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The Transparency Report is proud to release our first-ever transparency report. Get schooled on the number of information requests, takedown demands, and national security requests we've received.

Slide deck from UKOUG Availability Infrastructure & Management SIG April 2014

Martin Widlake kindly invited me to give a presentation at this event at Oracle HQ in Reading.  A couple of you have asked for a copy of the slides so here they are!  They may make more sense on their own rather than with me waffling along and distracting you all.

PL/SQL bulk collect union

PL/SQL bulk collect will work with UNION ALL when written with an inline view:

Log Buffer #367, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Log Buffer is globe trotting this week from end to end. From every nook, it has brought you some sparkling gems of blog posts. Enjoy!!!


On April 16th, Oracle announced the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X4-2.

Do your Cross Currency Receipts fail Create Accounting?

Business professionals consider moving to Office 365

Many executives favor Microsoft products over competing software. Since its inception, the corporation has established itself as a developer of business-standard technology, with millions of subscribers distributed throughout the world. Due to recent improvements spearheaded by new CEO Satya Nadella, many organizations previously unfamiliar with the company's products are implementing Microsoft solutions with the help of database administration services

Indexing Foreign Key Constraints With Bitmap Indexes (Locked Out)

Franck Pachot made a very valid comment in my previous entry on Indexing Foreign Keys (FK) that the use of a Bitmap Index on the FK columns does not avoid the table locks associated with deleting rows from the parent table. Thought I might discuss why this is the case and why only a B-Tree index does […]

How important is a Disaster Recovery site for you?

I regularly read threads on the oracle-l mailing list, and occasionally feel very tempted to reply to one. Just recently I saw one that I liked a lot. It is specifically about using an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) as a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for an Exadata system. The Exadata configuration was not specified, I assume it was a smaller (eighth rack/quarter rack) configuration.

Boston Oracle User Group Session: Oracle 12c Features You Should Know

Thank you for all those who attended the session, and braved it up to 10 PM. Much much appreciated.

Download the slides here, and scripts I used for the demos here.

As always, your feedback will be highly appreciated.

My New Oracle DBA batch from 21st April

Friends, there is a change in the batch timings. Initially we planned for 8:30 to 10 PM IST. But, after 1st demo so many people are interested in attending morning session. so, we have changed the timings. New timings would be 6:30 to 8 AM IST. Faculty: Pavan Dba Demo 1: 18/04/0214 at 8:30 PM […]

Retailers use business intelligence to optimize supply chain

Due to the prevalence of omnichannel retail, merchandisers are obligated to satisfy the inventory fulfillment requirements of brick-and-mortar stores and consumers. Instead of using human resources to scrutinize the distribution process, commodity-based companies are hiring database experts to implement business intelligence tools capable of providing actionable information regarding the supply chain.

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