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Webinars on ODTUG

The following webinars are available for ODTUG members ( at their site:

1. Audio and Video Management using PL/SQL
2. Integrating Oracle Spatial and Google Maps
3. DBA for Developers
4. Using the Oracle Database with PL/SQL to manage the delivery of Digital Images and Photos

Configuring a DNS server The IP of the homepage of one of my most favorite bands whose tour dates I regularly check. I could remember it if I wanted, sure. Problem is, I'm having about 10 bands I'd count to the circle of "most favorite bands" and then there's the 20 "favorite bands" and 40 "bands I frequently listen to".

Converting SCN to a TimeStamp

I saw the nice function below while i was reading about locking and latches section of Mr Thomas Kytes Book (Expert Oracle Database Architecture 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions) and i said to myself i have to share it for the ones like me

dbms_xplan.display_sql_plan_baseline can also lie !

This blog post is about another buggy/funny/misleading behaviour which you MUST know if you are using baselines ( especially in a non-controlled fashion by let oracle manage them
) It looks like a long post but it is actually an easy read since nothing rocket science in the post.

All story started when one of our batches was not using the plan stored in the sql plan baseline repository.
In these cases app support check if the baseline is used by checking v$sql.sql_plan_baseline value.

FMW 11g Discoverer Upgade Failed while updating ptm5_instance

While trying to upgrade metadata repository schema (checked the Discoverer Schemas and Portal schemas checkbox) using Oracle FMW Upgrade Assistant, it fails while upgrading Discoverer Repository Schema.

Profiled in Peer-to-Peer section of Oracle Magazine

Thanks to Oracle Magazine, I was profiled in the Peer-to-Peer section of Oracle Magazine.Vanessa Simmons, the Director of Marketing at Pythian has blogged about it here.

How To Become An Oracle Expert (The Scientist)

I’ve been invited by the Sydney Oracle Meetup Group to participate in an open discussion on “How To Become An Oracle Expert” next Tuesday, 16 August 2011 at 5:30pm. There’s a great lineup, including: -  Chris Muir (Oracle ACE Director, Australia) -  Connor McDonald (Oracle ACE Director, Australia) -  Craig Shallahamer (Oracle ACE Director, US) -  [...]

To OCP or not to OCP, that is the question

Over the years, the topic of whether or not to take the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams has been discussed many times. A large number of clients and agencies now regularly ask for candidates who are OCP qualified.

The main arguments against the exams seem to be along the following lines:


DBAs vs iptables

The majority of DBAs - if they're not the girl Friday or whole IT of their company - might never have to configure the Linux firewall "iptables". It's also not my duty, never really was. There are people knowing better how to do it and I'd leave it to them to take care of trusted networks, open ports and all that stuff. In addition, I'm building a test environment here. Even in the highly unlikely event that someone breaks into it - what data should that person steal, do what damage?

Expert Oracle Exadata book

Oracle Exadata. I believe If you work with Oracle Products.

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