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Oracle Database Registry Components

I recently developed a procedure to upgrade an Oracle 11.1 single instance database to Oracle 11.2 RAC. I remembered to add new redo threads, undo tablespaces, modify initialization parameters and to add the new database to the OCR. However, I forgot to run $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catclust.sql which caused some errors in Enterprise Manager.

Multipath errors for ASM devices in /var/log/messages

We are currently running failover tests on a three node Linux x86-84 cluster running Oracle with the PSU. As part of this process we have been examining how each failure is recorded in the log files. One of the log files we have been monitoring is /var/log/messages.
 When a node is shutdown messages similar to the follow appear in /var/log/messages:

How to color (mark) SQL for AWR snapshots

Are all SQL statements you’re looking for in your AWR repository ? If not, there is a simple way to ‘ask’ Oracle to include list of SQL_ID in every snapshot. All you need to do is color it. No, not using marker on the screen with Grid Control Performance tab but using DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY. ADD_COLORED_SQL  procedure.

A Few Random Notes

Just a few random notes. Oracle Mix have the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Suggest-A-Session again this year with lots of good presentations as always. Follow the link to vote for my Q & A session on Oracle Indexing. Jonathan Lewis has an interesting quiz on Oracle Indexes in answer to a question from the OTN forums: “If I delete [...]

Where Are My Snapshots?

I’m sharing this in the hope that it will provide others with all the relevant information to understand this behaviour, should they hit it, rather than have to spend time searching MOS and performing their own tests. The information is there on MOS, but it took me a little time to find it (note IDs listed later).

“AWR is broken! We don’t have any snapshots over the weekend.”

ORA-00494: enqueue [CF] held for too long

There was a high load at the Linux (RHAS4) due to the backups of three databases going on simultaneously. So much was the load, that server became unresponsive, and then one of the instances crashed with the following error in the alert log file:

Fri Jun 17 02:20:26 2011
System State dumped to trace file

Killing enqueue blocker (pid=191) on resource

CF-00000000-00000000 by killing session 56.1

Using Agile Practices to Create an Agile Presentation

What’s the best way to make a presentation on Agile practices? Practice Agile practices.

You could write a presentation “big bang” style, delivering version 1.0 in front of your big audience of 200+ people at Kscope 2011 before anybody has seen it. Of course, if you do it that way, you build a lot of risk into your product. But what else can you do?

Oracle Exadata Best Practices Tutorials

There is a set of recorded tutorials available from the oracle maximum availability architecture team, that cover a range of topics.

The tutorials can be accessed at  Oracle Exadata Best Practices Series

The topics include implementing Ebs, Siebel and Peoplesoft, resource manager, migration, DBFS, monitoring, backup and recovery, troubleshooting, patching and healthcheck.

Lots and Lots of great information.

Author, author!

It’s official – I’m writing a new book for Apress.

The working title is: “A look at the internal mechanics of the important bits of Oracle for people who aren’t planning to become rocket scientists but who do want to do a little more than just push buttons in OEM”. (I’m still working on making the title a little more catchy.)

Target publication time – some time in November.

On Disaster Recovery and my SQL Rally 2011 Presentation

Yesterday, I saw a Twitter post regarding the speaker evaluation results from SQL Rally 2011 in Orlando, FL last May. I was surprised to see that my session was in the top 3 best sessions of the conference. I dug up the Excel spreadsheet containing my session evaluation results and began to read. I found one comment very fascinating (the only evaluation where I got very low scores) as the response pertains to the speaker’s knowledge of the subject.

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