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YER Bahçesehir Universitesi Beşiktaş kampusu.
Tarih 21 Nisan 2011 saat 09.00-17.00
Katılım Ücretsiz. 300-350 kişi ile sınırlı. Kayıtlar 20 Mart'ta başlayacak.

Birbirinden önemli birçok session gerçeklesegi bu günde sizleride aramızda görmektan mutluluk duyacağız.

Exploring Oracle GoldenGate - Creating Dump Files

In addition to performing replication, GoldenGate can also be used to dump the contents of a table into a formatted file.

Learning Oracle GoldenGate

Steve Callan takes a look at configuring Oracle GoldenGate and discusses what takes place within Oracle GoldenGate in terms of how data gets from the source database to the target database.

Looking at Real-Time Database Performance

Oracle Enterprise Manger (OEM) is a good place to begin when addressing performance issues.

SQL Injection

Sometimes I wonder why I still find stuff like this, there are so many articles/blogs/documents about sql injection how does a developer come up with the following… create or replace function row_count (p_table varchar2) return number is v_str VARCHAR2(1000); v_row NUMBER; BEGIN v_str := ‘select count(*) from ‘||p_table; execute immediate v_str into v_row; return v_row; [...]

Tip - List all of the tables in the Shareplex replication

Some time ago a co-worker showed me how to do this with a query. Today I have a need to do it, but I forget. I have to get the table list from the configuration file. Now I blog this as a reference for future:

--- for port 2200 ---
select owner, object_name, objid
from splex.shareplex_objmap s, dba_objects o
where s.objid = o.object_id
order by owner, object_name;

--- for port 2201 ----
select owner, object_name, objid
from splex_cpf.shareplex_objmap s, dba_objects o
where s.objid = o.object_id

ORA-1810 and Other Dating Disasters

During a recent difference of opinion, my girlfriend said to me “Ooohhh, you’re so logical!” The atmosphere was not improved by the fact that she had to then explain to me that this wasn’t a compliment.
All of which has nothing to do with the purpose of this post (although it may help to solve the mystery as to why I was single for so long).

UKOUG Director Elections – Please Vote!

>There’s only a few days left for voting in this year’s Director Elections, with the process closing on February 28th.
More information on the election process, including information on the role of Directors, and this years candidates can be found here.

How Do You Find Information in the Oracle Documentation Library?

February 22, 2011 A recent thread in the OTN forums mentioned Metalink (MOS) Doc ID 1203353.1 – “How to find Oracle Database Documentation on OTN Web Site” and lists four easy steps for finding information in the Oracle documentation library, with the starting point being this link.  I think that it is great having the [...]

CRS and New Features in 11gR2

Recently i got a chance to upgrade 4-node RAC from to version. Don’t worry the upgrade was successful In this blog post i just wanted to mention few changes (not all) in Oracle Clusterware which i saw. 1. OHASD –> Oracle High Availability Service Daemon.This is the daemon which starts every other daemon

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