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Oracle11g IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX Hint (Micro Cuts)

An interesting new hint was introduced in Oracle11g which provides an alternative approach when inserting data where duplicate values might be an issue.   To illustrate, I’m going to create a little table with just the 10 rows with a unique ID column containing values 1 – 10 policed by a Unique index:   SQL> create [...]

Schema Replication by Oracle Streams Real-Time Downstream

Recently had a requirement to configure a replication environment which can sync a schema.
The requirement was not to over load the production system at any point.
Thought about Oracle Active Data Guard but the target database also will be used for updates and so had to rule this option out.

The best option which came to be after doing a complete research on the replication what Oracle offers was the Downstream Setup.
Very simple and very promising to me.

A picture is better than a detailed explanation

UNIX Calendar - missing days in 1752

Try on this in Linux or UNIX platform:

UNIX Calendar - missing days in 1752

Try on this in Linux or UNIX platform:

The Oracle 11g RACaThon Online Conference @BrainSurface

Sign-Up OR Login to attend this FREE 4-Week Webinar Series! Learn ALL about Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11g from the experts! This series covers Oracle RAC 11g from "A to Z" including Demos & Hands-On Exercises at BrainSurface The After-Oracle ConnectSpace for the Oracle & Java Community.

Oracle 11g RACaThon Session 1 - Wednesday - Jan 05, 2011 11am - 12:15pm EST

Oracle RAC

The strange old case of ORA-01403 no data found exception

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates.Even if I found out later that i am only three years late in discovering the situation I am going to describe, when i saw the results i was really puzzled.I don't know if i was more puzzled by the curious handling of the NO_DATA_FOUND exception in SQL or by the fact that i stumbled on it

SELECT Statement is Fast, INSERT INTO Using the SELECT Statement is Brutally Slow 3

December 20, 2010 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) The previous article in this series included a test case that demonstrated significantly different performance for a SELECT statement and an INSERT INTO statement that used the same SELECT statement as the data source.  This blog article includes the timing results and the execution [...]

HP BSM 9.0 and Cloud

HP BSM 9.0 is made for virtualized IT infrastructure and private cloud / public cloud environments.  How can one say so?
Following are the reasons:
1.    Single view of both the physical and the virtual environment and the ability to manage both those worlds.  You can view your IT infrastructure not only in the area of virtualization, [...]

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control ! A must read Book…

My Oracle Colleague, Porus has written a book “Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control: Advanced OEM Techniques for the Real World” which has recently been published:

The Book Synopsis is as follows:

Shared Memory Realm does not exist

ERROR: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist Solution : check ORACLE_SID has value if not exist then set ORACLE_SID For Windows Environment set ORACLE_SID=orcl  echo %ORACLE_SID%  orcl For Linux Environment $ export ORACLE_SID=orcl Now You need to Manually startup the database sqlplus "sys/password as sysdba"  Connected to an idle instance. SQL> [...]

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