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12c SQL Plan Directive: state has changed between and

SQL plan Directives have been introduced in 12c. If you have scripts that check their states (and I have that as I prefer to monitor closely the features that are new) you probably have seen a difference when going from - the first release of 12c and the only one avilable yet in Standard Edition - and - the first patchest. I'll explain here what are the SQL Plan Directive states and how they changed.

Thoth Gateway 1.4.0 beta release 1 available

As mentioned in my previous post about the Thoth Gateway, a mod_plsql and Apex Listener alternative that runs on IIS, the goal for the next release of the gateway (tentatively called version 1.4.0) is to change the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) from the "Unmanaged" to the "Managed" driver.

APEX and Privileges Granted through Roles

The mystery has finally been solved. England’s surrendering of the Ashes last winter was nothing to do with Australia being a much better cricket team. Thanks to Kevin Pietersen’s recently published Autobiography, we now know that the problem was that there were rather too many silly points in the England dressing room.
Moving swiftly on from that weak pun, the subject at hand can also be rather mystifying at first glance.

Case Sensitive Passwords in Oracle 11

In version 11, Oracle passwords became case sensitive. You can see what I mean in the example below:

Shrink Tablespace

If you start moving objects around to try and reclaim space in a tablespace there are all sorts of little traps that make it harder than you might hope to get the maximum benefit with the minimum effort.  I’ve written a couple of notes in the past about how to proceed and, more recently, one of the difficulties involved.

Log Buffer #397, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

In the spirit of Movember, the database bloggers are also chipping in with their fair share of contribution, not only with a mo but also with the blog posts. This Log Buffer Edition encompasses that all.


Will the REAL Snap Clone functionality please stand up?

Oracle Linux images for Docker released.

OUG Ireland 2015 : Now open for Submissions

OUG Ireland Call for submissions is now open. The closing date for submissions is 5th January, 2015. and the submission webpage can be found here.


I've never had a tool I really liked that would extract a chunk of a large production database for testing purposes while respecting the database's foreign keys. This past week I finally got to write one: rdbms-subsetter.

In Deference

An interesting ‘problem’ surfaced a while ago, one where a user with zero quota on every tablespace could successfully create tables. Of course once it was time to insert data the inserts failed, but this was confusing the user creating the tables. The ‘problem’ stems from enabling deferred segment creation in the database. Let’s see how that can create a confusing situation,

Log parallelism bug now has a number

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about log parallelism causing excessive log file sync waits. Ever since, I’m finding more and more examples how this bug affects OLTP and hybrid databases (and even some data warehouses)!

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