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NoCOUG Hall of Fame

The NoCOUG Journal is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2011. Old issues dating back to 2001 are available online. My favorite articles are the interviews. Here are a couple of memorable quotes. In FeuerThoughts, Steven Feuerstein said “SQL is not a complete language. Some people can perform seeming miracles with straight SQL, but the statements [...]

Check if you work on a virtual/physical machine in Linux

11.1 GC agent refuses to start

This is a follow-up post from my previous tale of how not to move networks for RAC. After having successfully restarted the cluster as described here in a previous post I went on to install a Grid Control 11.1 system. This was to be on Solaris 10 SPARC-why SPARC? Not my platform of choice when [...]

Burleson buys BMC ?

There have been rumours running through the Oracle community over the last couple of days following publication of a note containing a clue that Burleson Consulting may have acquired the rights to BMC’s performance monitoring tool “Patrol” – and may even have bought out BMC itself. These rumours started shortly after the disappearance of a blog [...]

Installing TOra with Oracle Support on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meercat)

Good afternoon sports fans. I’ve had a couple of requests to update my world famous blog on installing TOra. Frankly I have been wanting to get this out for a while but duties other than blogging have taken precedence. That and I think my blogging ran out of entropy and needed some other IO to [...]

★ 3 interesting things you may have missed on Feb 13, 2011

Links to interesting, educational, informational, or just plain fun websites...

Off Topic: a historical birthday

It's official, it was 2 days ago - well, in some places of the world it's still yesterday, but at least you don't get the same posts all on one day. I'm late because I was enjoying my weekend!

Advanced Web Programming outside of APEX

I finally post the"slides" from my presentation the "Oracle PL/SQL Programming Conference (OPP) 2010 Europe" that took place in Brussels last October.
I think that they have enough info to be interesting.

"Slides" da apresentação: "SIGARRA - a case study"

Disponibilizei os "slides" da apresentação que fiz conjuntamente com o António Cunha e Nuno Ornelas em Dezembro no evento da Oracle Portugal: "Open Our Windows" realizado em Lisboa: "SIGARRA - a case study" sobre o uso da DB Oracle no Sistema de Informação da Universidade do Porto e como "site"(s) oficial(ais).

Hot Off The Press: The NoCOUG Journal and the Second International NoCOUG SQL Challenge‏

Dear NoCOUG members and friends, Is RAC on NAS safe and performant? Can virtual machines deliver the performance we need? Should we store BLOBS in the database? For what situations can we safely use RAID-5? Storage expert James Morle answers these questions and more in the new issue of the NoCOUG Journal. The Wizard of [...]

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