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SQL Saturday 323: SQL Server AlwaysOn and availability groups session slides

This SQL Saturday’s edition in Paris is now over. It was a great event with a lot of French and international speakers. There were also many attendees indicating that this event is a great place to share about SQL Server technologies. Maybe the Montparnasse tower in Paris played a role here with its panoramic view over Paris from the 40th floor!

Documentum upgrade project - ActiveX and D2-Client 3.1Sp1

This is another blog posting an our Documentum upgrade project. This time, the following issue occured: the ActiveX could not be installed using the D2-Client. We had to access the D2-Config url to have it installed. For a normal user, this could not be used.
The workstation had the ActiveX for D2 3.0 installed, the version before the upgrade. Under C:\\Windows\\Downloaded Program Files, we had:  
ctxctx.ocx  D2UIHelper.dll

Using Ansible for executing Oracle DBA tasks.

This post looks like I am jumping on the bandwagon of IT orchestration like a lot of people are doing. Maybe I should say ‘except for (die hard) Oracle DBA’s’. Or maybe not, it up to you to decide.

Kerberos SSO with Liferay 6.1

In my previous blog, I described the process to install a Kerberos Client and how to Kerberized Alfresco. In this blog, I will continue in the same way and present another application that could be configured to use the Kerberos MIT KDC: Liferay.


Update: I’ve been trying to embed the recording of the presentation in this note, but haven’t quite got there yet; however

Sayonara to Sequences and Trouble for Triggers – Fun and Games in Oracle 12c

Ah, Nostalgia.
Not only can I remember the Good Old Days, I also remember them being far more fun than they probably were at the time.
Oh yes, and I was much younger….and had hair.
Yes, the Good Old Days, when Oracle introduced PL/SQL database packages, partitioning, and when the sequence became extinct.
Hang on, I don’t remember that last one…

MySQL high availability management with ClusterControl

Installing and managing a highly available MySQL infrastructure can be really tedious. Solutions to facilitate database and system administrator’s task exist, but few of these cover the complete database lifecycle and address all the database infrastructure management requirements. Severalnines’ product ClusterControl is probably the only solution that covers the full infrastructure lifecycle and is also able to provide a full set of functionalities required by database cluster architectures.

Analyze my business performances in OLAP Cube


I have a niche business and I am willing to build my own BI system that will be analyze my business performances this way.

The architecture of this is following –

1. Desktop software tool what will build the campaigns by this hierarchy

Name of the customer + ID --> name of the product + ID

(the bottom line of this is to create for each one of these above they own serial ID with name that I could analyze in excel BI after that)

Gmail Password Leak Update

This week, a group of hackers released a list of about 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords. This list was not generated as a result of an exploit of, but since a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with accounts, we took steps to protect our users.

12c In-Memory in PDB

In preparation for our upcoming 12c In-Memory Webcast @CaryMillsap, @TanelPoder, and I solicited questions from members of the universe at large on the interweb. We got a question about how In-Memory works with the 12c multi-tentant option and it got me thinking so I gave a quick try. As it turns out, it works about as you would expect.

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