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Can you handle big data? Oracle may have an answer

Now more than ever, database administration services are providing their clients with the expertise and software required to support big data endeavors. 

They haven't necessarily had much of a choice. Businesses need environments such as Hadoop to store the large amount of unstructured data they strive to collect and analyze to achieve insights regarding customer sentiment, procurement efficiencies and a wealth of other factors. 

AIOUG ! Sangam 14

The Annual AIOUG Event “Sangam 14″ is scheduled for November 2014. I am presenting this year. The Agenda will be published soon on AIOUG Website. Thomast Kyte will be back in India for this event, along side Maria Colgan from Oracle Optimizer Development Team. Syed Jaffar Husain will also be presenting.

Looking forward to meet Oracle Community.

SQL Optimization ! Yet another example ……

This is another classic example where the Developers needs to know a better way of writing a code. I wrote about one such example in my earlier post. There are many ways of achieving a target, but very few to achieve this in an efficient manner.

Deploy a SQL Server database to Azure

Deploying a SQL Server database to a Windows Azure virtual machine is a feature introduced with SQL Server 2014.


Oracle introduced this view in version 10.

What is Dephix ? (video presentation)

According to a recent IDC study, on average Delphix

  • pays for itself in 4.3 months
  • 461% ROI over 5 years
  • 96.8% reduction in database storage
  • $50 Million predicted annual benefit for organizations over 75,000 employees

Delphix is used by over 100 of the Fortune 500.
What is Delphix? Why is Delphix important? What problems does Delphix solve in the industry?
Here is a slide deck I put together for KSCOPE :

keeping my fingers crossed just submitted abstract for RMOUG 2015 Training Days ...

The Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group has been big and organized for a very long time.  I have never been out there ( my bad ) but am hoping to change that situation in 2015.

Abstracts are being accepted for Training Days 2015 ... my first one is in there now thinking about a second submission but my Hotsos 2014 presentation needs some more work/fixing.  Ok lets be honest I need to shrink it considerably and tighten the focus of that one.

Information on RMOUG 2015 can be found here: RMOUG Training Days 2015

Sequences as Primary Keys in Oracle RAC environment - best way to generate PKs

Environment: Oracle 11G, Web Portal Application development, Java, DataGuard available if needed

What is the best/recommended/proven way to generate integer surrogate keys for App development with Oracle as back-end in multi node RAC environment. There may be relatively frequent node switch-over.

Q. IS CACHED, non-ordered sequence is best preferred way in above environment?

data maintenance and quality,
Data ETL/Refreshing between environments,

ORA-27476: "SYS.MY_FANCY_JOB_CLASS" does not exist

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates.

Ever exported a whole schema containing DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs with non-default job classes?
Chances are that you hit the following error message when you attempt to import the dump later on.
ORA-39083: Object type PROCOBJ failed to create with error:

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 3

We’re back with another edition of Longreads’ Best of WordPress: below are 10 outstanding stories from across WordPress, published over the past month.

You can find Vol. 1 and 2 here — and you can follow Longreads on for all of our daily reading recommendations.

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