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Overview of Oracle OpenWorld 2014

As database gurus and fanatics of the world, as well as hotels and cabbies of San Francisco know, one of the largest enterprise software events, Oracle OpenWorld 2014 was held in San Francisco from September 28th, 2014 to October 2nd, 2014. The reason the later group know a tad bit about the event is because […]
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/ as sysdba

Htting a weird issue

When i log as "/ as sysdba" from node 1

I get this error


SQL*Plus: Release Production on Fri Oct 10 14:25:20 2014

Copyright (c) 1982, 2013, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Enter user-name: / as sysdba
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Where as i am able to login without any issues on node 2.

I verified password files are same on node 1 and node 2..

Any thoughts?

OCP 12C – SQL Tuning

What’s new ? Oracle 12c introduces a major update called Adaptive Query Optimization which is based on : Adaptive execution plans Adaptive Statistics These two functionnalities are used to improve execution plans by using dynamic statistics gathered during the first part of the SQL execution. This allow to create more efficient plans that those using [...]

What the Internet of Things means for database administration

When it comes to storing data produced by Internet-connected devices, relational databases may not make the cut.

The push for NoSQL environments is growing in tandem with the pace at which wearable machines and industrial sensors is increasing. Database administration services are customizing systems to fit the needs of manufacturers, hospitals, retailers and other companies investing heavily in the Internet of Things.

Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 2

Today’s blog post is part two of seven in a series dedicated to Deploying Private Cloud at Home, where I will demonstrate how to do basic configuration setup to get started with OpenStack. In my first blog post, I explained why I decided to use OpenStack.

I am using a two-node setup in my environment, but you can still follow these steps and configure everything on single node. The below configuration reflects my setup. Kindly modify it as per your subnet and settings.

Delphix and Oracle EM 12c partnership

More and more people have been asking me how Delphix compares with Oracle EM 12c Cloud Control with Snap Clone.
Delphix compliments Oracle. Oracle and Delphix are partners.  Delphix is an Oracle Gold ISV partner and we collaborated at Oracle Open World on hosting hands on Delphix labs.

SQL Saturday Bulgaria 2014


This Saturday October 11, I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Bulgaria 2014 in Sofia. It’s my first time in the country and I’m really excited to be part of another SQL Saturday :)

I will be speaking about Buffer Pool Extension, a new feature on SQL Server 2014. If you want to learn a little more about the new SQL Server version, don’t hesitate to attend the event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Log Buffer #392, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

It seems its all about cloud these days. Even the hardware is being marketed with cloud in perspective. Databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL are ahead in the cloud game and this Log Buffer Edition covers that all.


Oracle embraces open source technology [VIDEO]


Want the benefit of managing an open source database? Oracle's looking to help you.

Welcome to RDX. Oracle Enterprise Manager will now include administration and monitoring functions for MySQL, the world's most popular open source relational database.

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