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Announcing XtremIO Performance Engineering Lab Report: Facts About Redo Logging And NAND Flash.

I invite you to please read this report.

NAND Flash is good for a lot of things but not naturally good with write-intensive workloads. Unless, that is, skillful engineering is involved to mitigate the intrinsic weaknesses of NAND Flash in this regard. I assert EMC XtremIO architecture fills this bill.

Regardless of your current or future plans for adopting non-mechanical storage I hope this Lab Report will show some science behind how to determine suitability for non-mechanical storage–and NAND Flash specifically–where Oracle Database redo logging is concerned.

APEX 503 – Service Unavailable – And you don’t know the APEX_PUBLIC_USER Password

It’s probably Monday morning. The caffeine from your first cup of coffee has not quite worked it’s way into your system.
The cold sweat running down the back of your neck provides an unpleasant contrast to the warm blast of panicked users as they call up to inform you that the Application is down.
APEX, which has been behaving impeccibly all this time, has suddenly decided to respond to all requests with :

503 – Service Unavailable.

ASM DiskGroup Performance Statistics

The V$ASM_DISKGROUP_STAT view provides 12c ASM DiskGroup Performance Statistics for current DiskGroups. The data is extracted from the X$KFGRP_STAT source table. This view like all other ASM views are available in both the ASM and the Database instance. The data for this view accessed from the ASM includes information for all databases connected to the […]

Turkish Hadoop User Group(TRHUG) 2014 meeting

Turkish Hadoop User Group(TRHUG) 2014 annual meeting will be at Monday December 22, Levent İstanbul. Microsoft TR is the sponsor of the meeting this year. Turkcell has two slots on the agenda this year; one on an interesting project called Curio based on Kafka, Storm and Cassandra the real-time side of the ecosystem. The other […]

Statistics on this blog

I began this blog on 28-Dec-2006.  For the 8 years 2007 to 2014, I have averaged 56 posts per year.  Unfortunately, this year, 2014 has produced the fewest posts -- 40 including this one.  This includes the "series" on Grid / ASM / RAC and the series on StatsPack / AWR.

2011 was my most prodigious year -- 99 posts.

There were 8,176 page views in July 2007.  To date, there have been more than 930thousand page views on this blog.  By month, the peak count has been for March 2012 -- 24,346 page views.

Segment Creation Deferred and ORA-02266

If you try to truncate a table with a primary key which is referenced by an enabled foreign key, you usually get an ORA-02266 error. This happens straight away if the table is set up with segment creation immediate. However, if the table is set up with segment creation deferred, the error is not reported until the segment has been created.

Log Buffer #400, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Another centurion mark achieved by the Log Buffer as it reaches 400. Freshness and uniqueness of Log Buffer still is as youthful as was with the edition 1. Enjoy the gems of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


What Cloud Infrastructure Will Best Deliver?

Join Us For a Networking Event at UKOUG

UKOUG event photo

Join us for an informal networking event alongside Rittman Mead on Monday December 8th during UKOUG. We will be discussing how to leverage data to drive your organization’s success.


Learning, relearning or unforgetting…

What value is there in a DISABLEd constraint?

This was a question on the OTN forums this week and a) my first reply was wrong and b) I couldn’t find a clear demonstration elsewhere.

The key is RELY.

The documentation is clear.

RELY Constraints

UKOUG 2015 Conferences

The UKOUG annual conferences commence on Sunday 7th December and run until Wednesday 10th. Like previous years there are two conferences, one called TECH15 and the other is called APPS15. You might guess what each conference is about!!. This year these conferences are being held at the same time and in the same venue. But they are separate conferences!. This year I've been very lucky (or very unlucky) to have 3 presentations at these conferences. Two of these will on part of the TECH15 conference and one will be part of the APPS15 conference.

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