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HOWTO: Consume Anydata via XMLType (and back)

This was a small mind exercise on the OakTable website (OakTable Challenge)for a person regarding how to go from a relational table to anydata datatype table and back, which I, of course, approached via an “XMLType” of way thinking. Probably the whole thing is not that practical and/or can be optimized in various ways, but …

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Write REF CURSOR to file is just a very simple procedure that makes writing a lot of files using UTL_FILE much simpler. It can be used to easily create simple CSVs or fixed-length files.

Installing Ruby 1.9.2 And Rails 3.1.1 with Oracle on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric

Here are the steps to install and configure Ruby on rails with oracle on 32 bit Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric.

SQL Server 2012 ‘Denali’: the Release Candidate is available

We looked forward to and it has finally arrived...
Since Friday,  Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Release Candidate 0 is online.

Revived Boston Area DBA SIG Meeting

The DBA SIG of the Northeast Oracle User Group has been revived (thank you, Lyson and Jeane) and I was honored to be the speaker of the first session of what I hope will be a long list of very successful like the old days. 

I started at 7 PM and finished at midnight - a solid 5 hours later! Thank you for your patience. It just made my day to have you in the audience that late. I hope you found it useful.

The Griddisk is connected to the Celldisk…

One of the songs my children like to hear is called dem bones, you are probably familiar with how it tells you which bones are connected to which.

Oracle RAC – SCAN – DNS Server Setup – OpenFiler 2.3

Problem: I need to setup the 11GR2 RAC (Real Application Cluster) and I know that in 11GR2 Oracle has introduced new Grid infrasturctre  feature called SCAN which requires DNS server in place before you could setup the Grid Infrastructure. So what is SCAN and how to setup the DNS server for SCAN. Solution: Before I [...]

DOAG 2011 Unconference Wrap-Up

My sessions at DOAG all went well, and I in particular liked the Unconference ones. As promised I held two of them and they were rather different.

How Challenging is the task of a Performance Optimization Expert ? A real life example…

It is a well known fact that, most of the times, a Performance Optimization Expert is usually involved in Reactive mode. An Ongoing Performance Issue is easy to diagnose, but what if a severe performance issue was reported a day before and this caused a Crash of a production system ?

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