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Documentum Multiple ADTS: Ratio of rendition creations between instances (Part 1)

I recently realized there are very few information about multiple ADTS instances installation and management. And we have a customer which has two ADTS running for one docbase. I therefore decided to write a couple of blog posts on "Multiple ADTS", since it is likely to be helpful for someone in the same situation.

RDX services: Platform-specific Expertise [VIDEO]


Hi, welcome to RDX. RDX has a wide range of platform-specific experience to help keep your database environment highly available and high performance. Our DBAs can help supplement any gaps in skill sets, leaving your internal team to focus on the tasks they do best.

From 8.0 extended rowid to 12c pluggable db, or why Oracle Database is still a great software

Do you know why Oracle Database is leading the database market for more than 30 years? Do you know any other software that is still the main solution after decades? It think that it is because Oracle is a good software from the get go. Many early decisions in the software architecture have revealed later how they were the right decision. Several decisions, such as the C language that made it portable to all platforms that were relevant during those 30 years, or the parallel server that has brought RAC when standalone servers were not able to scale anymore.

Ordina Open Wereld 2014

Werelds grootste IT conferentie, Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco is voorbij. Meerdere Ordina mensen zijn…

Les journées SQL Server 2014 - un event qui devrait vous intéresser!

Comme vous le savez peut-être déjà, le plus grand événement SQL Server francophone arrive bientôt. Les journées SQL Server 2014, organisées par le GUSS, (Groupement des Utilisateurs SQL Server) sont à Paris les 1 et 2 décembre 2014. dbi services y est aussi - et vous?

Increase disk space for VM running Linux

When I create virtual machines on my notebook I always create too small disk for root partition or partition where I put Oracle binaries. After a while when I want to perform upgrade, or install another Oracle software, there is not enough space. This time I want to note steps about how to increase disk free space.

I can easily extend or shrink my logical volumes because I am using LVM in my virtual machines. Consider using LVM in production also because it gives you more flexibility then using normal hard drive partitions.

In this demo I'm using Oracle Linux 6.4.

Next/Previous buttons from Interactive Report results

What could be simpler than a set of

What could be simpler than a set of “Next” and “Previous” buttons?

New Themes: Minnow and Cols

We’re happy to introduce two brand new free themes today!


Minnow WordPress Theme

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