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Unexpected Shutdown Caused by ASR

In past few days I had two incidents and an outage, for just a few minutes. However, outage in a production environment is related to cost relatively and strictly. The server that had outage was because of failing over and then failing back about 4 to 5 times in 15 minutes. I was holding pager, and was then involved in investigating root cause for this fail-over and failed-back. Looking at the events in SQL Server error logs did not give me any clue towards what was happening, or why so I looked at the Windows Event View’s System log. I thought, “Maybe I have something there!”

To subset or not to subset

There was a problem at a customer in application development where using full copies for developers and QA was causing excessive storage usage and they wanted to reduce costs , so they decided to use subsets of the production development and QA

  • Data growing, storage costs too high, decided to roll out subsetting
  • App teams and IT Ops teams had to coordinate and manage the complexity of the  shift to subsets in dev/test
  • Scripts had to be written to extract the correct and coherent data, such as correct date ranges and respect referential integrit

Plan Instability

There seems to me to be a relatively simple choice.

Either you except that the Oracle Optimizer has a wealth of complicated strategies and, in this complex effort to get the best executions it can, will inevitably either get it wrong sometimes (or take some extra executions to realise it’s wrong).

Or you stick your head in the sand and raise a bug for every unexpected poor execution or plan flip.

But let’s say that above else you wanted Plan Stability.

This is an widespread desire.

Four Options For Oracle DBA Tuning Training

Four Options For Oracle DBA Tuning Training

A look at how RDX’s Additional Services can meet your needs: Series Kick-off [VIDEO]


Today we’re kicking off a series about our additional offerings, because we think it’s important for your organization to leverage RDX’s full suite of data infrastructure services to improve your organization’s ability to turn raw information into actionable business knowledge.

Logging for Slackers

When I’m not working on Big Data infrastructure for clients, I develop a few internal web applications and side projects. It’s very satisfying to write a Django app in an afternoon and throw it on Heroku, but there comes a time when people actually start to use it. They find bugs, they complain about downtime, and suddenly your little side project needs some logging and monitoring infrastructure. To be clear, the right way to do this would be to subscribe to a SaaS logging platform, or to create some solution with ElasticSearch and Kibana, or just use Splunk.

The Importance of Documentation

As a remote data infrastructure services provider, documenting the activities we perform, as well as our customers’ environments, is critical to our success. RDX currently supports thousands (and thousands) of database ecosystems ranging in complexity from simple to “making your hair stand on end.”

Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c (

Installing Oracle Oracle SOA Suite 12c and Oracle BAM 12c on Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Linux 6.

In this article we will go through Oracle SOA Suite 12c and Oracle BAM 12c installation  on Oracle Linux. We assume that Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Linux has been already installed.

How DBA services can help you manage big data

Effectively being able to store and manage big data is more than simply having a lot of hard disk space. 

The variety and complexity of the information produced by Internet-connected assets has forced database administration services to adapt to new processes and environments. Their focus on accessibility and security hasn't wavered, but the manner in which they approach these priorities has transformed.

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