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Installing Oracle VM Manager 3.0.1 under Dom0 host or How to save resources on your sand box

Oracle just released Oracle VM 3. I am sure that there are many Oracle Infrastructure related professionals who would like to install it in their test environments and start evaluating the product. The problem is beside of the Oracle VM Server you need an Oracle VM Manager. Oracle VM Manager provides management interface for managing one or several Oracle VM servers. It appears that Oracle VM Manager requires a separate host with at least 6GB of RAM just to get it installed.

UKOUG Oracle Conference agenda now out

I just wanted to drop a quick post to say that the agenda for the UKOUG annual conference is now out. You can check out the schedule here.

They seem to have dropped the TEBS (Technical and E-Buisiness Suite) out of the title, I think because last year the UKOUG staff kept getting asked if it was the annual Oracle conference they knew and loved from prior years. And of course it is. (Other “application” sides of the Oracle world, like JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, have their own dedicated, named UKOUG conferences).

UKOUG 2011

The agenda for the annual conference has just been published. (You have to pick at least one stream before clicking on “Agenda” button).

This year features an “Oak Table Sunday” that is free to conference attendees but has a very limited audience size, so you have to register for a place.  I’ll be giving a presentation titled “Redo” (The Oak Table presentations will be repeated later in the week for larger audiences, and I’m repeating this one first thing Wednesday morning.

how to run UTL_TCP, UTL_SMTP and the like in 11g

After we upgrade a db to 11g someone complained about an ORA-24248: XML DB extensible security not installed

I thought, it should be easy to revert to 10g mechanism. Probably wrong after reading Marco :
The default behavior for access control to network utility packages has been changed to disallow network operations to all nonprivileged users. This default behavior is different from, and is incompatible with, previous versions of Oracle Database.

runInstaller being picky

When doing some installation tests recently, I wanted to have it working without the graphical interface (as you would most probably, too, once you've reached a certain amount of systems to be set up). I made two mistakes that resulted in various INS- messages - which you probably googled to land here - and which I didn't think were really helping.

Best Method To Select One Row From Small Table Quiz (Each Small Candle)

Assume you have a tiny little table with just 42 rows (naturally) that all fit in one table block. Order the following options in order of “efficiency” (most efficient option first) when accessing just one of these rows: 1) Full Table Scan of Heap Table 2) PK access of an Index Organised Table 3) Index access [...]

Unindexed Foreign Keys – What is Wrong with this Quote?

September 5, 2011 I often look for easier ways to accomplish time consuming tasks, and I suspect that is part of the reason why I buy so many computer books.  In Recipe 2-5 (page 60) of the “Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Recipes” book there is a SQL statement to determine which database columns (owned [...]

MS SQL 2008 R2 SSRS – Email Settings Change in the Reporting Services

I was asked by my client to change the email id which sends the reports everyday.

When I looked at the SQL Server Reporing Service Configuration tool , I found that it was not allowing to change the Email setting.

So I had to modify the configuration file manually.

I had to mention the . . . → Read More: MS SQL 2008 R2 SSRS – Email Settings Change in the Reporting Services

Lesson 1 of 40: Physical Database Design for Oracle Databases: Necessity and Definition

Now that my publisher and I have amicably parted ways, I am free to self-publish my work on physical database design. Some explanation is called for. I did not want to rewrite the excellent sections on physical database design that can be found in the free online guides provided by Oracle Corporation; instead I wanted [...]

Splitting a Range Partitioned Table

Here's a simple demonstration of splitting a Range Partitioned Table :

SQL> --- Create a Table with a MAXVALUE partition
SQL> drop table sales purge;

Table dropped.

SQL> create table sales
2 (order_id number not null,
3 sale_date date,
4 cust_id number,
5 prod_id number,
6 remarks varchar2(128))
7 partition by range (sale_date)
8 (partition P_2007 values less than (to_date('01-JAN-2008')),
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