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Deploying Application Express with Delphix


Seamless cloning of an application stack is an outstanding goal. Seamless cloning of an application stack including the full production database, application server, and webserver in a few minutes with next to zero disk space used or configuration required is the best goal since Alexander Graham Bell decided he wanted a better way tell Mr. Watson to “come here.”

Step by Step Install oracle on RHEL 7

In this post i created document that includ steps to install oracle database on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 Press here to view the presentation.CheersOsama

Step by Step Install REHL7 (Video)

This Link will show video that explain Step by Step How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux 7Press here to watch.Thank youOsama Mustafa

New beginning

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you a prosperous 2015!

Time is passing by too fast. I had a dynamic 2014 with a couple of interesting projects. It’s not time to recap now but it is definitely time to refresh my blog.

When to gather workload system statistics?

This month we started to give our Oracle Tuning Workshop. And with a new workshop comes new questions. We advise to give to the optimizer the most accurate statsistics that we can have. That suggests that WORKLOAD statistics are better than NOWORKLOAD ones because they gather the average number of blocks read in multiblock read, rather than using default values.

Oracle on GitHub

There has been a lot of activity on lately. Apparently a place to keep…

application user pw

Hi, just want know if it is possible to find the location of the user password. For example I have user, SCOTT, I want to know where the password reside in database. Anyone? :) Thanks

Apex multilingual applications and build options

Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates.

Just a quick reminder for those who are devoloping Apex multilingual applications:

Build options' state is propagated to translated applications at the time of seeding, so you need to be careful when changing the state of a build option in the primary language because you may end up

Service Announcement for 2015

Dear Readers,

After having zero success finding employment after Delphix ended my employment in December, I wanted to reach out to fellow contacts in the business to offer my consultative services as a database and cloud product architect. I applied online to the usual job portals at Oracle, SAP, EMC and many other companies but alas my resume slid down the Taleo ATS blackhole. The one hiring manager at SAP wanted 20 decades of HANA experience and I told him that HANA has been out less than a few years. Hopefully I find work soon.


Disjunction (logical OR) is known to cause various performance problems, from extreme parse times (e.g. here) to sub-optimal plans. A common solution to such problems is getting rid of OR’s by “OR expansion” (i.e. rewrite via UNION ALL), although it doesn’t work in 100% cases. In this post, I will consider an example of an OR problem that can be solved differently.

Here is the setup:

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