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Segment Creation Deferred not Available in Standard Edition

If you use Oracle Standard Edition to create a production database, you need to be sure to create any corresponding test databases in Oracle Standard Edition too. Otherwise you may find that some SQL might be tested successfully, only to fail when you implement it in production. You can see what I mean in the example below.

Code Path Patch in Oracle 12

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If your system meets any of the following criteria:

– Oracle or higher /> – Partitioned tables /> – Parallel query heavily used /> – Bind variables in use, as they should be

and, you’re seeing unusually high “cursor: pin S wait on X” waits, then you may want to know that this week, patch 21834574 was released.

How to change apex_public_user password in ORDS

When you install Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) as the gateway for your Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications, you run the java -jar ords.war command to configure ORDS, including specifying connection strings and passwords for the service accounts apex_public_user, apex_listener and apex_rest_public_use

Brief about Workload Management in Oracle RAC

This is a brief article about workload management in RAC. I tried to cover different components of workload management in RAC and how they are configured at client side or server side. I haven’t gone into details of configuration steps but just mentioned in brief about how it can be done.

Readers are advised to refer Oracle documentation to understand details about configuration of workload management.

Workload management on RAC

There are 2 major components of workload management:

mysql database recovery in wampserver2

Some how mysql database in wamp server 2 got replaced by older database and i am unable to restore the database to the location (before being replaced by old data) from the latest backup i have . is there any way i can restore the data to my required position.
Any way except restoring it from backup sql file as its corrupt.

VirtualBox 5.0 released!

New stable major release 5.0 of Virtual Box has been announced today and it's available for download. New features/capabilities include:

Be(a)ware of Licensing policy changes regarding Infrastructure Repository Databases

Oracle Database 12c comes with another significant change regarding using of Infrastructure Repository Databases and which could eventually make things more complicated. Before upgrade of Oracle Database, Database Administrator or a person responsible for Software Asset Management (and Licensing) should be familiar with changes in Licensing policy which come with new release and their implications. At first let me start with little comparison of probably the most frequently used versions in production 10gR2, 11gR2 and new 12cR1 to see an "evolution".


Configuring automatic startup of Oracle Database under systemd on RHEL 7/OEL 7/CentOS 7

There are several methods how to start Oracle Database automatically during/after OS boot. You can use Oracle CRS, other clusterware or init implemented in Linux. Starting RHEL 7 SysV init has been replaced by systemd or simply said systemd is the new init system.

Detect Empty List

You have a Select List item on your page driven from a dynamic query, e.g. one that only shows valid values. One day, users notice that the list appears empty and raise a defect note.


You check the query behind the list and verify that indeed, the list should be empty because there are no valid values to show. It’s an optional item so the user is free to save the record if they wish.

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