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New Page: My Presos

The tab system I’ve chose to come up with my blog pages has just got a new section: “My Presos”. Direct Link: Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: LinkedIn

Internal Views

When Oracle transforms a query it will sometimes report an internal view name in the execution plan – and I have seen people asking for help occasionally because they’ve tried to find the view name in dba_views and it hasn’t existed. So, just for reference, here’s a short list of the view names that might [...]

Oracle11g: Zero Sized Unusable Indexes Part II (Nathan Adler)

In my previous post, I discussed how Oracle from 11g R2 onwards will automatically drop the segment and associated storage from unusable index objects. Mohamend Houri asked in the comments section the excellent question of just how useful this feature will be in real life cases when typically indexes are not left in an unusuable state for a [...]

Steps to Install profilerpictogram.tff font on OEL5 from command line

I need to install the profilerpictogram.ttf font as I was installed the Method R Profiler on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. These steps should be fine for almost all types of Linux distros.

Steps to Install profilerpictogram.tff font on OEL5 from command line:

[root@test share]# cd /usr/share/fonts
[root@test fonts]# mkdir ttfonts
[root@test fonts]# cd ttfonts
[root@test ttfonts]# pwd

Parallel DML - Conventional (non-direct-path) Inserts As Select

In a recent discussion I've mentioned that I thought to remember that the DML part of conventional load as select inserts will always be executed serially, even with parallel DML enabled and requesting parallel DML execution. It's important to understand in this context that this is not the same as the parallel query execution of the SELECT part, which is possible independently from the parallel DML part.

After that discussion I realized that it was quite some time ago that I tested this scenario, probably it was back then with some 10.2 version.

How to use Exadata Smart Flash Cache?

I posted about Oracle 11gR2 Flash Cache. I had to use both db_flash_cache_file and db_flash_cache_size parameters for Database Smart Flash Cache. After I read Exadata Part IV: Flash Cache (by UWE HESSE).

Vertical Scaling OBIEE 11g

Vertical scaling in OBIEE means adding more Business Intelligence Components to the same computer to make use of the hardware resources. There are cases when the middleware hardware is sized with many CPUs and more Memory, so in order to make use of them then we have to do vertical scaling. By default the installation gives only one process for each component.

SQL Precedence UNION and MINUS, Converting to Full Outer Join Syntax

February 26, 2011 In a recent OTN thread in the SQL forum I found a SQL statement (see the thread for the original SQL statement) that the original poster (OP) wanted to transform into full outer join syntax, but was unsure how to start the transformation.  To get started with helping the OP, you first [...]

Organizing Chris Date's seminar in Ljubljana May 23-24 2011

I have invited Chris J. Date, an independent author, lecturer, researcher, and consultant of international renown, specializing in relational database technology, to have a 2 day seminar "How to Write Correct SQL and Know It: A Relational Approach to SQL".

Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS)

Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) is a reliable-socket off-load driver and inter-processor communication (IPC) protocol with low overhead, low-latency, high-bandwidth. RDS enables enhanced application performance and cluster scalability.
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