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How Many Ways to Solve this Problem? Generate a Calendar that Displays Average Hours Per Day

July 18, 2011 I am surprised at the significant number of unique solutions to the SQL problems that I have previously posed on this blog.  For fun I thought that I would give people another chance to demonstrate their unique approaches to solving another problem. Supposed that a transaction table exists with the following definition: CREATE [...]

Oracle 11g Release 2: Delete a Node from the Cluster

We have 3 node rac in the below example (racn1, racn2 and racn3), where we are removing racn3 from the cluster

Index Organized Tables – the Basics.

I think Index Organized Tables(IOTs) are a much under-used and yet very useful feature of Oracle. Over the next few postings I’m going to cover some aspect of Index Organised Tables, both good and not-so-good. I am going to cover some benefits of IOTs that I think many people are unaware of. In this first post I am just going to run through the basics of IOTs.

Just learn about listener on RAC (grid)

On 11gR2 RAC (Grid Infrastructure), I tests use LISTENER_SCAN* on port 1521 and LISTENER on port 1522. I would like to check what service names are registered in LISTENER. Umm...

[oracle@db01 ~]$ cat /grid/network/admin/listener.ora

Dbvisit Standby 6.0.06 released

6.0.06 (16 July 2011)
New features:

Oracle 11G SCAN:Questions and Answers Post

In this post:

  • General – the presentation file
  • Australia and Europe Webinar is scheduled (July 27th 2011)
  • SCAN Questions and Answers


This is a follow up post to answer questions you asked during my “Oracle 11G SCAN: RAC SIG webcast” at June 16th.

no progress on my service request makes me grumpy

Seriously Oracle support what is going on here? I have had a service request SR 3-3474803321 open for a very long time. On June 6 2011 I escalated it yet again and provided a reproducible test case. Oracle support at that time noted they were waiting on getting a test machine to verify it and then get a bug opened.

Archive area +RECO has -7440384 free KB remaining (Usable_file_MB is negative)

I must say, this has been a busy weekend.
We have been promoting a release to production and a guaranteed restore point was created on Friday as rollback strategy. On Sunday I was called as we started to receive alerts.
The problem:
Our monitoring system started to send emails and SNMP Traps with the following alerts:

Oracle 11g Release 2: SRVCTL commands PART 1 [Database]

SRVCTL commands

Check the Current Version of SRVCTL utility
  • srvctl -V 

For Database:
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