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Seriously proud of this and it doesn't make me grumpy!

So the GLOC 2015 conference registration is open (GLOC 2015 ) ( has been for a while ) and recently we completed posting all the speakers/topics.  That's been good darn good.

Just out today is our SAG  ( schedule at a glance ) which demonstrates just how good our conference will be.  Low cost high quality and just an event that you really should think about being in Cleveland for in may.

Be Careful when using FRA with Streams

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production

select state from gv$streams_capture;


select thread#, sequence#, status
from v$archived_log
where 442455793041 between first_change#
and next_change# order by 1,2;

Pythian at Collaborate 15

Make sure you check out Pythian’s speakers at Collaborate 15. Stop by booth #1118 for a chance meet some of Pythian’s top Oracle experts, talk shop, and ask questions. This many Oracle experts in one place only happens once a year, have a look at our list of presenters, we think you’ll agree.

Click here to view a PDF of our presenters


Pythian’s Collaborate 15 Presenters | April 12 – 16 | Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas


1 million page views in less than 5 years

My Oracle Blog has recorded 1million page views in less than 5 years.

Although the blog began on 28-Dec-2006, the first month with recorded page view counts was July-2010 -- 8,176 page views.

ANSI expansion

Here’s a quirky little bug that appeared on the OTN database forum in the last 24 hours which (in 12c, at least) produces an issue which I can best demonstrate with the following cut-n-paste:

Index on SUBSTR(string,1,n) - do you still need old index?

In a previous post I've shown that from when you have an index on trunc(date) you don't need additional index. If you need the column with full precision, then you can add it to the index on trunc(). A comment from Rainer Stenzel asked if that optimization is available for other functions. And Mohamed Houri has linked to his post where he shows that it's the same with a trunc() on a number.


There was a little conversation on Oracle-L about ASH (active session history) recently which I thought worth highlighting – partly because it raised a detail that I had got wrong until Tim Gorman corrected me a few years ago.

Foreign Keys deferred vs disabled

Here is my observation regarding deferred foreign keys which I am not able to understand:
- We have 3 tables : TP1, TC1 & TC2. TC1 and TC2 have foreign keys pointing to TP1 and foreign keys are defined as DEFERRED.
- We load huge amounts of data to these tables once a week and the insert takes unusually long time.
This is how we insert: (Case 1)
step 1: alter session set constraints=DEFERRED
step 2: run insert statements
step 3: alter session set constraints=IMMEDIATE
step 4: commit
- Step 2 above takes 10hours

Install Oracle grid infrastructure On Linux 6.6

This Post will explain Step by step provide with Screenshot how to install Oracle grid infrastructure On Linux 6.6Link From hereCheersOsama 


I logged into an Oracle 12.1 database and ran the ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP command. This told Oracle I was about to start a hot backup:

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