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Singapore Oracle Sessions - Beginnings

Last Monday evening we had the first Singapore Oracle Sessions - an informal meetup of Oracle professionals thrown together at the last minute by a few of us.

Oracle SQL Profiles: Check what they do before accepting them blindly

People often ask me if I use the SQL Tuning Advisor. The answer is no, at least not through the end of it. But don't take me wrong. SQL Tuning Advisor is a really nice feature. If you like the CBO then you must love the Tuning Advisor, because it is just the CBO with more time to optimize, and more ways to optimize. The fact is that when a customer calls me, they expect a bit more than running an advisor and implement the result. I'm there to fix the root cause, not just workaround some missing stats. And this is why I use it very rarely.

ODMr : Graph Node: Zooming in on Graphs

When Oracle Data Miner (ODMr) 4.0 (which is part of SQL Developer) came out back in late 2013 there was a number of new features added to the tool. One of these was a Graph node that allows us to create various graphs and charts that include Line, Scatter, Bar, Histogram and Box plot.

Dropbox Database Infiltrated by Hackers [VIDEO]


While providing database security services to cloud storage providers is possible, many such companies aren't taking the necessary precautions to ensure customer data remains protected. 

According to 9 to 5 Mac, Dropbox recently announced that a database holding 7 million logins for its users was infiltrated. The environment was operated by a third party, which was hired by Dropbox to store its customer data. To the company's relief, many of the stolen passwords were outdated. 

Quiz night

Prompted by an email from Yves Colin (who’ll be presenting on the Tuesday of UKOUG Tech14) I was prompted to dig out a little script I wrote some years ago and re-run an old test, leading to this simple question:  what’s the largest size array insert that Oracle will handle ?

If you’re tempted to answer, watch out – it’s not exactly a trick question, but there is a bit of a catch.

setting pctfree to 0 for regular indexes ... ( not familiar with this theory ) ... help!?

One of my coworkers has this theory ( habit ) of creating new regular indexes on regular table columns.  Not compressed indexes or anything special.

He is currently believing ( back from somewhere / not sure of the origin ) that "if a table only gets inserts and deletes" that any indexes created on that table should be set with pctfree set to 0.

I do not agree.  In my opinion one should stick with the tried and true default values here.  I also am skeptical of this belief.

Watch: The Most Underrated Features of SQL Server 2014 — Part 3

Since its release back in April, SQL Server experts across the globe are becoming familiar with the top features in Microsoft SQL Server 2014—the In-Memory OLTP engine, the AlwaysOn enhancements, and more. But we couldn’t help but notice that there are a few features that aren’t getting the same attention. Warner Chaves, a Microsoft Certified Master and SQL Server Principal Consultant at Pythian has filmed a video series sharing the most underrated features of SQL Server 2014.

Log Buffer #396, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition lists down some of valuable blog posts from across the arenas of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


OOW Recap: Industrial Innovation with IoT, enabled by Oracle Fusion Middleware and JD Edwards.

Pass Summit 2014: the beginning

This is our first time with Stéphane Haby at this amazing SQLServer community event. At 7:30 am, we were already in the conference center at the registration desk. They gave us a funny badge -)

AUSOUG Conference Perth, November 2014

What a great conference – there’s been a lot of praise for the organisers and all the speakers. I haven’t missed a conference since I started 15 years ago, and I hope it keeps going (in one form or another) for a long time to come.

This year I attended the following sessions (some titles changed for effect):

Björn Rost – 12c for DBAs and Developers; FDA (time to drop those journal triggers)

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