.4, which was equipped with several bug fixes as well as a few new capabilities, such as:

Yes, SMBs should pay attention to disaster recovery

Effective disaster recovery plans admittedly take a lot of time, resources and attention to develop, which may cause some small and mid-sized businesses to stray away from the practice. While it's easy to think "it could never happen to me," that's certainly not a good mindset to possess. 

Linux users may need experts to reinforce malware detection functions

Enterprises using Linux operating systems to run servers or desktops may want to consider hiring specialists to prevent actions initiated by the "less" command. 

In addition, Linux users should also be aware that they have been targeted by a dangerous cyberespionage operation that is believed to be headquartered in Russia. If these two threats go unacknowledged, enterprises that use Linux may sustain grievous data breaches. 

Data management challenges, concerns for health care companies

Volume and velocity are two words analysts are associating with health care data, motivating CIOs to assess the scalability and security of their current database infrastructures. 

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