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MS SQL Server Training Video Review

We are posting one of the video reviews of our students on MS SQL Server DBA Training in DBA University.  For more videos about DBA University faculty and students, please visit

How To Correlate Oracle Database Transaction with GoldenGate

So there I was troubleshooting GoldenGate issue and was puzzled as to why GoldenGate transactions were not seen from Oracle database.

I had the transaction XID correct; however, I was filtering by ACTIVE transaction from Oracle which was causing the issue.

Please allow me to share a test case so that you don’t get stumped like I did.

Identify current log and update table

Advance your career contest

Want to advance your career ?
We’ve seen DBAs become managers, managers become directors, directors become VPs and CIOs go from lesser known companies to some of the best known in the world. Why did they get promoted? Because they brought in Delphix.
Delphix increases the speed, the agility of IT often enabling development teams to go twice as fast, an increase that is unprecedented.
Companies that have this advantage will outperform the competitors.

Changing Failgroup of ASM Disks in Exadata

There was a discrepancy in the failgroups of couple of ASM disks in Exadata. In Exadata, the cell name corresponds to the failgroup name. But there were couple of disks with different failgroup names. Using the following plan to rectify the issue online without any downtime:

1) Check disks and their failgroup:

col name format a27
col path format a45

SQL> select path,failgroup,mount_status,mode_status,header_status,state from v$asm_disk order by failgroup, path;

Small Files on MapR-FS

One of the well-known best practices for HDFS is to store data in few large files, rather than a large number of small ones. There are a few problems related to using many small files but the ultimate HDFS killer is that the memory consumption on the name node is proportional to the number of files stored in the cluster and it doesn’t scale well when that number increases rapidly.

Cloudera Challenge 2014

Yesterday, Cloudera released the score reports for their Data Science Challenge 2014 and I was really ecstatic when I received mine with a “PASS” score! This was a real challenge for me and I had to put a LOT of effort into it, but it paid off in the end!

SQL Server 2014 Delayed Durability from an Application Perspective

The idea of this blog post is to describe what the delayed durability feature is in SQL Server 2014 and to describe a use case from an application development perspective.

Implications of threaded_execution = true in 12c

I had an interesting discussion as part of my latest presentation at the UKOUG RAC CIA & Database Combined SIG. Part of my talk was about the implications of the new threaded execution model in Oracle.

Backup an SQL Server database from On-Premise to Azure

SQL Server database backup & restore from On-Premise to Azure is a feature introduced with SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2. In the past, it could be used with these three tools:

  • Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • PowerShell
  • SQL Server Management Objects (SMO)

With SQL Server 2014, backup & restore can also be enabled via SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Putting my DB / Apex install through the wringer

I was mucking around trying to get APEX on one of my PCs to be visible on the internet.

This was just a proof-of-concept, not something I intend to actually leave running.

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