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Indiana LinuxFest

First off, thanks to everybody who was at my Python intro at Millenicon. You can find the talk materials at under "Talks".

Oracle PL/SQL Subprogram Conditionals and Variables

This article is excerpted from chapter 36 of the book Beginning PHP and Oracle: From Novice to Professional, written by W. Jason Gilmore and Bob Bryla (Apress; ISBN: 1590597702).
Stored procedures can both accept input parameters and return parameters back to the caller. However, for each parameter, you need to declare the name and the datatype and whether it will be used to pass information into the procedure, pass information back out of the procedure, or perform both du...

Visitors etc.

Well, I’ve finally reached another “landmark” number in the page views – 2,000,000 views (after four and a half years) – so it’s time for a little statistical summary for comparison with the last landmark.

Looking at just the results for the last 12 months, here are some numbers in different categories.

Exadata Part VI: Cell Administration with dcli

An Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Full Rack comes with 8 Database Nodes and 14 Storage Servers (Cells). The Cell Administration can be done on the command line as user celladmin with CellCLI, as shown in previous postings already, but it would be an annoying task to do all commands 14 times. Therefore, dcli was introduced [...]

Off topic: 'A' Week

Some days I decide that since this is my blog, I'll say whatever I like, even if it's not about work! This is my major outlet to the world that is.
Heck, Tim does it all the time ;-)

This week, besides being my birthday week, is 'A' Week. It basically means tell others you’re an atheist and proud of it week. Start some discussions with people about your atheism.

Copying the password file for RAC databases

This post is inspired by a recent thread on the oracle-l mailing list. In post “11g RAC orapw file issue- RAC nodes not updated” the fact that the password file is local to the instance has been brought up. In fact, all users with the SYSOPER or SYSDBA role granted are stored in the password file, and changing the account for the SYS user on one instance doesn’t mean the password change is reflected on the other RAC instances. Furthermore, your Data Guard configuration will break as well, since the SYS account is used to log in to the standby database.

I can relate...

It is not often a simple picture and caption will make me laugh out loud - but this did. I feel like that some days... Most days now I guess :)

Relinking causes many warning on AIX for 11.2.0

As i  started applying the first PSU to my instances. I noticed OPatch generating crazy Ld messages

DBMS_STATS.SET_TABLE_STATS and statistic staleness

Recently at work there was a discussion regarding setting optimiser statistics using DBMS_STATS SET_*_STATISTICS procedures. The question was asked:

If we set the statistics ourselves will the automatic stat’s job not overwrite them the following night?

Now I was confident that this was not the case but, having never tested this explicitly, thought it better to get my facts straight.

First some quotes from the Oracle Documentation

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