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Jonathan Lewis explains Delphix internals

Last week we had a great webinar with Jonathan Lewis as he explained his hands on experience of Delphix, how Delphix works internally and some use cases that Delphix solves for Jonathan.
Jonathan will be joining us a the Delphix booth at Oracle Open World and giving shorter version of the presentation at 10am on Monday and Tuesday and 11am on Wednesday.
Also Jonathan will be speaking at Oaktable World on both Monday 1pm and both Monday and Tuesday for Ted Talks at Oaktable World between noon and 1pm.

SQLDeveloper 4.0.3 is available for download

One more iteration in SQLDeveloper's development cycle, you can now install version 4.0.3

I am curious to see what happens with my shared SQL History on Dropbox after the update.
(it turned out that the shared SQL History folder is still working after the upgrade, cool!)

Where is my space on Linux filesystem?

Not Often, I checked about my space after made filesystem on Linux. Today, I have made Ext4 filesystem around 460GB, I found it 437GB only. Some path should be 50GB, but it was available only 47GB.
Thank You @OracleAlchemist and @gokhanatil for good information about it.

Filesystem                   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

the version of the data that you are trying to import is not compatible with current dac version

This Error Appear On DAC Server when trying to Import Data  from the following :Tools --> DAC Repository Management --> importThis error appears :-the version of the data that you are trying to import is not compatible with current dac versionAfter trying to many Solution with no luck , i discover new Solution for this error and it's simple :-

Extend linux partition on vmware

It was a quiet day, I worked as System Administrator and installed Oracle Linux on Virtual Machine guest. After installed Operating System, I wanted to extend disk on guest. So, I extended disk on guest.

RMAN – The pocket knife of the DBA – Part 2

In this second instalment of the series (Missed the first instalment?), “RMAN – The pocket knife of the DBA” I would like to focus on backup sets vs. image copies, as a lead in to the special subject of incremental backups. So let’s step back and take a look at what constitutes an RMAN backup set and […]

The SQL Server DBA's essential toolkit list

This week, I attended the SQLSaturday 2014 in Paris. During the Pre-Conference on Thursday, I followed Isabelle Van Campenhoudt for her SQL Server Performances Audit session. This conference took the form of an experience sharing between attendees.

Documentum upgrade project: D2-Client, facets and xPlore

To enhance the search capability we had to configure xPlore to use the new customer attributes as facets and configure D2 to use the default and new facets.
Configuring xPlore to use facets with the customer attributes

  • Stop the Index Agent and Server
  • Update indexserverconfig.xml by adding the following line (e. g.):


High log file sync waits? Check log parallelism!

Log parallelism is an optimization introduced in 9.2 that reduces latch contention due to redo copy to the log buffer by enabling multiple public redo buffers (or “strands”). In many cases, however, it can cause a massive degradation of commit performance (“log file sync” wait increase). In this blog post, I will describe the mechanism, illustrate it with test results, and discuss solutions. Tests were performed on several different 11gR2 databases on Solaris servers.

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