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Here’s a question that appeared in my email a few days ago:


Based on the formula: “sreadtim = ioseektim + db_block_size/iotrfrspeed” sreadtim should always bigger than ioseektim.

But I just did a query on my system, find it otherwise, get confused,

Watch out for optimizer_adaptive_features as It may have a huge negative impact

Let me describe how I discovered that the optimizer_adaptive_features may have a huge negative impact (specially on RAC databases).

Windows 10: The new features

First, it should have been Windows 9, but finally the new Microsoft operating system is named Windows 10! In the same way as for my blog post on Windows 8, I have decided to write a few words about the new features of Windows 10.

PL/SQL Challenge Roundtable

Do you write PL/SQL? Me too!

Trouble is, sometimes it's hard to decide how to structure your packages - particularly in an APEX project. Over at the PL/SQL Challenge website run by Steven Feuerstein and friends there is a page dedicated to roundtable discussions.

I submitted my question not so long ago and hope to get some interesting responses. Why don't you give the site a visit and contribute? The discussions usually last for about a month.

Documentum upgrade project: Configuring NTLM SSO for D2 3.1 SP1

The Documentum D2 3.1 SP1 release is kind of a mix between D2 4.1 APIs (using D2FS in backend) and D2 3.1 front-end. It needs SSO to be fully implemented and the configuration has to be applied for 3.1 as well as for D2FS. For D2FS, the same configuration applies whether you are using the NT Lan Manager (NTLM) or Kerberos authentication.

Oracle Cloud Control 12c: removing an agent is much easier in OEM

To remove an agent in the previous Oracle OEM Cloud Control 12c versions, you first had to delete its targets, stop the agent, and remove the host target. Only then were you able to remove the agent. In version, the decommission agent feature has been greatly improved.
From the agent menu, you select the new feature Agent Decommission:


NZOUG14 Beckons

New Zealand is famous for Kiwis, pristine landscape, and New Zealand Oracle User Group (NZOUG) conference.  The location of choice is New Zealand when it comes to making Lord of the Rings and making Oracle Lord of the Databases.

NZOUG 2014 will be held 19–21 November in the Owen G. Glenn Building at the University of Auckland. The main conference will be held on the 20th and 21st, preceded by a day of workshops on the 19th. It's one of the premier Oracle conferences in Southern hemisphere.

Oracle IOT: when to use Index Organized Tables

When can we use IOT? That's a question I had when giving recently the Oracle DBA essentials workshop. the DBA Essential is very dense and there is only half a day about performance. We have the Oracle Performance Tuning workshop to go into those details. But IOTs are under used in my opinion, so I'll post a use case for them where they are a good idea.

Bug 8477973

I ran the following query on an Oracle database but it failed with an ORA-02020:  SQL> SELECT ppc.sttlmnt_dt day_date  2  FROM   vrm_d18_ppc   ppc,

New Theme: Penscratch

Today we have a brand new free theme especially for writers and bloggers!


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