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Calculate Age in Javascript

I had a registration form in Apex which asks the applicant to enter their Date of Birth in a date item; I then needed to calculate how old they would be at the start of the event, which determines a number of rules, such as whether we need to obtain their parent’s permission.

In my first release I implemented this with a Dynamic Action which ran SQL something like this:

The Database Protection Series- Vulnerability Assessments

This is the fourth article of a series that focuses on database security.  In my introduction, I provide an overview of the database protection process and what is to be discussed in future installments.   In last month’s article, we finished our discussion of

A Year of Reading the World: A Q&A with Ann Morgan

Several years ago, writer Ann Morgan noticed that she didn’t read much literature from countries outside of the United Kingdom and United States — and had yet to dive into stories from around the globe. From this realization, her blog, A Year of Reading the World, was born.

4 To-dos before migrating from Windows Server 2003 [VIDEO]


Hi, welcome to RDX! Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003 ends in mid-July. So, what do you need to do to prepare?

First, assess your hardware. How many machines are running 2003? What are the component details of those servers?

{marker} Second, create a performance portfolio of servers operating on 2003. How heavily were these assets utilized? Were any machines used less than 50 percent throughout their lifecycles?

Learning for free – UK User Group Meetings Coming Up

There are a few user group meetings coming up in the UK over the next week or two.

Note, you need to register to attend any of these, follow the links.

12c Parallel Execution New Features: Hybrid Hash Distribution - Part 2

In the second part of this post (go to part 1) I want to focus on the hybrid distribution for skewed join expressions.

2. Hybrid Distribution For Skewed Join Expressions

The HYBRID HASH distribution allows to some degree addressing data distribution skew in case of HASH distributions, which I've described in detail already in the past.

Oracle "read by other session" Wait Event

When a session needs to read data from a block on disk into the Oracle buffer cache, it may have to wait for another session to finish doing the same thing. Time spent doing this is recorded as a read by other session event. I decided to reproduce this in an Oracle 12 database.

How Many Values Can You Have in an IN List?

I have often wondered how many values you could have following an IN and I have just found out. I loaded some new data into a name and address table in an Oracle 11 database over the weekend. On Monday, a user sent me an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of almost 18000 meter point references to search for in the table. I exported them into a file, copied it to the server and used vi to add a comma at the end of each line.

New Themes: Hew and Sobe

Hew is a personal-blogging theme with a distinct identity and a bright splash of colour. Share your thoughts and experiences with readers while connecting through prominently placed social media links.


The Hew Theme

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