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Hands-On Programming with R by Garrett Grolemund

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

PL/SQL package to reset userpass words

I have a need for a pl /sql package to provide to users to reset Oracle passwords and create users. The package owner has DBA privs and grants execute to Users. The User has the following privs: create session, alter user,create user.

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part II

In Part I of this series we talked about the initial set up and some of the components of dbvrep. We walked through the few questions needed prior to asking about your databases.  Now we will look at setting up the replication for your databases, of which there are usually two, referred to as source […]

Projects Around the World

We’re inspired to see bloggers doing things they love and using this platform to make their voices heard. Here’s a look at some interesting projects around the globe.

The Next Big Thing

Oracle’s was released a few weeks ago (You can download it from OTN here: Oracle Download). While technically a minor point release, it contains a couple of major features that would normally be rolled out in a more substantial version change like 12cR2 or perhaps V13.

SQL Server Replication Quick Tips

There is a time in every SQL Server DBA career where a mail came in with a “replication is not working, please check” message. This article is intended to provide with quick tips on how to handle common replication errors and performance problems in a one way transactional replication topology

Oh boy, there is a data problem:

Increase Transaction timeout in SOA Server

I received the below error in soa_server1 :-Transaction Rolledback.: weblogic.transaction.internal.TimedOutException: Transaction timed out after 603 seconds BEA1-3FB6FB464035C13E3227 at From the above error, transaction timeout should be increased regarding to heavy transaction on soa do this follow the following steps :-access weblogic console --> Deployment --> and search for Soa_infra. ( expand it)

%sql: To Pandas and Back

A Pandas DataFrame has a nice to_sql(table_name, sqlalchemy_engine) method that saves itself to a database.

How to remap tablespaces using Oracle Import/Export Tool

Since Oracle 10g, Oracle provides a great tool to import and export data from databases: Data Pump. This tool offers several helpful options, particularly one that allows to import data in a different tablespace than the source database. This parameter is REMAP_TABLESPACE. However, how can you do the same when you cannot use Data Pump to perform Oracle import and export operations?

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