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Collaborate14 Session: Cache Buffer Chains Demystified

Thank you all for coming to my session Cache Buffer Chains Demystified at Collaborate 14, especially for sticking around for a geeky topic like this to the very end. Much appreciated.

I was not aware that I would not be allowed to use my laptop; so I couldn't show all the demos I so carefully prepared. Please download the scripts and execute them yourself.

As promised, here are the materials I used in the session

The Slide Deck

Keep Oracle VM server ethX name consistent across reboot

Jephe Wu - http://linuxtechres.blogspot.comProblem: random assigned ethX name with MAC address and renamed ethX to something else, different /etc/issue output after each rebootEnvironment: Oracle VM server 3.1.1, PCI card with multiple NIC portsSteps:1. use DRAC and lspci to check pci bus infoOpen DRAC, network device, check each MAC address for NIC2. draw network diagram for each NIC MAC address

Creating a DG Broker Configuration and Perform Swithover testing

1. Register Static service

To enable DGMGRL to restart instances during the course of broker operations, a static service must be registered In the listener.ora, the following entries should be presented:


Moving away from wordpress

I am sick of this advertisement on my site.

Therefor I am about to move most of my posts to


Thanks for following my blog for so long.

Lutz Hartmann

Portfolios on

Our new (free!) Portfolio tools and themes put your creativity front and center.

Oracle 12c Adaptive Plan & inflection point

12c Adaptive Plan feature has already been exposed by Nicolas Jardot in OOW 2013 : Solving customer issues with the 12c Optimizer

Oracle RMAN Restore to the Same Machine as the Original Database

Among the most critical but often most neglected database administration tasks is testing restore from backup. But sometimes, you don’t have a test system handy, and need to test the restore on the same host as the source database. In such situations, the biggest fear is overwriting the original database. Here is a simple procedure you can follow, which will not overwrite the source.

The Growing Trend Toward Data Infrastructure Outsourcing

Today’s blog post is the first of three in a series dedicated to data infrastructure outsourcing, with excerpts from our latest white paper.

Despite the strong push to outsource corporate functions that began more than two decades ago, many IT shops have been hesitant to outsource their data management requirements.

HeartBleed and Oracle

There are a lot of people asking about Heartbleed and how it has impacted the web.Oracle has published  MOS Note 1645479.1 that talks about all the products impacted and if and when fixes will be available.The following blog post is also a good reference about the vulnerability.

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