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Migration to Exadata Session at #OOW11

Considering it was the last session of #OOW11 I was surprised to see a sizable number of folks showing up for my 3rd and final session slated for 3 to 4 PM on Thursday. Thank you for attending and for your questions.

OpenWorld 2011 is over... Having a last glance on ASM and disk failures

So we are now arrived at the end of the largest Oracle OpenWorld ever. Around 45'000 people had joined San Francisco to exchange around IT and especially Oracle technologies.It has been a great conference with much of interesting sessions and as each year several announcements: Enterprise Manager 12c, Exalytics and Oracle Public Cloud.

Cloudy end to a roller coaster week at OOW

Cloud computing day at OOW 2011 … how fitting. It’s that familiar San Francisco grey overcast (cloudy) sky. As OOW draws a to a close, we can all look back at a week filled with education, networking, discovery, and yet another reality check with the passing of Steve Jobs. I usually leave early AM on [...]

Back to School: Elementary Physics for DBAs

“Hello World!” I guess that’s the most appropriate way to start my 1st blog post under domain. I’m going to start slow, but hopefully will pick up speed and have at least couple of posts each month to share with you. I’ve been blogging at until now and I haven’t decided yet what the future will [...]

Musings from OOW …

There has been some chatter at Oracle Open World (OOW) about the next release of the database. They will be calling it Oracle Database 12c (for Cloud) and it is expected in the 16-18 month timeframe from this version of OOW. Oracle has made no commitment to this time frame, but satiated the appetite of CORE database people [...]

Just patched Apache HTTP Server 2.2.21

Nothing special. I reviewed Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy reverse proxy issue [Reverse proxy feature (mod_proxy) has a new vulnerability] and "Patch is available for 2.2.21". I was just curious to patch Apache HTTP Server (Source) and then...

# /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -v
Server version: Apache/2.2.21 (Unix)

Googlebot, Apex Session IDs, and Cookies

Recently I had a bit of a saga with a public-facing website running on Oracle Apex (, if you’re curious) getting hammered by Googlebot. We went live with a new version of the site, but I’d forgotten to make sure that all the links set the Session ID to 0 (zero).

What is this session ID?

Oracle and Hybrid Columnar Compression Support

OOW 2011 – Oracle XML DB and Big Data

Last day of Oracle Open World and I am currently attending the last presentations. The first presentation, “Oracle XMLDB: A noSQL Approach to Managing all your Unstructured Data”, deals with the no-SQL approach and using Oracle XML DB in the context of using it with “Big Data”, that is unstructured data. The title of the …

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