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11gR2 upgrade aftermath - impdp failed with ORA-29913+ ORA-31011+ ORA-19202 + LPX-00217

It has been almost close to 3 months since we had a successful Oracle 10gR2 ( clusterware upgrade with nearly 100 database to Oracle 11gR2 ( at our site. However, our association with an unforeseen bugs and adjusting our application code (a very minimal) to confront the significant changes in the behavior with11gR2 functionality is yet to come to a happy ending .  I wanna share

fuser – identify users of files and devices

I learned about fuser when I had deleted 64GB file from /tmp but the space was never reclaimed.

This shows you alert log is being opened in another session using vi.

Mything 2

It’s about time I wrote a sequel to Mything in Action – and funnily enough it’s also about bitmap indexes. It starts with a note on the OTN database forum that prompted me to run up a quick test to examine something that turned out to be a limitation in the optimizer.

Plan is same, Wait profile is different ?

Here comes the nice one, What would you check when you are on 3 node RAC where 4 different database are balanced with services and Developer of one of the DBs come and asked you why their newly deployed batch is 3 times slower on PRD comparing to QA box which was snap copied (storage snap) from production box. RAC specs are exactly same plus all parameters are same ?

PRD runtime plan

Log Buffer #226, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

In your hands, the new edition of Log Buffer is smiling and it wants your undivided attention, because it is full of selected simmering yet cool blog posts from around the blogistan of database arena. Enjoy the Log Buffer #226.


Hang Analysis in Exadata

In half rack of Exadata machine, from node got the following error:

PMON failed to acquire latch, see PMON dump

First I checked that whether the database was hung or not.

Database was up and all the four instance were up too along with ASM instances.

Database was also accepting the logins.

The above error occurred just once, so that was a relief and seemed a temporary


Fast Parallel Rollback and Large Transactions

The SMON spit out this error after the cycle of the db on the rollback of the huge insert into the largest table in one of our warehouse environments.  I had serious concerns about a poor execution plan and wondered what we were going to be in for on the rollback and with good reason.   The source to the performance hit was a combination of missing column statistics on the main table used for the joins from the staging table, but also fragmentation caused by a poor design choice, (yes, get exchange partition in there ASAP!)

Test: Pending Statistics

I read from Oracle Document and interest about Pending Statistics. When Objects are gathered, the statistics will be automatically published. Check!!!



Oracle Open World Official Blogger Pass Acceptance

Like Chet, from OracleNerd, I received my official Blogger Approval for Oracle Open World yesterday!  This will be my first attendance, as something always came up before that kept me from going, so I am looking forward to the event.  A number of people asked me why I didn’t submit a presentation, but I think I’m going to check out the event as a blogger for my first time out and see about presenting next year! :)

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