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Activating Components in Horizontal Scaling OBIEE 11g

 Navigate to the Fusion Middleware Console. Under Business Intelligence coreapplication , select the Capacity Management Tab. Here at the Scalability Tab the second instance is available and it can be further scaled.

After the scale out installation is completed by default no processes are active.

Index Rebuilds

A couple of days ago I found several referrals coming in from a question about indexing on the Russian Oracle Forum. Reading the thread I found a pointer to a comment I’d written for the Oracle-L list server a couple of years ago about Advanced Queueing and why you might find that it was necessary [...]

Oracle Locator Express - OLE

Oracle Locator Express is a replacement tool for the standard Oracle Home Selector. It sits in the system tray and allows you to easily switch between multiple Oracle Homes with just one click.
Oracle Locator Express is also compatible with Oracle Instant client. What's new in this version: Version 2.0.1 fixes a bug where the version of the Oracle client was displayed incorrectly for a 11gr2 client

ologgerd daemon – 11gR2

In past few weeks i have been involved in RAC as well as non-RAC databases upgrade from to every upgrade i come to learn something new After an upgrade to, for one of the development database which is a 2-node RAC, EMGC started showing Swap Utilization 99.99%.The “TOP” command showed node 1

Oracle PL/SQL Subprograms

PL/SQL subprograms can be thought of as shortcuts that help you to perform certain kinds of Oracle queries less painfully as your applications increase in size and complexity. Keep reading to learn how you can use them to make your programming life a little easier. This article is excerpted from chapter 36 of the book Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional, written by W. Jason Gilmore and Bob Bryla (Apress; ISBN: 1590597702).
- Throughout this book youve seen quite a few examples where the Oracle queries are embedded directly into the PHP script.

CPU costing is off

Just a quick note that if you see in your executions plans via DBMS_XPLAN that “CPU costing is off”, then it might not be, you might just have old versions of PLAN_TABLE hanging around. I’ve just spent a little while trying to figure out why CPU costing might be off, after which a quick drop [...]

Cluster callouts to create blackouts in EM

Finally I got around to providing a useful example for a cluster callout script. It is actually on the verge of taking too long-remember that scripts in the $GRID_HOME/racg/usrco/ directory should execute quickly. Before deploying this, you should definitely ensure that the script executes quickly enough-the “time” utility can help you with this. Nevertheless this has been necessary to work around a limitation of Grid Control: RAC One Node databases are not supported in GC 11.1 (I complained about that earlier).

The Problem

Learn Sun InfiniBand Switch

On Exadata X2-2, Oracle use "Sun InfiniBand Switch".
How to learn about it?
We can find out Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 Documentation and learn from them.
- On Operating System on it:

# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.2 (Final)

# uname -r

ORA-15041 - drop disks in ASM diskgroup

Test to drop disk in ASM Disk Group and found error: ORA-15041

SQL> alter diskgroup TEST_DG drop disks in failgroup EXACEL02 rebalance power 11 NOWAIT;

Diskgroup altered.

SQL> select * from gv$asm_operation;


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