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12c Parallel Execution New Features: 1 SLAVE distribution

When certain SQL features get used in pre-12c versions that force non-parallel evaluation, like using ROWNUM or certain Analytic Functions like LAG/LEAD, then - depending on the overall plan shape - Oracle can start to decompose the parallel execution plan into several so called DFO trees (If you want learn more about DFO trees and DFOs I recommend watching my online tutorial on my Youtube channel).Now having multiple DFO trees in a single parallel execution plan comes with seve

Log Buffer #428: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

The Log Buffer Edition once again is sparkling with some gems, hand-picked from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Return from The Temple of Apple

I doubt many of you are on tenterhooks as to how I got on with my phone today {after my << rant last Friday}. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Overall, Apple have gone some way to redeeming themselves.

Buffer pool advisory in AWR

In Oracle memory advisors: how relevant ? I said that advisors are calculating their recommendations from statistics cumulated since the begining of the instance, even in AWR which is supposed to cover only a short period. Here is a quick test on buffer pool advisory to validate that assumption.
  I'm running the following query to compare the 'physical reads cache' from DBA_HIST_SYSSTATS and the value from the advisor in DBA_HIST_DB_CACHE:

Listen to Kscope15 on Twitter

If you're at Kscope15 (even if you're not!), do you realise there is another set of conversations going on beyond the talks and beyond the between-session banter?

It's online of course, and it's on Twitter. It's live; it's interactive; and it's worth 'listening' to, if not contributing as well.

Visit this URL to read what's going on, even if you're not registered.

One million blog views reached

This morning I will pass the 1 million mark for hits on this blog. My first post was written in 2008 and I remember being quite pleased with myself when I reached 5000 hits, I never dreamt of getting 1 million.

The post with the most number of hits is

One that I get still comments on now saying how well it explains what the SQL92_SECURITY parameter actually does

Index Tree Dumps in Oracle 12c Database (New Age)

I’ve previously discussed Index Tree Dumps but I’ve recently found a nice little improvement that’s been introduced in Oracle Database 12c. Let’s begin by creating a little table and index: To generate an Index Tree Dump, we first need to OBJECT_ID of the index: And then use it to generate the Index Tree Dump: Previously, an […]

OCM 11g Preparation – Configure a schema to support a star transformation query

Star transformation can be really useful in DW environments, where you have your tables divide into dimensions and facts. And the most important, you need to have bitmap indexes!
To implement it, you need to change the star_transformation_enabled for your user session and create the tables and indexes to play.
Try to practice creating one fact table and 3 dimensions. Later, create a bitmap join and check the plans with the three compatible values for STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED = { FALSE | TRUE | TEMP_DISABLE }.

KScope15 APEX Symposiums

Kscope15 officially kicked off on Sunday with a set of symposiums, I stayed in the APEX room the whole day, though I really wanted to hear what Steven Feuerstein had to say after lunch in the other room. I also hear a great discussion was had in the ADF room on tablet first vs mobile first.

APEX Episode 5 (A new frontier)

Joel Kallman kicked off the movie themed symposiums with a great talk about how APEX really is the enterprise solution people want/need, despite what other people say about it - and the fact it has been so for some time.

How to reduce AWS EBS root volume size

Jephe Wu - http://linuxtechres.blogspot.comObjective:  reduce the AWS EBS root volume size from 8G to 4G since file system only used less than 3G.

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