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Setting SDU Size (mainly in 11.2)

I’ve recently had some problems getting a change in SDU size to be picked up and I’m writing this post in the hope of saving others some time.

Changing the SDU size is something to consider if you want to get the most out of your network. The situations where it will offer a notable benefit are covered in MOS ID 99715.1[1].

Solaris Network configuration

###Network Configuration Overview###

 1. Local Files Mode - config is defined statically via key files
 2. Network Client Mode - DHCP is used to auto-config interface(s)

Current Dell PE server has 3 NICs:
 1. e1000g0 - plumbed (configured for network client mode)
 2. iprb0 - unplumbed
 3. iprb1 - unplumbed

1-Virtual Mandatory interface lo0 - loopback

Determine physical interfaces using 'dladm show-dev | show-link'

Off-Topic: Avoid Levana Baby Monitors

I know this is completely off topic and I haven’t had time to blog in a while but there’s been a new addition in our family. I know there are a lot of parents out there and after the experience I’ve had with Levana, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure others avoid [...]

Upgrade - Oracle Database to

I saw some tweet...#Oracle patchset(10404530) is available.

SQL Server - A Procedure to Display Columns as Rows

updated: Oct 12, 2012

As an Oracle DBA, I am used to using command line interface (CLI) for my many DBA tasks. When some long rows are output from a query, it is often very unconvenient to view in CLI windows due to text wrapping at certain lengh. Tom Kyte has developed a procedure in Oracle to display columns as rows. Here I try to accomolish the same thing in SQL Server.

My procedure is called usp_p, the source code can be downloaded here. Patch Set For Oracle Database Server

Just a quick post that the patch set for Oracle Database Server has been released for x86 and x86-64 platforms (other ports will soon follow). The patchset number is href="">10404530 and is available for download from href="">My Oracle Support.

Also be sure to check out the href=""> New Futures Guide. Patchset is available

Original Post can be viewed at Patchset is available patchset is now available for download.  10404530 is available on Linux x86,x86-64 bit only. Tanel Poder first tweeted this Soon after this Surachart and Martin have started upgrading to I expect a blog post soon from one of them Related PostsIn-Place Upgrade 11gR2 RAC : To (7) Patchset available.Download directly to server (2)Downloading [...]

Generate network graph from command line

I recently wrote on gnuplot, today I tried another command line utility to generate graphs, graphviz, version 2.24.0 on AIX5L.

Quick Reference

.. and a temporary one, to boot:

If you’ve seen anything of the latest Oracle offering – the database appliance, you might want to read Alex Gorbachev’s summary


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