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Oracle Database, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Oracle XE, Oracle RAC, Oracle Instant Client, Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Exadata resources, news, and support articles.

BPEL PM and OSB Operational Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control book

Oracle BPEL Process Manager offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for creating, deploying and managing BPEL business processes and Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architectures into agile integration networks by connecting, mediating, and managing interactions between services and applications.

You can explain an invalid SQL statement

I’m in “nightmare weekend before presenting” mode. I’m up to my eyes at work (and have been for ages, thus the quiet blog) and my recent weekends have been full of normal {and abnormal} life. As is the way, when up against it and putting together my proofs for wild claims, everything breaks subtly and [...]

Oracle Database 11g R2: Interactive Quick Reference

Oracle has released "Interactive Quick Reference" for DBA's and Developer's to better understand Oracle Database architecture. It includes

1) List of DBA Views,

2) Database Architecture Diagram, and

3) List of all Database Background Processes by category.

Explaining The EXPLAIN PLAN Using Pictures

An Oracle EXPLAIN PLAN can be terribly hard to understand. Oracle does not tell us the order in which steps are executed and we must figure it out ourselves using the Oh so subtle indentation of operation names. It doesn’t help that the Oracle documentation incorrectly states that “The execution order in EXPLAIN PLAN output begins with the line [...]

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