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Oracle Database Appliance — What Does It Mean for You and Your Business?

When I first heard about Oracle Database Appliance and what it does, I got really excited — I saw great potential in this product. When we got our hands dirty and started testing the appliance, I become confident that this product will be a hit. Now it’s finally the time when I can share my thoughts and experience along with other Pythian folks.

This article is targeted primarily on system architects and managers explaining what they get with Oracle Database Appliance as well as what they don’t get.

Oracle Announces Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle has announced a new product, the "Oracle Database Appliance," or ODA (pronounced oh-duh) as I like to call it.  Enkitec has been fortunate enough to get our hands on a test box.  Be sure to check out my post on a deep dive (LINK GOES HERE) inside the ODA.

An Index that is a "subset" of a pre-existing Index

It is a common [mis]understanding that creating a new Index that is a subset of an existing Index is an unnecessary overhead. The argument goes "if you have an Index on (A,B,C) this Index can be used to satisfy queries where predicate 'A' is specified, so creating an additional Index on (A) alone is an unnecessary overhead".

Oracle Database Architect Position at SCB

See Oracle Database Architect Position at SCB

DO NOT send me your emails / resumes. Please follow the instructions given in the advertisement.

Apex Tutorial - Form & Report sharing the same page

During some training recently I walked through the "Form on a Table with Report" wizard to create two pages - one report listing records from a table, which then linked to a form page allowing edits on that table.

I was asked how you could amalgamate the two pages into one. Here is a tutorial that completes this exercise from scratch.
Note: if you have existing pages already defined, I would recommend you copy the report region onto your Form page, and modify the relevant attributes - then remove your report page.

Oracle Day 2011 istanbul / TROUG

Arkadaşlar Merhaba

IT teknolojilerine yön veren lider şirket Oracle'ın Türkiye deki en büyük organizasyonu bu sene 1 Kasım da Istanbul Swiss Otelde gerçekleşecek.

Birbirinden önemli yerli ve yabancı uzmanların katılacağı bu önemli etkilikte bizde TROUG olarak yeniden yer almaktan çok mutlu olacağız.

Geçen sene yoğun ilgi gören oturumlarımız bu sene dahada ileriye taşımak için elimizden geleni yapacağız.

Using TKPROF for Analyzing 10046 Extended SQL Trace Files – What is Wrong with this Quote?

September 21, 2011 I have written a couple of blog articles on the topic of reading 10046 extended SQL trace files.  Some of those blog articles are listed below: 10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 2 10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 3 Brain Teaser: 10046 Extended SQL Trace Shows “EXEC #435118472:c=15600,e=510″, How is that Possible? [...]

ASM Toolbox

Here are the ASM tools I recommend you get familiar with.

Short Oracle Forms Survey (Whitehorses)

Still using Oracle Forms?

Why not participate in this quick Forms survey at Whitehorses.

It has 9 short questions and only takes a couple of minutes.

Get it done ;-)


In Defense of Agile Development (and Their Ilk)

In my previous post I asked the question “why doesn’t Agile work?”. I’m not sure the nuance of the question came over correctly.

I’d just like to highlight that the question I asked was “Why does agile not work”. It was not “Why is Agile rubbish“. I’ve said a few times in the past couple of weeks that I like the ideology of Agile and I am (and have been for years and years) a strong proponent of prototyping, cyclic development, test driven design and many other things that are part of the Agile or XP methodologies.

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