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FORCE_MATCH for Stored Outlines and/or SQL Baselines?????

Note that there is a follow up to this post here that you should read after this post.


Original Post can be viewed at V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR in

Oracle has introduced new column “REASON” to V$SQL_SHARED_CURSORS. I came across this extremely useful column while debugging multiple child cursor issue ( seems to have too many bugs which can cause multiple child cursors). As per documentation , REASON column has been introduced in REASON - CLOB Child number, id, and reason the [...] Weblog

Log Buffer #250, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Tis the season to be fearless in blogging and read the blogs around the database globe. To make your foray in intrepid world of database blogs, this Log Buffer Edition compiles some of the most interesting posts in this Log Buffer #250. Oracle: One of the nice new features of the 11.2 installer for the [...]

Day 11: The Twelve Days of SQL: AWR and Statspack are a goldmine of historical performance data

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Eleven pipers piping. Day 11: AWR and Statspack are a goldmine of historical performance data (Day 10: Sometimes the optimizer needs a hint)(Day 12: Readers do not block writers; writers do not block readers) You can and should review the past performance of [...]

Friday Philosophy – In Search of a Woodlouse

I don’t carry business cards around with me. I just never, ever think to get some done (either properly or with my trusty printer) and maybe this says something about my personal failings to sell myself. If anyone wants to contact me I tell them my email address and if they look confused I just say “ahh, Google me”. You see, having a very odd Surname means I am easy to find.

Oracle Nostalgia

When preparing the material for my “Oracle Lego – an introduction to Database Design” presentation for the UKOUG last week, I was looking back at my notes from a course on the topic from “a few years back”. There were a few bits which made me smile.

Oracle’s [SQL] implementation conforms to ANSI standard, although referential integrity will not be enforced until version 7

Thanks Jonathan ...

... and Amit, of course!

I mentioned during my SPM presentation that Amit Poddar's excellent paper and presentation on One-Pass Distinct Sampling and Incremental Statistics had gone missing from the web, but Jonathan Lewis is now hosting the files on his original post about Amit's presentation.

UKOUG 2011 - My Presentations

Writing long blog posts about your own presentations is pretty narcisstic but it also allows me to rectify certain mistakes afterwards so, to make an existing private joke with friends public yet again (a theme that will be repeated later), I'll start off by saying I'm sorry.

Cross-breeding Template::Declare with Moose

I’m rather fond of Template::Declare. Its killer feature, for me, is how all tags are expressed via Perl-space syntax, which allows me to leverage perltidy to turn any great unreadable glob of HTML into nicely indented code (in comparison, my Mason templates always begin with the best of intention, and end up looking like the [...]

A DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT query that I am very fond of

This is a quick post to share a SQL statement I use a lot at work. The query mines the AWR tables (beware the licence implications) for a specific SQL ID and date/time range and shows a few choice statistics for each snapshot period.


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