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OCM 11g Preparation – Create notifications

This topic is a complement for the last one. There is no reason of creating alert without notifications. Nobody keep looking the EM Panel fulltime. So, if you create an alert but does not notify anyone, it will be probably too late when you realise the problem is there.
For this topic, you must know how to:

OCM 11g Preparation – Create and monitor alerts

In this chapter you must know how to configure Metric Thresholds. Each target has a screen to configure all of them in one place.
It’s a menu item called “Metric and Policy Settings“. However, you can also define in metrics in other places.
E.g: If you need to define the Used% for tablespace USERS, you can go directly in the tablespace menu item, edit the USERS one and define the metrics there.
The best way to practice this topic is creating random questions to yourself and check if you are able to apply them in less than 1 minute:

Smart Scan enhancements in Oracle Exadata 12c-inline LOBs

As part of the 12c release of the database and cellos Oracle introduced the ability to perform Smart Scans on inline LOBs. The enhancement is certainly for Secure Files only. And as always, if you would like to read up about Secure Files you can head over to Tim Hall’s website for the details.

To demonstrate the new behaviour I have used an BP 22 database on Exadata and database on Exadata The test case evolves around the following table:

Temp Table Transformation Cardinality Estimates - 1

Having published recently two notes about the Temp Table Transformation highlighting the heuristics based decision and other weaknesses, for example regarding the projection of columns, it's time to publish some more notes about it.The transformation can also have significant impact on cardinality estimates, both join and single table cardinality.Looking at the difference

Oracle Database 12c In-Memory How To Get Started

Oracle Database In-Memory feature has been released by Oracle in recent patch set

OCM 11g Preparation – Create and manage jobs

Do not confuse this topic with the “Create Scheduler jobs” (DBMS_SCHEDULER).
And off course, jobs here is not the old legacy DBMS_JOBS. Jobs here is the EM Grid Control jobs that you can configure, like running an OS script in any monitored hosts.
Jobs are great when you want to do the same tasks on several servers at same time. Imagine a situation where you need to add or lock some user at all the databases at same time. You can do it with a few clicks in EM.

“Smart quotes” showing as “?” in emails

When some of my users were using my system to send emails, they’d often copy-and-paste their messages from their favourite word processor, but when my system sent the emails they’d have question marks dotted around, e.g.

“Why doesn’t this work?”

would get changed to

?Why doesn?t? this work??

Simple fix was to detect and replace those fancy-pants quote characters with the equivalent html entities, e.g.:

A SharePoint - Business Analyst? What for?

Business analysis is becoming a widely accepted and valued position in organizations today, particularly those that are looking for new ways to enhance information systems.

Datapump TTS quick tip

I was trying to transport a large number of tablespace datafiles from one database to another, and impdp kept crashing with “PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small.”
It turns out there is a limit on what you can put on a single line in a parameter file.  Hence if you have something like:

APEX iFrame Security setting

At some point during APEX development you may find yourself putting an Oracle APEX page within an iFrame.

Just recently I did just that and came across an error I expected to see, but a little curious as to how it presented itself.

Refused to display '//' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'DENY'.

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