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DataGuard wait events have changed in 12c

There are several new features in 12c about Data Guard: cascaded standby, far sync instance. But there are also some architecture changes: new processes and new wait events.

OCM 11g Preparation – Implement securefile LOB

Securefile LOBs are a new way of storing LOBs that allows us to enable compression, deduplication, or encryption. In the exam, we need to know how to manage them:

adrelink /adpatch fails on OEL6 after a fresh installation:: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/4.4.7/32/ undefined reference

Updating Oracle Applications Java files if necessary...  ** Backing up $JAVA_TOP/META-INF/JRIMETA.DAT...  Copying JRIMETA.DAT to JRIMETA.DAT.BackedupByAdpatch ...  Copied JRIMETA.DAT to JRIMETA.DAT.BackedupByAdpatch.

Hey dude, where’s my memory? part 2

In my previous article I started exploring the memory usage of a process on a recent linux kernel (2.6.39-400.243.1 (UEK2)), recent means “recent for the Enterprise Linux distributions” in this context, linux kernel developers would point out that the kernel itself is at version 3.19 (“stable version” at the time of writing of this blogpost).

Celebrating Poetry, All Month Long

April is National Poetry Month, and we love each day’s flurry of new posts tagged #nationalpoetrymonth in the Reader and across the internet.

Tuning Database XQuery Statements (1)

I had a question of a colleague to have a look at a statement that…

Database Replay

Hi All,

I have a question about the database replay feature.

On the test system, before I begin preprocessing how do I make sure the test database = prod database before capture?

Is this a full export/import or just a schema export/import?


ORA-31145 – “Duplicate listener, %s, found in resource configuration”

Today I had an error on my test environment which surprised me…initially… While I was…

Security parameters in 11G and 12C

There are 5 parameters that are all prefixed with ‘sec’ in an 11g and 12c database. Actually that is a lie because one is now deprecated in 12c. They are all, as you might guess related to security. This blog is about changes in the default values and some thoughts about whether or not the default value is appropriate or not.

LPAR and Oracle Database

What is LPAR?

LPAR stands for Logical Partitioning and it's a feature of IBM's operating system AIX (Also available in Linux). By abstracting all the physical devices in a system, LPAR creates a virtualized computing environment.

In a server; the processor, memory, and storage are divided into multiple sets. Each set in a server consist of resources like processor, memory and storage. Each set is called as LPAR.

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