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Pillars of PowerShell: SQL Server – Part 2


This is the seventh and final post in the series on the Pillars of PowerShell. The previous posts in the series are:

Migration of Oracle Database to Amazon RDS using Golden Gate

Amazon RDS is a web service used to manage databases, like Oracle, in the cloud. Small- and medium-sized enterprises with databases of normal load, volume, and SLA, can certainly leverage the ease and cost efficiency Amazon RDS offers.

There are two other methods that are widely used to migrate databases with minimal downtime: Oracle Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate. AWS RDS doesn’t support Data Guard, but luckily it does support Oracle GoldenGate. There are some version constraints though.

Three Hidden Azure SQL Database Gotchas

Azure SQL Database is Microsoft’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform offering. It allows end users to leverage the power of SQL Server in the cloud without the expense and complexity of building a private infrastructure. Additionally, this offering simplifies database maintenance tasks while providing seamless high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

Trust and confidence from Pythian

Recently I “inherited” some new responsibilities at work. It’s not the first time during my 11 or so of the last 16 years at Pythian. Throughout my employ at Pythian, I have been continually given new titles based on new roles I have taken on. For me, besides the enjoyment I have been lucky to have at Pythian, this trust and confidence are two of the biggest contributors to one’s longevity with a company.

Creating an Oracle Database Cloud Service

Back in late June of 2015, Larry Ellison launched several public cloud services and one of those services was the public DBaaS. Today, I had the opportunity to try out this new service. This blog post will examine how to create it and how to connect it with sqlcli. As with any cloud service, it all happens in the background, saving you from doing tedious configuration steps to start using your service.

Log Buffer #438: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition covers Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server blog posts from the last week.


Integrating Telstra Public SMS API into Bluemix

Adaptive Query Optimization in Oracle 12c : Ongoing Updates

Log Buffer #437: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition goes out deep into the vistas of database world and brings out few of the good ones published during the week from Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


Overriding Default Context-Sensitive Action Enablement

Creating User Schema Table and Projections in Vertica

Vertica is a an exciting database with some real nifty features. Projections is a ground breaking unique feature of Vertica which dramatically increases performance benefits in terms of querying and space benefits in terms of compression.

Presenting in Perth on September 9th, 2015

I’ll be presenting at a “Lets Talk Oracle” event in Perth, with fellow Ex-Oracle ACE Directors Richard Foote and Chris Muir.

Damage of the SQL database

Good day, friends!
There is the following situation. On one server, I make a backup of the database. With integrity check everything is carried out. Transfer the backup to another server and restore from it base, has also successfully completed. I do a couple of selects from the tables just in case, selects are work. After that didn't touch base. Suddenly after a few hours started pouring in an error like
Table error: alloc unit ID 72057606917455872, page (1:1163817) contains an incorrect page ID in its page header. The PageId in the page header = (1:8696745).
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