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Implications of threaded_execution = true in 12c

I had an interesting discussion as part of my latest presentation at the UKOUG RAC CIA & Database Combined SIG. Part of my talk was about the implications of the new threaded execution model in Oracle.

Backup an SQL Server database from On-Premise to Azure

SQL Server database backup & restore from On-Premise to Azure is a feature introduced with SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2. In the past, it could be used with these three tools:

  • Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • PowerShell
  • SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)

With SQL Server 2014, backup & restore can also be enabled via SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Putting my DB / Apex install through the wringer

I was mucking around trying to get APEX on one of my PCs to be visible on the internet.

This was just a proof-of-concept, not something I intend to actually leave running.

12c RAC: Map Instances Of Policy Managed Database To Nodes

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In contrast to admin-managed databases, in case of policy managed databases, there is no predefined mapping of an instance to a node. Hence any instance can run on any node. In case we need to connect to a specific instance using OS authentication, we need to

  •  find out the node where the instance is runnin
  •   set ORACLE_SID to the instance name
  •   Connect to the instance locally.

Now this problem can be resolved by mapping the instances to specific nodes.
Here is the demonstration :

Loading XML documents into an Oracle database (2)

If only I could do the following…(but it seems that it isn’t supported yet)… That is…based on the first “Loading XML documents into an Oracle...
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Loading XML documents into an Oracle database (1)

Very often people want to load XML documents into an Oracle database so, for example, they can shred the needed values from those XML documents...
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Permissions for both HDFS and local fileSystem paths

Hi All,

Permission issues is one of the key error , while setting up Hadoop Cluster, while debugging some error found below table on . It’s a good scorecard to keep handy.


Permissions for both HDFS and local fileSystem paths

The following table lists various paths on HDFS and local filesystems (on all nodes) and recommended permissions:

Cybercriminals using more tools, are better connected

Aside from the techniques they use, the most dangerous tool hackers have at their disposal is the ability to network with organized criminal syndicates.

Constant vigilance
Many experienced deviants who have made an unorthodox, yet profitable career out of unlawful behavior have realized that the Internet provides them with relatively safe avenues to steal money. These figures hold no biases regarding who they target, attacking enterprise servers and consumer computers.

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