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powershell goodies for Active Directory

What are my groups?

PS> Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership lsc |
      select -ExpandProperty "name"
Domain Users

Who is member of that group ?

PS> Get-ADGroupMember oracle| 
      select -ExpandProperty "name"
Laurent Schneider
Alfred E. Newmann
Scott Tiger

What is my phone number ?

PS> (get-aduser lsc -property MobilePhone).MobilePhone
+41 792134020

how to convert an associative array to cursor(SYS_REFCURSOR).

I'm new to collection's in plsql, so direct me how to convert an associative array to cursor(SYS_REFCURSOR).Please its ugent.

New Themes: Adaption and Isola

This week we’ve got two great free themes designed here at Automattic. How cool is that?

Installing OEL 6 and Database 12c

Here is a collection of posts on installing (a) Virtual Box (b) Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 (c) 12c Grid Infrastructure (Standalone, non-Clustered) and ASM (d) 12c Database with CDB and PDB.

Comparing CPU Throughput of Azure and AWS EC2

After observing CPU core sharing with Amazon Web Services EC2, I thought it would be interesting to see if Microsoft Azure platform exhibits the same behavior.

Signing up for Azure’s 30-day trial gives $200 in credit to use over the next 30-day period: more than enough for this kind of testing. Creating a new virtual machine, using the “quick create” option with Oracle Linux, and choosing a 4-core “A3″ standard instance.

Returning BLOB file size

Occasionally I'll want some form of report noting file sizes of blobs in a database.

The solution is relatively simple, and I thought I'd write it up here for a place to copy syntax each time.

APEX users also have a handy table to verify this against (apex_application_files). Well, a synonym/view that ultimately maps to the core table wwv_flow_file_objects$.

how to convert cursor(SYS_REFCURSOR) to an associative array.

Hi, i'm new for oracle collection's ,so please direct me for converting cursor(SYS_REFCURSOR) to an associative array.I'm stuck and struggling by a week for this.Please it's urgent.

Triggers in SYSTEM schema


Our head of developers wants to register when certain osusers are connecting with which oracle user and when they are logging off.
He wants to put 2 triggers in the SYSTEM schema for that.
I myself think it is better to leave the SYSTEM schema to Oracle and create an own schema in which the triggers reside. Is it wise to put 2 of such triggers in the SYSTEM schema?

Setting up Direct NFS on Oracle 12c

Direct NFS is a great feature that I have finally had the time to investigate further. Since I always forget how to set it up and I didn’t find blog posts about this subject elsewhere I decided to put something together.

In this configuration I am using a virtual machine named server1 to export a directory to server2. Oracle is not as lenient as myself and may have certain support requirements when it comes to dNFS servers but I just wanted to get started.

The export of the NFS mount is shown here:

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