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OCM 11g Preparation – Use SQL Plan Management feature

SQL Plan Management is a new feature introduced with Oracle DB 11g that enables the system to automatically control SQL plan evolution by maintaining SQL plan baselines. With this enabled, a newly generated SQL plan can integrate a SQL plan baseline only if it has been proven that doing so will not result in performance regression. During execution of a SQL statement, only a plan that is part of the corresponding SQL plan baseline can be used.

Oracle DBAs: Producing Patches

In an Oracle DBA’s life, you’ll be regularly asked to work on applying a new patchset on a database and then you will apply it starting from the development database to the production database and this process can be quite long depending on the organization you are working for.

DevOps: Applied Empathy

I enjoyed participating in a panel on DevOps culture by Electric Cloud last week. Our commendable hosts kept things light and productive despite the number of participants and breadth of topic.

How to avoid boring work

For a last couple of years when I was working as an IT consultant I learned that having robust and easy access to lab when I can learn or test solution is one of critical thing. My approach to build that was changing over a years and changes in a technology itself.

the R Consortium

On the 30th June (2015) a number of companies came together to form the R Consortium. The aim of the R Consortium is to support the R community and to help it evolve.

Auditing on Physical Standby Database with XML

Turning on auditing on a physical standby database may be preferred when you want to audit the queries against the read only standby database. Obviously it's not possible to keep audit records on standby database by setting audit_trail to DB or DB_EXTENDED. Because the database is read-only and the aud$ table is just being synchronized with the primary aud$. So the DB or DB_EXTENDED setting on a

12c Downgrade

No, not really – but sometimes the optimizer gets better and gives you worse performance as a side effect when you upgrade. Here’s an example where recognised (with a few hints) the case for a nested loop semi-join and 12c went a bit further and recognised the opportunity for doing a cunning “semi_to_inner” transformation … which just happened to do more work than the 11g plan.

Around the world flight 6 – from Lisbon to Faro

A spectacular flight down the coast of Portugal leads our journey to Faro in the Faro District of the Algarve region, in southern Portugal. Faro is famous for it’s 200 km golden coastline and the lagoons. Its 30,000-seat stadium Estádio Algarve, shared by the cities of Faro and Loulé, was one of the venues of the […]
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Putting Data Guard traffic on dedicated network interface

I recently had an interesting challenge to direct data guard network traffic over a dedicated network interface and not go though the main network routes. The reason was that in order to reach the remote datacenter, the dataguard traffic should be sent via WAN optimizer network, that will automatically compress and dedup all traffic (hard to believe, that there are still some places left in Europe, where internet bandwidth is extremely expensive).

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