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Setting ADR Base in Exadata Cell Node

Automatic Diagnostic Repository is also present at the cell node of Exadata database machine. You have to set the ADR Base in V2, and then you can show and select the ADR homes to manage the diagnostic data.

Dbvisit version 6.0 web based version delayed

Our Dbvisit web based version (Dbvisit Standby version 6.0) was scheduled to be released in April. Unfortunately this has been delayed while we try and resolve all remaining issues to ensure a stable version when we do release.

We are hoping to have Dbvisit Standby released at the end of May 2011. Release

The most awaited release of OBIEE is publicly available :

OBIEE and OBI Apps download link:

OBIEE documentation link:

OBI Apps documentation link:

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Summary of

Summary of Methods to Protect Archive Log Tapes

I have a client who is concerned about losing archive logs in between full RMAN database and archive log backups, in the event of a loss. I was asked to provide options which I am sharing on this blog. The environment is AIX 6.5 and Oracle 11.2 Standard Edition. Please feel free to comment and share your suggestions.

Options to protect archive log tapes (and the full database) are:

I. Have RMAN take more frequent backups, including archive logs.

Log Buffer #219, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

There are plethora of thrilling business software trends on the horizon as the summer of 2011 starts. Many of these will significantly impact IT organizations seeking to align IT operations with business objectives. Awareness of such trends can help you to keep ahead of the competition. What better way to get abreast of these trends in a nutshell than the Log Buffer? Log Buffer #219 is in your hands to enjoy.

Consistent Gets

There’s an interesting question on the OTN database forum at present – why does an update of 300,000 rows take a billion buffer visits. (There are 25 indexes on the table – so you might point a finger at then initially, but only one of the indexes is going to be changed by the update so that should only account for around an extra 10 gets per row in a clean environment.)

MAXIMUM/MINIMUM Column Statistics – Part 2

Well it is now over four months since I wrote the part 1 of this blog. Apologies for the delay but I have been working long hours and travelling so my blog never made it to the top of the pile.

Let us now address what happens when we try to use NULL for maximum/minimum values by modifying the script in part 1:

Pivot tables and Active Session History in Oracle 11g

Oracle introduced a pivot tables in version 11g. If you want to use it there is still some limitation but as least it gave us a nice tool to display Active Session History information in various way. Please find one of possible example below - database CPU utilization for 5 minutes period with waits split into percent across wait classes
col "Administrative" format 999.99
col "Application" format 999.99

Yet another RMAN quiz: What do you do in this situation?

I will surely write a detailed blog entry later about the issue talking here. But for now, excuse me for the quiz format blog entry.
A few days ago, I was trapped into a very tricky RMAN restore situation for one of our Oracle 10g ( RAC databases and would like to get your perspective over the issue. Al right, here is the QUIZ for you.

Took an RMAN offline backup to tape with 5

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