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OCM 11g Preparation – Use SQL*Loader

SQL*Loader is indeed a great tool and by far the fastest way to load a csv/txt file inside your database. It has so many features that can be sometimes confusing.
The syntax of the control file is complex and, as I said in the external table topic, be prepared to copy some sample from the official documentation, adapt and reuse in your exam if needed. If you try to create one from scratch, be prepared to stay your whole exam in one single exercise.
So, for this topic, be prepared to load a file into a table with also those datatypes:

OCM 11g Preparation – Configure and use parallel execution for queries

Parallel executions are there since Oracle 8 Parallel Server. The documentation linked below is worth reading. It gives you an overall idea.
For this topic, I recommend you to have a good knowledge about each parallel parameter.

Early Theme Adopters: Gazette

Gazette is a theme that balances rich functionality with a pleasant, non-obtrusive look. Depending on your site’s needs, you can tweak it to look as stark and clean, or as warm and vibrant as you wish.

Upgraded and can’t see the tables you could before ?

If you take a look at the "alter user" command in the old 9i documentation, you’ll see this:

Specify the roles granted by default to the user at logon. This clause can contain only roles that have been granted directly to the user with a GRANT statement. You cannot use the DEFAULT ROLE clause to enable:

Empty Leaf Blocks After Rollback Part II (Editions of You)

In my last post, I discussed how both 1/2 empty and totally empty leaf blocks can be generated by rolling back a bulk update operation. An important point I made within the comments of the previous post is that almost the exact scenario would have taken place had the transaction committed rather than rolled back. A […]

Multithreaded 12c and 'connect / as sysdba'

In Oracle 12c you can run Oracle processes as operating system threads, lowering the number of OS processes. But you can't use OS authentification: you need to provide a password. Here is a way to set an environment so that you can still 'connect / as sysdba' to a multithreaded instance.
I start with Windows because Oracle has always been multithreaded on windows. Are you able to use operating system authentication then? You  think so because you can 'connect / as sysdba'. But look at your sqlnet.ora:

Large audit trail table causes high db activity – especially when using OEM

On various databases, apparently unrelated we have noticed high activity that seems to be associated with the query below. The quieter the database the more the query stands out.


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