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WSM-02557 When Trying to Deploy On SOA Server.

AdminServer indicates to the following error:-

Oracle Set to Join Conversion

Recently I described the Partial Join Evaluation transformation that appeared last year in 12c. I did it as an introduction for another transformation that appeared long time ago in but was not used by default. And even in the latest 12c patchset 1 (aka it is still not enabled. But it's there and you can use it if you set optimizer_features_enabled to (that's not a typo!)

Oracle 12C - In-Memory Option Resources

Hi folks,

Introduced as an Option Oracles In-Memory option will change the world of databasing also like SAP HANA does; Since July the release is out but the search for resources and documentation is  poor;

Here some useful links I found.

Non-Oracle Resources


Oracle Documentation

Concepts (found a small passage) ...

Decode Returning multiple rows


I have a business case where in a table I may have a specific value or it will have value as 'ALL'. While I query the table if particular input matches I need that particular record. If its not matching then entry with ALL should be considered and returned.

Here is the case that you have try at your end to replicate the issues.

CREATE TABLE lookup_value (
country VARCHAR2(2) NOT NULL,
department VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL,
problem_code VARCHAR2(30),

Microsoft PowerBI: News from WPC

During the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that happened last month, Microsoft made public some of the new functionalities that we can expect to see soon on Microsoft PowerBI.


Some settings matter when using dbms_metadata.

SSAS Database Doesn’t Show Up in SharePoint 2013 Dashboard Designer

Howdy everyone,

Just a quick tip for everyone that is struggling to configure SharePoint Server 2013 PerformancePoint  to connect to a SQL Analysis Services 2012 or 2014 cube.

After a new SharePoint Server 2013 installation, I have tried to create a new connection to my Analysis Services cube through the SharePoint Dashboard Designer, but no matter what, the Database option always shows up as empty and I can select my Analysis Services database.

SQL Server Error: 18056, Severity: 20, State: 29

Howdy everyone,

One of the most frequent error messages I come across when dealing with SQL Server, particularly SQL Server 2008 R2, is Error 18056, Severity: 20, State: 29. Not only do I constantly see this error message in the SQL logs, but also in the Microsoft community forums. I often see inquiries likes, “I have SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 installed and I see the error below. I have the most recent Service Pack installed, but the problem remains.”

Unable to Login to OBIEE ( Bi Publisher ) With Any User Except Weblogic User

When Trying to Login With Any Bi Publisher User Expect Weblogic User the BIP Unable to connect and raise the below error :-Error 500 -- Internal Server ErrorForm RFC 2068 HyperText Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1In the Log :-

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