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Rocky Mountain High

As I headed to Denver to attend the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group’s (RMOUG) training days, I was pretty excited to get to warmer weather. Typically people don’t say that they are going to Denver to warm up but as I entered my car in the morning it was -22 C. This would be my first visit to RMOUG […]

Error in invoking target 'rat_on part_on dm_on olap_on sdo_on'

Today while i was browsing on Oracle Fourms i found Threads related to 11gR2 Installation , the OP faced an error like the below :-

Introducing the Official LinkedIn APEX Group

Once upon a time I had a laugh on facebook when someone posted an image showing multiple groups dedicated to stopping duplicate groups, oh the irony.

Recently I've been trying to share my blog posts via LinkedIn but I'm always unsure which of the seven APEX groups I'm a member of I should post to.

RETURNING BULK COLLECT and database links

Looks like the nice PL/SQL facility for returning a set of updated rows is restricted when it comes to database links
(This tested on

Merge, Right?

"There are no wrong roads to anywhere."
- Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Oracle can do some, well, strange things when fixing issues caused by the optimizer. For 10g releases up to 10.2.0.x Oracle chose to silently ignore a message and eliminate an outer join on the MERGE statement under certain conditions. Let’s examine this and see exactly what Oracle implements.
Occasionally in a 10046 trace file generated from 10g releases prior to 10.2.0.x and procesed by the tkprof utility you may see something similar to this:

Default Size of a CHAR Column

If you do not specify a size for a CHAR column, the default is 1. You can see what I mean in the example below, which I tested on Oracle 11.2:

Using Windows 2012 R2 & dynamic witness feature with minimal configurations

Do you have ever seen the following message while you’re trying to validate your cluster configuration with your availability groups or FCI’s and Windows Server 2012 R2?


If you create a table with a VARCHAR column in Oracle 11.2, Oracle sets it up as a VARCHAR2:

MOS “log file parallel write” reference note updated

Last year, I spent some time researching redo log related performance problems, which resulted in a mini-series, including one post devoted specifically to one previously unknown scenario of excessive log file sync waits.

SQL injections still on the rise [VIDEO]


Hi, welcome to RDX! SQL injections have been around for some time. However, they’re not necessarily outdated. Cybersecurity experts have noted that hackers are still using SQL injections to infiltrate databases.

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