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The Oracle Health Check Monitor (HM) facility is new with Oracle 11.1 database. It can run diagnostic checks that detect:

> file corruptions – reports failures if these files are inaccessible, corrupt or inconsistent. If the database is in mount or open mode, this check examines the log files and data files listed in the control file. If the database is in NOMOUNT mode, only the control file is checked.

Error: PLS-00801

Today (using Oracle ) I got this error when compiling a pl/sql package:

PLS-00801: internal error [phdcsql_print_kge_errors::parm pos]
PL/SQL: Statement ignored
ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement

The description for PLS-00801: internal error [string] says:

Cause: This is a generic internal error that might occur during compilation or execution. The first parameter is the internal error number.

Action: Report this error as a bug to your Customer Support representative.

About Talent presentation

I began following Writing Excuses podcast some years ago due that Brandon Sanderson was (and is) one of the hosts.
Due to that I began following the Schlock Mercenary web comic strip from Howard Tayler (another host of that podcast).
Yesterday I found this video (in 4 parts) in youtube: a session of Howard Tayler speaking at the Utah Valley University about Talent: "Talent? Who needs Talent?"
Great presentation!

Looks right to me...

I found this amusing... Not too far from the truth regarding how many resumes are put together ;)

Managing production systems: document, test, verify, try again.

A couple of days ago I was reading a paper Paxos Made Live – An Engineering Perspective written by Google engineers. It is an interesting reading about implementation of Paxos algorithm for building a fault-tolerant database. But one paragraph made me think I am reading something very familiar: We decided to err on the side [...]

The Database Superbowl

What if there were a Superbowl for Oracle database professionals?  Who would referee?  Who would play?  Who would sponsor?  What sort of tomfoolery would ensue?
Here’s my Oracle database Superbowl scenario …
DBAs vs. sys admins
Tom Kyte
Cary Millsap
Arup Nanda
Tanel Poder
Microsoft – which would fill their ad space SQL Server propaganda

Skills that are Seen with the DB Machine

I just finished teaching the Oracle Exadata and Database Machine three day course for the first time in EMEA and enjoyed  the challenge of teaching to a mixed audience. The course covers the following topics about the Exadata Database machine: Exadata architecture and functionality Smart Storage operations Flash Cache Hardware 1/4, 1/2 and full rack [...]

Transaction Failure --- when is the error returned ?

There was a question in the orafaq forums
"What happens when UNDO space is full? Transaction takes more time to ERROR?"
where my response was to the effect that the user sees the error message only after the rollback is completed.
a) if a transaction began at 1pm

Database Corruption: Detecting Disk Sub-System Errors Early

The very thought of database corruption makes my skin crawl. Unfortunately, it’s something that all Database Administrators will eventually experience and need to correct. I’m not going to discuss how to recover from this lurking problem.

The Role of Roles in Securing Oracle Database XE

In this eighth part of a ten-part series on securing Oracle Database XE, you will learn what roles are, why they are important to database security, and how to create, assign and maintain roles, among other things. This article is excerpted from chapter 31 of the book Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional, written by W.

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