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Cost based Optimizer ! Inefficient input yields inefficient Output…

Since the time my old blog went inaccessible, and still is, I have been receiving several mails on my previous blogs that helped some of my readers relate and resolve their performance issues. They wanted access to my previous blogs and I have been requesting them to let me know any particular blog that was of interest and I may publish them right here. There were many requests to publish blogs on Cost Based Optimizer and therefore, thought of publishing some of them.

OpenWorld 2010 Unconference Venue Is Now Open For OpenWorld Attendees Too!

In my post entitled OpenWorld 2010 Unconference Open For JavaOne And/Or Oracle Develop Registrants Only I quoted the Unconference policy which, at the time, stated Unconference attendance was only open to JavaOne and Oracle Develop folks. I just received email stating that the policy has changed and that the new wording is as follows: Now, [...]

Last Modified

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to see when the data in a table was last modified ? Depending on what you’re really trying to achieve, how accurate you want the answer to be, what resources you’re prepared to use, and how you’ve configured your database, you may be able to get an [...]

PL/SQL Parallelism made easier in 11g

Today was the first day of the two day AIOUG Event Sangam 2010. Jonathan Lewis was the Key Speaker this year and I presented a session on “Developing a Scalable Application”. One of my slide mentioned about PL/SQL Parallelism. This is in continuation to my previous blog where I posted about Manual Parallelism that takes the ROWID’s of the table and distributes it across multiple chunks.

Using Grid to display database CPU usage

There was a recent post on the Oracle -L list asking  about using Grid Control to  report on a particular databases cpu usage during a certain period of time. A number of answers came in showing  the sql queries that would answer the question but I saw the question being ‘ how can we display [...]

GfK Geomarketing - Testdaten im Oracle Format

Seit ein paar Tagen gibt es von GfK Geo Marketing Test-Daten über z.B. Kaufkraft, Einwohnerdichte usw. im Oracle Format zum Download via OTN bzw. GfK Geomarketing direkt.

Avoiding Mistakes with ITIL IT Infrastructure Library

Avoiding Mistakes with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) ITIL is best practice advice and guidance. It is a common mistake to take as prescriptive. Needs adapted/customised to be organisation specific. So is not a silver bullet. Not a standard. You cannot be ITIL compliant. You need to adopt and adapt components of ITIL. Decide on the [...]

OpenWorld 2010 Unconference – Open for JavaOne And/Or OracleDevelop Registrants Only. A Poll.

It has come to my attention that the Unconference offered during this year’s OpenWorld can only be attended by registered JavaOne or OracleDevelop attendees as per the following quote: Participation and attendance is reserved to JavaOne and Oracle Develop attendees. You have to be registered to JavaOne or Oracle Develop 2010 to attend any of [...]

Apex Post Calculation Computations

A warning - perhaps my musings are different as I wrote this sitting in Melbourne airport, my mind exhausted after a few days of conducting training with not much sleep in the hotel bed.

Once upon a time I was a regular Oracle Forms programmer (and sometimes still current). These days I spend most of my time with Application Express. This makes me happy as I did enjoy mod_plsql - an ancestor (of sorts) of Apex.

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