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New Indexing Seminars Scheduled For Vienna and Tallinn (New Europeans)

I have two Oracle Index Internals and Best Practices seminars scheduled in the coming months, in Austria (Vienna) and Estonia (Tallinn). These could very well be my last seminars for quite a while as I’m unsure whether I’ll be able to travel again this year, so this could be your last opportunity to see me [...]

Trigger stuff

My previous experience of compound triggers showed that, in at least, they had a problem. Regarding standard non-compound triggers, I said on the forums earlier today that I thought a FORALL statement doing an update based on a collection would fire multiple statement level triggers whereas for an INSERT…SELECT statement, the statement level triggers [...]

Seems Oracle is giveing us some Extra Time

I just read on Metalink (1130327.1) that we Commodore 64 users who have to patch our will get extened support untill April 30, 2011
8. Will I get more time to install if it is released on my platform close to April 30, 2011?
Yes.  We will always support [...]

Edition-Based Redefinition: My wish once again comes true

Today I did random browsing of Oracle blogs and I found an interesting post about database 11gR2 new feature called Edition-Based Redefinition by Christian Antognini. Here is a link to the blog post. I recommend you to read the paper and browse documentation library for the further details.

Edition-based Redefinition

You can't always trust 11g column-level invalidation

Valentin Nikotin has posted some valuable examples on the PL/SQL Challenge Blog regarding the 11g enhancements for column-level dependencies being used to invalidate store program units.

Drop tablespace waiting on 'reliable message'

Lats week, I droped a tablespace from production database.

SQL> select count(*) from dba_segments where tablespace_name='TEST';
SQL> drop tablespace TEST including contents and datafiles;

Its just hung there for more than 2 hours.

I looked at the alert log...

Wed Jan 12 11:10:39 2011
drop tablespace test including contents and datafiles
Wed Jan 12 11:11:52 2011
Deleted Oracle managed file +DGROUP1/PROD/datafile/test.339.666449433
Wed Jan 12 11:12:12 2011

Watch out when using RMAN custom backup piece naming convention via FORMAT

Yesterday, I was asked to investigate the backup restore issue of production database for one off my client. Customer was taking incremental level 0 backups on Sunday and cumulative incremental level 1 backups on Monday-Saturday. Customer had successful backup for all one month, no errors in the backup log files, RMAN Catalog list valid backups available for last one month.

How to Setup Resource Manager to Control DB Resources

Step By Step Setup:

Step 1: Create a work area for creation/modification of resource manager objects.

SQL> exec dbms_resource_manager.create_pending_area();

Step 2: Create Resource Manager PLAN

SQL> exec dbms_resource_manager.create_plan(plan => 'PLAN_NAME', comment => 'Comments abt the plan');
SQL> exec dbms_resource_manager.create_plan( plan => 'ETL_PLAN', comment => 'PLAN for ETL processes');


Agile is just a way to find out quicker that those cheap resouces who don’t know SQL are killing you. Joke, sort of…

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