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Columns, Columns Everywhere

"Many of the things which can never be, often are."
- Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Oracle’s most recent database release has an interesting problem involving ANSI joins and tables having 500 or more columns. Yes, this is likely a rare situation in OLTP systems but it exists, nonetheless. [Data warehouses are different and it’s likely that tables of 500 columns or more could exist.] It was brought to light in a forum I frequent. Given the right conditions a query of the form:

QlikView – Load data in QlikView / QlikSence – Best practice and trick

In this blog, I will give you some best practices and tricks when you are loading table to generate your data. But before, I will review the different ways to load data in a QlikView or QlikSense report.

Yesterday's AWR Straight to the Goal

Yesterday I was a speaker at Collaborate15 and did my presentation about reading an AWR report. That was great. Many people (and not enough seats).
Here are some aswers about questions that came later.

OCM 11g Preparation – Create and manage LOB segments

In OCM exam they can ask you to do all sort of operations using LOBs. So, be prepared for them. In the docs there are some example PL/SQL blocks that can be used as template. However, read everything and keep in mind:

statement suspended, wait error to be cleared

This happened in an Oracle database. A colleague complained of poor performance. I looked to see what his session was waiting for:

Community dinner @ Pedro’s

Folks, as usual Pythian is organizing the community dinner. After many years, food, (responsible) drinking and photos, this event has become an important moment for all of us, to know each other better, discuss and have fun.

This year is also the 20th year for MySQL so … YEAAAH let us celebrate, with more food, fun and responsible drinking.

Technology for the Non-Technical

I am potentially one of the least technical people in my generation. I’m 30 and I am afraid of my cellphone, my laptop, Netflix, the microwave…. Okay, afraid is maybe a strong word, but baffled by them at the very least.

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