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And the winners are...

To the first 10 that signed up for the Real World Performance Day using the "referred by Tom's blog" moniker - the books and shirts are in the mail:

I just sent them out today - you should get them soon. Looking forward to meeting:

Venky from Illinois

Kevin from Toronto

Tom from Toronto

Heather from Toronto

Stephan from Maryland

Daniel from North Carolina

Aaron from Maryland

ORA-29024: Certificate validation failure

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates.

Ever tried to run UTL_HTTP.BEGIN_REQUEST procedure passing an URL that points to a HTTPS (SSL) server?
That's what happend to me recently as some procedures that have been working for nearly two years without a hitch suddenly stopped working. After reviewing my app logs it turned out

yum update or install packages from DVD

When You installed Linux (sample: Oracle Linux) from DVD and You need to use "yum" command-line to install(update) some packages from DVD. How?

- Check "createrepo" pacakge.

[root@linuxtest ~]# rpm -qa |grep createrepo


- Mount DVD, Create repomd (xml-rpm-metadata) repository and Clean repo

AIX Bug with 64K Memory Pages

After our Production Upgrade to on AIX. we hit an AIX Bug relating to  AIX starving Oracle from memory pages and thus grinding the system to a halt.. Metalink Doc  1088074.1 talk about this but there was conflicting information thru Doc ID 282036.1 which stops at AIX 6.1 TL5 for this particular bug.
It is the Bug is actually fixed in TL6 SP4 .
We were on TL6 SP2 and thus had a system outage.
Moral of the story is it always pays to ensure to look at future TL's and SP's for AIX to ensure the bug was actually fixed.

Control How You Share Your Snaps

On a recent Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) prep workshop, a question arose concerning the purpose and use of the RMAN Snapshot control file. This in turn led to some interesting exploration of a change in Oracle 11g R2 beginning in To understand this change it is first a good idea to review the snapshot [...]

METHOD_OPT=> SIZE AUTO Quiz Solution (The Trickster)

I was going to leave it for a few days but there have already been so many comments and discussions on all this, I thought I better write something up. In case anyone was wondering, yes I probably am driving my colleagues at work mad with my “Question of the Day” !! Unfortunately, some might [...]

Public Appearances

I really don’t have time to do any blogging or do anything on the forums at present – book in progress,  too many people people needing a couple of days here and there, and Open World with its ACE Director thing is about to take a big chunk out of my life – but I thought I’d just mention that 2012 is beginning to shape up.

I’ve submitted three abstracts for RMOUG – it’s a three-day event, and a progression of one presentation per day seems appropriate (if they get accepted):

Compiling RLWRAP for Oracle Linux 6.1 x86-64

RLWrap is a great too to enhance the user experience with SQL*Plus by allowing it to make use of the GNU readline library. Search the Internet for RLWrap and sqlplus and you should get plenty of hits explaining how awesome that combination is.

MERGE to table with Virtual Columns + Error Log Table = ORA-03113

This is just in case you come across this. It appears to be an Oracle bug. I don’t know if it’s been fixed in a later release. I haven’t isolated a simple repeatable test case yet, so I don’t know if the scenario here includes all the relevant details or not.

Version: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production


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