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Private Storage

Just a little project
I just happened to be upgrading my workstation, and was left with some spare parts. I had some memory modules, an old P5 motherboard, and several AT-style enclosures.
Also, I noticed my trusty Synology Diskstation began needing some larger disks. Or maybe it was time to replace it all together? Keeping up indexing my music and photos seems to become quite a daunting task,

Lies, damned lies and non production-like performance testing

Chasing cost efficiency, business often cuts back on money spent on UAT boxes used for performance testing. More often than not, this is a bad-decision, because the only thing worse than not having a UAT environment is having a UAT environment that is nothing like production. It gives a false sense of security while exposing your application to all sorts of nasty surprises. In this post I tried to summarize a few typical configuration differences between UAT and production which can affect performance test results in a major way.

254 Cannot execute binary file error when installing oracle 11g R2 on linux 6.5

Hello all,

I am installing oracle 11g R2 on Linux 6.5. I run the command (./runInstaller) and get the following error:

./runInstaller: line 254: /oracle/database/install/. OUI: cannot execute binary file.
I have downloaded the following:

I was thinking it is problem about permission but I tried with root profile but it still the same:

[root@mino oracle]# cd database
[root@mino database]# ls

Purging SYSAUX

In continuation to my previous post “SYSAUX Growing Rapidly” , here i wanted to present the second method of purging sysaux.

Basically i tried to perform the steps as mentioned in previous post and drop_snapshot_range was taking too long (> 24hrs) and still running on test db.Again WRH$_ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY was in top of the list occupying most of the SYSAUX space.

#Oracle Certification: Always go for the most recent one!

It is quite often that I encounter attendees in my Oracle University courses that strive to become OCP or sometimes even OCM, asking me whether they should better go for an older versions certificate before they take on the most recent. The reasoning behind those questions is mostly that it may be easier to do it with the older version. My advise is then always: Go for the most recent version! No Oracle Certification exam is easy, but the older versions certificate is already outdated.

“ID, Please”

In a forum I frequent the following question was raised:

Around the World in Eight Photos

Join us as we explore the world through the street photography tag on Here you’ll find no airport lineups, no grumpy customs agents, and you never get the middle seat.

Delphix trial version available for first time : #CloneAttack

At Oracle Open World we will be leading hands on labs to install a fully operation Delphix environment on your laptop.
The labs will be hosted at the Creativity Museum, the same location as Oaktable World on Tuesday Sept 30 from 10am to 5pm. Solarwinds Confio and DBvisit will also beholding #MonitorAttack and #RepAttack in the same location.
The labs for Delphix will be led by

How to measure Exadata SmartScan efficiency

A thread on OTN Forum about Exadata came to the following question: "But how can I monitor if it is effectively used or not?". This is a common question. There are 3 exclusive features coming with Exadata, and instance statistics can show their usage. Even better: two of them can even be checked on your current (non-Exadata) system. And that is good to foresee how Exadata can improve your workload.
Let's find how to measure the following feature efficiency:

OED 12c

Yeah...    Aka: Oracle Enterprise Damager...

For those who might not know - yes, quite a few of the so-called "cognoscenti" are not all-knowing! - we've been engaged in using grid control to monitor all our db servers for quite a while. 
That's both MSSQL and Oracle RDBMS servers.

For 4 years now! 

In a nutshell and to cut a very long story short:

 - we started with 10g.  The lesser said

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