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Oracle Database, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Oracle XE, Oracle RAC, Oracle Instant Client, Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Exadata resources, news, and support articles. upgrades to 5.0 this Friday

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around
That the APEX version 5 will become available.

I've jumped the gun before, but this message is taken direct from the site:

[INS-30131] Initial setup required for execution of installer validation failed.

When trying to install Oracle client 12c the above error appeared , this issue can happened on windows Or linux.The cause i really simple :-On linux there is no enough space under /tmp.On windows the solution like the following :-

SQL Server: Change Data Capture for Oracle

This new feature has been introduced in SQL Server 2012 and needs an Enterprise Edition. It uses a Windows Service which scans Oracle Logs and tracks DML changes from Oracle tables into SQL Server change tables. In other words, Change data capture records Insert, Update and Delete activities that is applied to Oracle tables. Let's see how it works.

Oracle Import / Export help


I am learning Oracle export/import options and I wanted to find a way as stated

I have a destination database that I want to import a dump file to but exclude some schemas.

I exported schemas using

expdp user1/pass full=Y dir=tmp dumpfile=node1.expdp.dmp

on the target node,
I want to import full db excluding sys,system,dbsnmp schemas.

is there an option to use IMPDP in linux?

Any help/guidance is much appreciated.



I logged into an Oracle 12.1 database, checked it was in ARCHIVELOG mode then ran the ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP command. This told Oracle I was about to do a hot backup:

binding (with processor_group_name) versus caging: Facts, Observations and Customer cases.

This blog post came to my mind following an interesting conversation I have had on twitter with Philippe Fierens and Karl Arao.
Let’s go for it:
Nowadays it is very common to consolidate multiple databases on the same server.

SQL Developer 3 and Timestamp Conversion

I shouldn’t be using an old version of SQL Developer like v3 ( anyway but… cut a long story short … I am.
I’ve also got v4 which doesn’t display the same problem

Just pointing out an oddity whilst investigating something for someone:

Parallel Execution -- 2c PX Servers

Adding to my two previous posts here and here about identifying usage of Parallel Execution -- exactly how many PX servers were used for a query, here is a third method.

A funny story with recompile hint at statement level

Last night, I had an interesting discussion with one of my MVP French friend that faces a weird situation where a query that uses a statement level RECOMPILE hint produces an execution plan that disappointed him. He told me we can simulate the same situation by using the AdventureWorks database and Sales.SalesOrderHeader table.
First, we have to add a nonclustered index on the orderdate column as follows:

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