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Query is running really slow... tuning recommendations appreciated!

Hello everyone,

I am a new Oracle DBA by accident not by trade and would greatly appreciate suggestions for the below query that is running very slow (more than 30 minutes and counting). I used the SQL Optimizer from Toad but it was unable to find a faster alternative for me. I've heard about self joins not sure if this is an option for this statement? I don't know much of anything in SQL or PL/SQL would appreciate your recommendations. Thank you!

select a.EMPLID
from ps_job a

Impala docs now included in CDH 5 library

With the release of CDH 5.0.0 and Impala 1.3.0, now for the first time the Impala docs are embedded alongside the CDH Installation Guide, Security Guide, and other CDH docs. This integration makes it easier to link back and forth both ways, and also will help readers find Impala-related content when they search within the CDH 5 library.

Here's the full layout of the CDH 5.0.0 library. Notice

College finds success with Oracle’s business intelligence tools

Professionals who believe that business intelligence is simply another buzz phrase thrown around by database experts are often left at the bottom of the totem pole of corporate production. These naysayers often perceive analytics tools to be an extraneous expense, but the technology is in fact becoming a necessity for corporations intent on surviving in an increasingly competitive market. 

LVC Producers at #Oracle University

LVC stands for Live Virtual Class – this is how we call our courses done interactively over the internet. At Oracle University, we have a fine crew of people who take care that the attendees (as well as the instructor, sometimes) are not impacted by technical problems. This can be e.g.

RMAN Infatuation?

Lately, I am becoming infatuated with RMAN again.

Have you ever run “restore database preview”?

Are you curious about how the recovery SCN are determined?

Media recovery start SCN is 1515046
Recovery must be done beyond SCN 1515051 to clear datafile fuzziness

If you are, then I will demonstrate this for you.

RMAN LEVEL0 backup and restore database preview summary:

Five Elements For Your Front Page

Your site's front page is like the front door to your home: you want it to look and feel inviting, as well as unmistakably you. Here's a quick list of five things -- big and small -- to consider when building your front page.

Best practice to send an Oracle execution plan

You have a query that takes too long and you want help to analyze the execution plan ? Then you need to get it with relevant information, and correctly formatted.

How the Internet of Things will transform DBA services

Contemporary data warehouses are going beyond the basic store-and-save capabilities IT departments are used to seeing. However, due to increased usage of data collection and analysis tools, database administration services have managed more complex infrastructures that are better able to host these programs. An increase in server usage and action diversity has created an intricate environment demanding more assiduous maintenance and surveillance than was previously necessary. 

Three Bloggers Making a Splash bloggers continue to leave their mark both online and off -- here are three notable stories from recent weeks.

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