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Understanding SQL

From time to time someone publishes a query on the OTN database forum and asks how to make it go faster, and you look at it and think it’s a nice example to explain a couple of principles because it’s short, easy to understand, obvious what sort of things might be wrong, and easy to fix. Then, after you’ve made a couple of suggestions and explained a couple of ideas the provider simply fades into the distance and doesn’t tell you any more about the query, or whether they’ve taken advantage of your advice, or found some other way to address the problem.

How to import SQL Plan Directives

Today I've presented SQL Plan Directives at the SOUG Romandie event. I had a question about the import/export of directives by Data Pump. The idea is that a lot of testing has been done on QA in order to validate the upgrade to 12c. A few directives had bad consequences (see Ludovico Caldara blog post for an example), then directives have been disabled. When going to production, they want to start with those directives disabled. Yes, they can be imported.

Guaranteed Method of Boosting your Oracle Skills

I can tell you how to be a better Oracle DBA, Developer, Designer, Architect – whatever your flavour of role or aspect of profession, if Oracle tech is part of your working world I can hand you the key to improvement. And it is easy.

I am totally assured(*) I can do this. It will work for every single one of you reading this post (except for you two, you know who you are). And you must send me $100 before I tell you how…

Hell, no you don’t! This is not some bull-droppings selling piece, it is just advice. And some advice aimed directly at myself too.


If you have read Matching SQL Plan Directives and queries using it then you know how to use the '+metrics' format of dbms_xplan.

what that in-memory term is about, and what not

Everybody is talking about in-memory databases these days. And everybody is talking about columnar store for sets of data because this can be a benefit for analytic queries. And a lot of people start mixing these terms not realizing that these topics are not exchangeable.

Part1 Configuration Evodesk

Installation was not bad.

Evodesk is the 2nd company I am aware of for using recesss nuts for desktop installation.

This makes much more sense than using wood screws.

However, pondering if Evodeskk will be the first company to used recess nuts for all components and get rid of wood screws.

Don’t you think the legs make  great towel rack?

Log Buffer #423: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer edition covers Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL blog posts from all over the blogosphere!


Hey DBAs:  You know you can  install and run Oracle Database 12c on different platforms, but if you install it on an Oracle Solaris 11 zone, you can take additional advantages.

That Depends

In every universe there are questions that either: Have no answer or Have an answer that is situation-dependent and that includes the Oracle universe. Sometimes it’s difficult to get that concept across to the less knowledgeable. Let’s go back to a simple example from a previous post to illustrate this.
In Resurrecting The Dead flashback operations were discussed as an option to restore table data to before an errant update. The post started with this:

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