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Oracle XBRL Extention – Second Release now available for Download

The XBRL Extention, a no cost add-on extention on XML-DB targeting the Extensible Business Reporting Language area, is now available for download. This second release ( ) of the Oracle XBRL Extension can be downloaded from the Oracle Support site ( Once you have downloaded the file, please follow the instructions in the README.txt file to install the software.

Here are what’s new in the new in this release:

Do you agree that SQL needs massive improvement?

To find out whether others share my belief that SQL needs massive improvement, I’ve added a poll to my post Why SQL Loses and NoSQL Wins. You can vote below or on the original post; it’s the same poll, so it doesn’t matter where you vote. At the time of writing, it’s a neck-and-neck race between [...]

JF – Join Factorization

Just a quickie. No nice isolated demo etc.

I was just looking at rewriting a query that someone asked me to review.

I was playing with what should be the initial driving logic of a bigger query, changing it from a DECODE to a UNION ALL (or an OR) to make use of a FILTER condition.

i.e. from something like:

Pretty happy with Oracle Advanced Security option

The Oracle Advanced Security aka OAS ( one of many Oracle anacronyms using OAS unfortunately ) is an extra cost feature/option that we implemented a while back in an 11.1 environment. One of the many possible Oracle references here is: OAS ...

I am Oracle ACE Director NOW

Hello everyone,

Very quickly, I just would like to share yet another happiest moment of my life with everyone out there. I am now honored with Oracle ACE Director and glad to join the elite panel of Oracle ACE Directors.

I am indeed thankful to all my friends, fellow Oracle experts, in particular, who have nominated me for this award. With this honor, I felt like my contribution and

Committing over a Select For Update

I’ve read a couple of articles recently reflecting on changes and bugs roughly in and around read consistency in recent versions.

There’s one here from Jonathan Lewis that may or may not be a bug.

There was another one yesterday from Charles Hooper that definitely must be a bug because it’s related to whether a unique index is used as the access mechanism.

Enterprise manager – How To Install An Additional Management Service

How To Install An Additional Management Service

This document will describe how to install an additional management service for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control on HP-UX. It was written by my colleague Carl Holmes.

You must first install the base release of Enterprise Manager ( and patch it to

The recommended installation method is to install the software, patch it to and then configure Enterprise Manager.

To do this, use these installer commands

On using Toad against a database

I got this question once again today in a previous post.

What’s wrong by using Toad against a database?

The worst case scenario:
- some non-technical staff is clicking around in your production database with read-write access :(

Oracle, bind variables and SQL Injection – Keeping out unwanted guests

My son, Michael ( yes, it is the only name I can spell), is currently following in his father’s footsteps and studying Computer Science.
As is only natural, he does occasionally have the urge to rebel against all that his parents hold dear. In his case he’s rejected the path of light and Linux and has become … a Microsoft Certified Professional. Oh the shame. Where did I go wrong ?
All of which links, if somewhat tenuously, to the subject at hand. When he took his first steps into the world of programming, we had a look at PHP ( as part of a LAMP set-up, naturally).

Sasquatch – er, Exadata X2-8

We’ve been joking around at the office about whether the Exadata X2-8 model has actually been observed in the wild. Some of the guys have been affectionately referring to it as Sasquatch because we’ve never actually seen one. Well we actually got our hands on real one today.

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