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Encouraging women in information technology

I participated in a twitter dialogue with @datachick (Karen Lopez) last week on the #WIT (women in technology or women in information technology ?) hash tag.


When should I retweet someting ? 
I follow a lot of Oracle peeps, including the big names such as Cary Milsap. I've got a few followers too, and the vast majority of them are also Oracle peeps. If Cary tweets something then there's not much point in me re-tweeting it because very few of my followers wouldn't have seen Cary's original.

ORA-27546: Oracle compiled against IPC interface version 3.2 found version 3.3


Customer upgraded 10204 CRS and ASM to 11202 Grid Infrastructure.
Customer upgraded his 10204 Databases to 11202 Database.
Customer verified all the jobs and application to be working fine.
Customer uninstalled OLD 10204 CRS, ASM & Database home.


Their nightly export job failed with following error.

UDE-27546: operation generated ORACLE error 27546
ORA-27546: Oracle compiled against IPC interface version 3.2 found version 3.3

Stump the Oracle Guru

The D/FW Unix Users Group (DFWUUG) unexpectedly and belatedly needed a speaker for its May 5 meeting.  I volunteered to speak, in case they wanted to hear about Oracle architecture, but warned that I didn’t have a presentation put together, so it would be very informal.  Oracle sounds like an odd topic for a Unix meeting, but DFWUUG is liberal in its topic choices, as long as they are thought provoking.

Adding more swap space to an Existing Logical Volume on Linux

We are having to do this on our VM development boxes, so we thought we would share this on our blog.

Find out where the swap space is held:
# swapon -s
Filename Type Size Used Priority
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol01 partition 1015800 0 -1

Look at the logical volume:

New Guitar

I turned in the first draft of my last chapter in Expert Oracle Exadata last weekend. Tanel and Randy are working on their last chapters so we should be done with the basic material in a matter of days. We’ll still have a fair amount of editing work to do, but that’s a lot easier than coming up with the first pass at the material (which feels a little like giving birth). So as a reward to myself I bought a new guitar.

Creating Standby database using Active Duplication – Oracle Database 11g


Oracle database 11g introduced a new feature called Active database duplication. Using this feature you can create a new database (primary/standby) from your current running database. This feature does not needs any backup to be taken, nor we have to do any restore.

Creating active duplication is a RMAN feature and command for creating active duplication comes with various options.

Following is the command used for active duplication

Intermittent ORA-12545 with oracle RAC database

Problem: Client suffers intermittent ORA-12545 “Connect failed because target host or object does not exist” trying to connect to oracle RAC database.
Solution: Edit server side (not client side) listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files to have fully qualified hostnames.

Thanks to David Yahalom for flagging this – it doesn’t appear to be covered in metalink/my oracle support.

Setting ADR Base in Exadata Cell Node

Automatic Diagnostic Repository is also present at the cell node of Exadata database machine. You have to set the ADR Base in V2, and then you can show and select the ADR homes to manage the diagnostic data.

Dbvisit version 6.0 web based version delayed

Our Dbvisit web based version (Dbvisit Standby version 6.0) was scheduled to be released in April. Unfortunately this has been delayed while we try and resolve all remaining issues to ensure a stable version when we do release.

We are hoping to have Dbvisit Standby released at the end of May 2011.

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