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Online index rebuild cleanup

 If session performing online index rebuild will be killed by mistake Oracle end up with some inconsistency inside dictionary. If you try to re-run killed command to create index once more database will complain that index already exist. Although if you try to drop index database will complain that index is in rebuild state and could not be dropped at that time.

Pythian partners with Scalar to provide full suite of Oracle services

PYTHIAN NEWS Pythian and Scalar Decisions today announced a formal partnership providing Oracle customers an unparalleled one-stop shop solution provider in Canada. Combined, we can help Oracle customers develop, fulfill, implement, and manage their whole Oracle solution stack. Read the full press release. Related news. More about Scalar Decisions

Preparing Drives for ASM using ASMLib

This document will detail the steps to configure disks for ASM and the installation of ASMLib on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 running in Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.2. The drives were created as shared drives. See the post: Creating Shared Drives in Oracle VM VirtualBox for more information on creating shared drives in Oracle VM VirtualBox. [...]

SIOUG Conference

More than a week after the SIOUG (Slovenian Oracle User Group) I wanted to say thanks to Joze Senegacnik for inviting me and for being very hospitable.

I’ve been many times in Slovenia, but It’s my first time being at the SIOUG and I really liked it. There were a lot of people, the hotel was at the sea side and Croatia was just on the other side of the sea, just a few kilometres away. Speaking about Croatia I met Vladimir and Davor from HROUG.

I also met Doug Burns and Debra Lilley and they are really cool people.

Cool Oracle Support note or How to know if Automatic Memory Management is your friend?

Just before going to Oracle OpenWorld I would like to share with you a very good Oracle Support note on Automatic Memory Management (ASMM). Common Cause for ORA-4031 in 10gR2, Excess “KGH: NO ACCESS” Memory Allocation [Video] [ID 801787.1] Don’t be misled by the title of the note ( I would make it more generic [...]

Install ModSecurity CRS

I posted Deploy modsecurity-apache in Apache HTTP. I interested ModSecurity Core Rule Set as well. How to install it?
*** Make sure, modsecurity-apache was deployed in Apache HTTP before***

Deploy modsecurity-apache in Apache HTTP

It's free time for me. To learn something new. I read about ModSecurity and interested about it, So I wanted to install ModSecurity for Apache. It's native implementation of the web application firewall, working as an Apache module. Both major Apache branches are supported.

Invalid Hints are Silently Ignored? An Invalid USE_HASH Hint Transforms a Sort-Merge Join into a Nested Loops Join

September 30, 2011 How many times have you heard or read that the Oracle Database query optimizer may freely ignore hints if it so chooses?  How many times have you heard or read that the query optimizer silently ignores hints that are invalid?  I was recently reminded of both of these concepts while reading the book [...]

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