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Discussing “right -sizing” at AUFO

In March the annual AUFO event took place in PARIS and it was a very interesting day for us. With an attendance of over 350 participants, this day event in the heart of Paris is a yearly rendez-vous for French speaking Oracle users as well as People Soft and JD Edwards. I was fortunate to […]

Heartbleed Security Update has taken steps to deal with the Heartbleed vulnerability. Here's what you need to know.

How to Rename a Table

I tested this example in Oracle 12.1. First I created a table:

Frequently Misused Metrics in Oracle

Lying Businessman

Back in March of last year I wrote an article on the five frequently misused metrics in Oracle: These Aren’t the Metrics You’re Looking For.

To sum up, my five picks for the most misused metrics were:

Early Theme Adopters: Spun

In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers creating great-looking sites with the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the sites that are already using Spun, a distinctive, minimalist theme.

Why is Affinity Mask Negative in sp_configure?

While looking at a SQL server health report, I found affinity mask parameter in sp_configure output showing a negative value.

Database experts try to mitigate the effects of the Heartbleed bug

Recently, the Heartbleed Bug has sent a rift through global economic society. The personal information of online shoppers, social media users and business professionals is at risk and database administration providers are doing all they can to either prevent damage from occurring or mitigate detrimental effects of what has already occurred. 

Oracle TNS_ADMIN issues due to bad environment settings

Recently, I faced a TNS resolution problem at a customer. The reason was a bad environment setting: The customer called the service desk because of a DBLINK pointing to a bad database.


This was tested on Oracle 11.2.

Parallel Execution Skew – Demonstrating Skew

This is just a short notice that the next part of the mini-series "Parallel Execution Skew" is published at

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