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What Would Cause a NO_INDEX Hint to Not Work as Expected?

July 11, 2011 Recently, the following search keywords were used to access an article on my site, and that search triggered an idea for another blog article: no_index hint oracle 10g not working  In Oracle Database, hints are directives that must be obeyed (with a couple of minor exceptions that include bugs).  I started wondering [...]

Using Connection Manager to protect a database

I have known about Oracle’s connection manager for quite a while but never managed to use it in anger. In short there was no need to do so. Now however I have been asked to help in finding a solution to an interesting problem.

What’s wrong with Oracle? The CREATE SPFILE statement

Over the past couple of years I have implemented Oracle Data Guard physical standby around a dozen times. Every time I fine-tune the procedure a little more – either eliminating an unnecessary step or discovering some new and often undocumented Oracle functionality. 
My preference when building a standby environment is to keep the design as symmetrical as possible. This preference mainly affects naming conventions. 
The DB_NAME parameter specifies the name of the database and is the same at all locations. In this example the DB_NAME parameter is PROD. 

Introduction to OBIEE 11g

Introduction to OBIEE 11g
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counting lines of code

I never understood why some people are counting lines of software-code. What is the goal behind it ? Some people think, you could measure the “size” or the “complexity” (whatever is meant by one of these terms) of a piece of code by counting the number of lines it consists of. Or you could use this metric to measure the efficiency of a developer writing code.
In my opinion, this approach does not apply to code developed in SQL in special and to code in general.

Add business days

It starts out as a fairly simple, innocent business requirement. Create a report to list records meeting some criteria, one of which is:

“List only records where today’s date is more than 35 business days after the due date from the record.”

OTN Tour – South America – 2011 – Day 2


After completing San Jose moving on to Quito, Ecuador.  

Boarded the plane to Quito with a stop over at Panama city.  On landing at the Quito airport I was informed that they found my missing luggage and it was here.. Continental Airlines had found it after 4 days.. hurray.. that was good news

At the event, it is always good to meet other experts from the Oracle area… we had a great team on the OTN tour.

Smart scan on Exadata and direct path reads.

Couple of days ago I was called to investigate a performance problem on one of our developement databases. People complained of slowness without much indication of what was slow.
Production, DR and UAT are running on a full rack Exadata machine while development runs on a single server.
The problem:
Database is slow. This is what I was given to start with. After monitoring the system I did notice several sessions where performing direct path reads, db file scattered read and some other events.

Just test connection with FAILOVER with default service name

I posted "Just test connection with FAILOVER on RAC". I remember some question. When I created database, my database name = "db". The default (database) service name used by oracle database is DB .

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