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12c privilege analysis rocks

12c came with a very nice feature: privilege analysis. You don't know which privileges are required? then just grant DBA, run your application, and check which minimal privileges are needed. And today, I've discovered how it is very powerful: you can even see privileges used internally, even when not done by SQL, and even not documented.
It starts like that, with a question from Vladimir Sitnikov (who publishes very interesting stuff from his twitter account) in the tone of a challenge:

Black Friday Special: A Year of Unlimited Premium Themes

Our Black Friday special is a great way to get your blog ready for the new year. This weekend, every purchase of Premium will include a free year of unlimited access to all our premium themes — a $120 USD value — so you can use any theme at no extra cost.

The special sale starts just after midnight on Friday, November 28th, and ends just before midnight, on Monday, December 1st, for all time zones.

Lunchtime quiz

There was a question on OTN a few days ago asking the following question:

Here’s a query that ran okay on 11g, but crashed with Oracle error “ORA-01843: not a valid month” after upgrade to 12c; why ?

The generically correct answer, of course, is that the OP had been lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) on 11g – and I’ll explain that answer in another blog posting.

Attempt to connect to a data store that has been manually unloaded from R AM

Timesten in-memory Database :-ttisql DSN_NAMEttIsql (c) 1996-2005, TimesTen, Inc. All rights reserved.Type ? or "help" for help, type "exit" to quit ttIsql.All commands must end with a semicolon character.connect "DSN=DSN_NAME";707: Attempt to connect to a data store that has been manually unloaded from RAMThe command failed.

Chrome Device Mode and Mobile Emulation

Recently a colleague suggested I take a fresh look at the mobile emulation button in Chrome's developer tools.

Apparently this was upgraded earlier in the year and it's a shame I didn't have this a year ago!

Pythian at UKOUG 14

Will you be joining us at the UKOUG Conference and Exhibition in Liverpool, UK? Over 200 world-class speakers and industry experts will be in attendance, including some of our very own.

How Oracle Database Replication Looks Down Under

The long awaited date had finally arrived, New Zealand Oracle Users Group’s event NZOUG14.  I was told about this event by my colleagues.  Dbvisit employees often speak around the world at different Oracle conferences.  But NZOUG14 is a bit special, as Dbvisit is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, the City of Sails.  I was excited to […]

Conferences and the Etiquette of Meeting New People

One of the reasons I like user group conferences is meeting new people in my “area” – these people at the conference not only like technology and probably some of the same technology I do but, as they are at a conference, are probably inclined to learn stuff, meet people and maybe share ideas. I’m not actually very good face-to-face socially with people I do not know, so I like to tilt things in my favour if I can!

But sometimes you have odd experiences.

oracle update select merge

If you want to update one table based on the values in another table, use ‘UPDATE = (SELECT) WHERE (SELECT)’ or ‘MERGE WHERE’, as in examples (3) and (3a) below.

Sample data:

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