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A quick and temporary note about a couple of links that I’ve just found: Update I’ve just popped this note to the top of the stack again to mention a useful article from Craig Shallahamer on “Important Statistical Distributions”. Every DBA and developer should read it – as an introduction to the patterns you find [...]

Most Expensive SQL Statement Ever

You know the cost calculation that the cost based optimizer (CBO) uses to determine which execution plan to choose for a SQL statement, right? If you don’t, you should immediately stop reading this and pick up a good novel instead. Ah, you’re still here? Well I got an interesting email today from one of my [...]

ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1], mesg = [Operation not permitted]

Recently, I was involved in OS rolling upgrade for 3-node RAC running on 10204 with ASMLIB. I had performed quite a few OS rolling upgrades in past so I had my checklist or documentation handy on steps to re-configure ASMLIB.

The upgrade worked fine on node 1 and ASM re-configuration worked fine. However on node 2, after patching OS and re-configuring ASMLIB, asm disk group failed mount with folowing error.

ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1], mesg = [Operation not permitted]


Um leitor perguntou-me por mail: o que é uma variavel SYS_REFCURSOR?

SYS_REFCURSOR é declarado no pacote STANDARD (um dos dois pacotes "default" do PL/SQL) e é uma declaração de um weekly typed cursor (cursor com tipo fraco). i.e. IS REF CURSOR

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A Google Portugal está activa nos Doodles

(continuação de post anterior)
E hoje é a comemoração do Aniversário de Almeida Garret.

Fun with RSS and PL/SQL, Part One

If you follow one or more blogs, you have probably heard about RSS.


EZCONNECT and HOSTNAME resolution methods

EZCONNECT is the easy connect protocol, available in 10g, whenever you want to connect to a database without tnsnames and without ldap. $ grep -iw directory_path $TNS_ADMIN/sqlnet.ora names.directory_path=EZCONNECT $ sqlplus scott/tiger@//srv01:1521/db01 connect to server srv01 on port 1521 for service db01 HOSTNAME was the old-fashion way to connect to a database, where hostname = sid [...]

Same SQL_ID with Different Execution Plans

Few days back i had a discussion with one of my team members regarding same sql_id having different execution plans.So, it was time to login and test myself Oracle Database Version –> 17:01:58 ANAND@MATRIX> show parameter cursor_sharing NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------ cursor_sharing string EXACT 17:01:59 ANAND@MATRIX> show parameter optimizer NAME TYPE VALUE

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