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Nobody's perfect

An intriguing SQLException unknown error exposing some code on the Amazon Web Services home page that corresponds to the recent announcement of the new ultra-low-cost micro-instances.

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Patchset 1 ( Is Now Available, But This Is Not Just An Announcement Blog Entry.

BLOG UPDATE: I should have peeked at my blog aggregator before posting this. I just found that my friend Greg Rahn posted about the same content on his blog earlier today. Hmmm.…plagerism! Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Patchset 1 ( Part Number E15732-03) is available as of today for x86 and x86_64 Linux as per [...]

SASH 2.1 released

New SASH 2.1 now available! See
Thanks to Marcin Przepiorowski for these improvements.
NOTE: people are encouraged to improve the code. I wrote the original 2 versions and now Marcin has stepped up with 2.1.
I can no longer change the code and give it away for free as I’m full time at Embarcadero and such code would be [...] Patch Set For Oracle Database Server

Just a quick post that the patch set for Oracle Database Server has been released for x86 & x86-64 platforms. The patchset number is 10098816 and is available for download from My Oracle Support. Be sure to give note 1189783.1 Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With a read as several things have changed in the patching process.

Update of “Project Lockdown” released

Arup Nanda has released an update for “Project Lockdown”. This new version covers Oracle 11g (R1/R2) as well.
I found a few minor things which are not 100% correct but in general it  is a good introduction.
But there is something I never liked. It’s the recommendation how to check the Oracle database for weak passwords (according [...]


A deadlock occurs when two processes contend for the same resources (row locks) when one process holds a lock on one set of resources (call it set "A") and waits for a lock on another set of resources (call it set "B") while *at the same time* the other process holds a lock on set "B" and is waiting to lock set "A".
The set of resources could each be a single or or multiple rows but Oracle may detect the deadlock when attempting to lock a row in a set of rows.

Is this really a patch set?

The title of the post is a question taken from a MOS Doc ID 1189783.1 named “Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With″. Yes, the first patch set for 11gR2 is out for Linux x86 and x86-64 (patch number is 10098816). It’s 5G in size, BTW. There’s no patch set release notes, [...]

MVIEW creation on tables with “OBJECT TYPE”

Recently i faced the below error while creating the materialized view on the target database.

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