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Redo Logfiles BlockSize – Revisited in 11gR2

In November 2010 i had written blog “Minimum Size of Redo Logfiles and Their Block Size” where i mentioned that 512Bytes as the size of redo logfiles, which was not the totally correct to say.Oracle will use the underlying disk sector size as the BLOCKSIZE of redo logfiles which can differ from platform to platform.

★ 4 interesting things you may have missed on Feb 18, 2011

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NoCOUG (My)SQL Challenge entry #2

A few days ago I learned about this year’s NoCOUG SQL Challenge and decided to to put the gray matter between my ears to work. I’ve been teaching a MySQL course this week and my first impulse was to use my MySQL VM to test my solution attempts. However, I eventually decided to use Recursive [...]

NoCOUG SQL Challenge – thinking outside the padded box

Seems that our André Araujo has already spilled the beans and revealed his solution to the second edition of the NoCOUG SQL Challenge. Now, I can’t let him have all the fun, can I? Unfortunately, my SQL-fu is pathetically weak, so I stand no chance against his Querying Might. Buuut I am well versed in [...]

Interesting Read Followup…

Two days ago I wrote about an interesting security fiasco and said I’d follow up on it in a day or two – so here we are.

Just to recap – I wrote previously:

As a quick test - see if you can

Really (not) useful example

I was reading official PHP documentation few days ago. While searching around for some information I found something really surprising.
To be specific I found an example of using PDO::commmit() which was quite funny for me.
Few years ago I was wondering during code review where some (really bad) ideas come from. Now I finally understand because when we can see this really "useful" example in PHP official guide, so at least I don't need to wonder anymore.

DBD::Oracle 1.28 Release Candiate 2

Here is the next latest and greatest DBD::Oracle for your programming pleasure. You can find the Zip file here DBD-Oracle-1.28_RC_2.tar This time round we have cleaned a few compiler warnings and fixed up a few of the tests. Thanks to H. Merijn Brand and Charles Jardine for those. Please enjoy. John Scoles

For Vienna and Tallinn...

If you are near Vienna or Tallinn - you have an opportunity to attend an excellent two day seminar hosted by Oracle University - but delivered by Richard Foote. If you really want to know all about indexing in Oracle - this seminar will deliver.

Writing an sql query output to a File in PLSQL Package

We are developing ETL projects and sometimes we need to write output of a table or view query to a file. The problem is that for each project it should be written another package or procedure to write table or query data to a file. This is a needless operation and I decided to write [...]

Last Notice For Seminars Scheduled For Vienna and Tallinn Next Month

Just received an email from Oracle University stating that numbers are very tight for my Index Internals and Best Practices Seminars scheduled next month for Vienna and Tallinn. Unfortunately, due to the travel time, it will be a case of them both running or neither of them going ahead. With cancelled events in the past, it’s [...]

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