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Collecting and analysing Exadata cell metrics

Recently I have been asked to write a paper about Exadata Flash Cache and its impact on performance. This was a challenge to my liking! I won’t reproduce the paper I wrote, but I’d like to demonstrate the methods I used to get more information about what’s happening in the software.


Pythian creates $30K in MIS Scholarships


In celebration of the company’s 14 year anniversary, Pythian today announced a donation of $30K worth of scholarships to support students in the MIS Program at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management.

The scholarship will support four Honours Bachelor of Commerce students specializing in Management Information Services (MIS) each year by providing them with a $2,500 scholarship and a paid internship.

Continuous Physical Data Block Corruption Issues - post 2

So the issues are still persisting in the system.  We still have 3 corrupt data blocks (123456, 123457, 123458).  Only 1 data file is still affected (100).  Here are some of the latest steps that Oracle Support has requested from us:

Generic Note
1- Please run the on each of your exadata cells and upload the files to the SR.

2- Please upload the ASM alert logs from each of the 8 asm database instances.

Explain Plan and PLAN_TABLE$

Someone told me something a few weeks ago that didn’t make sense to me, and it still doesn’t.

Maybe I’m not seeing something obvious or maybe this is a legacy left over from the days before PLAN_TABLE became a synonym for SYS.PLAN_TABLE$ and SYS.PLAN_TABLE$ existed as a global temporary table? As ever, your comments on what follows are most welcome.

Common Sense

I am running this query:
It's been running since 2PM yesterday.  Can you make it go faster?

You shouldn't delete 80M rows in a single transaction.  You should have used TRUNCATE instead of DELETE.  I have killed your session and it will be a while before it completes.

Developer (5 minutes later):
I tried TRUNCATE but it says my table is locked.

I know, the

Openworld 2011 Presentation – Sizing the FRA

I'll be presenting at OpenWorld this year with Cristobal Pedregal-Martin from Oracle. Our session is titled "How to Best Configure, Size, and Monitor the Oracle Database Fast Recovery Area." While it may be an afterthought for many DBAs, it is something that requires some planning, especially on Exadata environments. Cris will be speaking on guidelines for sizing and maintaining the FRA, while I'll be adding nuggets of wisdom based on my experience in the field. It should be a good experience all around. We're session number 13445, Moscone South 304, Thursday at 3:00.

Test - Create table with Upstream (Local) Capture

I tested Oracle Stream on 11.1 (Upstream) with DEMO schema, then created new table. I just tested to solve it(error). It's simple and fun.


SQL> show user;



Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS + Real Application Clusters + VMware vSphere + Fully Automated Storage Tiering? Yes! Of Course!

This is just a quick blog entry to draw attention to a freshly-released EMC white paper.  I don’t aim to turn my blog into an announcement board for such things, but this one is worth it. When I posted my announcement that I’d left Oracle Server Technologies (Exadata development) to join EMC I should have also made the point of how much interest I have in virtualization.

Brain Teaser: Why is this Query Performing a Full Table Scan

September 14, 2011 While taking a look at the OTN threads this morning, I found an interesting test case, where the OP was asking why a query used a full table scan and not an index range scan.  The OP would like for the query to use the index without using a hint in the query.  [...]

Oracle Virtualbox 4.1

Let’s be honest, Virtualbox is really thriving under current Oracle management and becoming a real cool (if not already – i think so…) product. I am using it for test or training purposes, creating importable appliances and a lots of other purposes, on my iMac, Windows or other desktop environments.

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