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Autoformat ANY amount item, anywhere

If you’re building a “finance-ey” application you probably have plenty of fields that should show and accept monetary amounts – and quite possibly these items may be implemented in a variety of ways – ordinary apex number items, edit fields in tabular reports, or even dynamically generated items using

Oracle Concurrent Manager, Specialization rules -Standard Manager

I have installed Oracle application R12.1.1 in my computer. By default the Specialization Rules of my Standard concurrent Manager has only 3-4 programs in the 'Include' state(attachment). Everytime I run a program, I need to make an entry here. This is very tedious process. Is there any process to include all the 1000+ programs automatically?

Please enlighten me.


In-memory Aggregation

The title of this piece is the name given to a new feature in, and since I’ve recently blogged about a limitation of the in-memory option I thought I’d pick this feature as the next obvious thing to blog about.

AWR Warehouse

I just noticed last week that there is a new patch for Enterprise Manager and it is enabling AWR Warehouse feature. There is a note ID 1901202.1 which describe bundle patch for OEM 12c release 4.

Today I had a chance to install it in my lab and now I can start testing new OEM feature.

SLOB Physical I/O Randomness. How Random Is Random? Random!

I recently read a blog post by Kyle Hailey regarding some lack of randomness he detected in the Orion I/O generator tool. Feel free to read Kyle’s post but in short he used dtrace to detect Orion was obliterating a very dense subset of the 96GB file Orion was accessing.

ASM Commands : 2 -- Migrating a DiskGroup to New Disk(s)

In 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure and RAC

After the previous demonstration of adding a new DiskGroup, I now demonstrate migrating the DiskGroup to a new pair of disks.

First, I create a table in the Tablespace on that DiskGroup.

[root@node1 ~]# su - oracle
-sh-3.2$ sqlplus

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sun Aug 24 22:17:28 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Yes I was nominated by Ronald Vargas in Costa Rica to take up the challenge. Here is the video. My nominees are Mark Rittman, Heli Helskyaho and Chet Justice (aka Oracle Nerd) You have 24 hours to take up the challenge and to post a video for all to see :-)

Crossplatform transportable tablespaces - part 2

It took some time since I wrote a first post about TTS migration but I finished that project literally hours before my summer break. Now after couple of days while I enjoyed thermal waters and good wine of Hungary it's time to write next post.

Why I don’t like the term “Center of Excellence”

I keep hearing about “Center of Excellence”. The term makes no sense to me. What does it mean? The middle (center) of wonderfulness? A place (center) where one goes to become excellent? Lately I’ve been hearing it used to describe our lab which is just a collection of computer equipment. In our case it’s a bunch of Oracle Engineered Systems. Our lab is really cool because we have a bunch of bad ass toys. I have even started hearing people refer to it as the Oracle Engineered Systems Center of Excellence, which doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it?

★ How BIG is Oracle OpenWorld?

Oracle OpenWorld

Here is how big it was in 2013. Compare it to its size in 2012. It is safe to assume that it will be bigger in 2014!

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