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Issue installing the 11gR2 database software after the clusterware setup

If you don’t plan to install the 11gR2 database software after a clusterware installation, I guess there is no need for you to read this post.
I just want to share the issue I got and the way you could workaround it. The purpose of this post is just to save your time, in case of.
So, after a clusterware installation (on a 2 nodes RAC cluster), I decided to install the database software. I launched the runInstaller, followed the install process until the Step 4:

ASM Diskgroup shows USABLE_FILE_MB value in Negative

Today while working on ASM diskgroup i noticed Negative value for USABLE_FILE_MB. I was little surprised as it has been pretty long that i worked on ASM. So i started looking around for blogs and mos docs and found few really nice one around. A negative value for USABLE_FILE_MB means that you do not have…

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part IV

We have now reached Step 3 of the Setup Wizard. PreSteps, Step 1 and Step 2  were already covered. In Step 3 we will start to choose which schemas and table we wish to replicate. Step 3 – Replicated tables The third step is to choose the schemas and tables to be replicated. If the […]

Using the ILOM for Troubleshooting on ODA

I worked on root cause analysis for a strange node reboot on client’s Oracle Database Appliance yesterday. The case was quite interesting from the perspective that none of the logs contained any information related to the cause of the reboot. I could only see the log entries for normal activities and then – BOOM! – the start-up sequence! It looked like someone just power cycled the node. I also observed the heartbeat timeouts followed by the node eviction on the remaining node. There was still one place I hadn’t checked and it revealed the cause of the issue.

Blog articles at Toad World

I just wanted to point you to the blog articles I've been posting over at Toad World in case you're wondering why there aren't many articles showing up here.

So, go take a look!

Analytics Hands on Labs at OOW 14

I had an previous blog post listing the various Oracle Advanced Analytics sessions/presentation at Oracle Open World 2014. After trawling through the list of Hands-on-Labs it was disappointing to see that there was no Oracle Data Mining or Oracle R Enterprise hands-on-labs this year. But there is a hands on lab that looks are how to use the new SQL for Big Data feature (announced over the summer). Here is the abstract for the session.

user changing password error

Hi all,

I have problem with the issues like when user try to change password on the front end it give following error:

unable to change password:

fatal error:

OCI Failure(604)
sdboci_udpdate_password: unable to change password for user username
ORA00604: error occurred as recursive sql level1
ora06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
ORA-06512: at line 26

What does i mean and what i need to do!!


Forgot sysman password ?

Today I could not remember sysman password for database grid control. How carefully may I change sysman password ? Just follow.1. Stop OMS (go to OMS dir) rgb(240, 240, 240); border: 1px dashed rgb(204, 204, 204); font-family: arial; font-size: 12px; height: auto; line-height: 20px; overflow: auto; padding: 0px; width: 450.828125px;"> [oracle@gridrepo bin]$ ./emctl stop oms

Add, enable, disable service using srvctl

A brief post about add||enable||disable service using SRVCTL. rgb(240, 240, 240); border: 1px dashed rgb(204, 204, 204); font-family: arial; font-size: 12px; height: auto; line-height: 20px; overflow: auto; padding: 0px; width: 450.828125px;">[oracle@oralab1 dbhome_1]$ srvctl config database orcl [oracle@oralab1 dbhome_1]$ srvctl config database -d orcl Database unique name: orcl

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