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The APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT Function – A Test Case

The aim of this post is not to explain how the APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT function works (you find basic information in the documentation and in this post written by Luca Canali), but to show you the results of a test c


 java.sql.SQLException: JDBC LLR, table verify failed for table 'NP_SOAINFRA.WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER', row 'JDBC LLR Domain//Server' record had unexpected valueThe above error appeared when trying to start Adminserver nothing changed on the DomainSolution :-

  • Goto  domain location --> config folder.
  •  remove this line from the config.xml file, Take backup before you do this.

Active-passive High Availability Solution for Oracle Database without Data Guard

Here is a very useful solution to create an Oracle Standby DB without using Data Guard (DG).Oracle DG  does not supported in 10g & 11g Standard  Editions.Part1 :

Configure Oracle Exadata Write Back Flash Cache

In addition to improving read I/Os, Oracle Exadata Write back flash cache also provides the ability to cache write I/Os directly to PCI flash. Exadata storage software version is the minimum version required to use write back flash cache. Grid infrastructure and database homes must run or later to use with Write-back Smart […]

SQL Server failover cluster, VSphere, & SCSI-3 reservation nightmares

When I have to install a virtualized SQL Server FCI at a customer place as an SQL Server consultant, the virtualized environment usally is ready. I guess this is the same for most part of the database consulting people. Since we therefore lack practice, I have to admit that we do not always know the good configuration settings to apply to the virtualized layer in order to correctly run our SQL Server FCI architecture.

OCP 12C – DataPump, SQL*Loader, External Tables Enhancements

Oracle DataPump Enhancements Full Transportable Export and Import of Data In Oracle 12c you now have the possibility to create full transportable exports and imports. A full transportable export contains all objects and data needed to create a copy of the database. To create a fully transportable export of your database you need to specify [...]


A recent question on the OTN forum asked about narrowing down the cause of deadlocks, and this prompted me to set up a little example. Here’s a deadlock graph of a not-quite-standard type:

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 7

Here it is! A new collection of our favorite stories from across all of WordPress.

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Memory Improvement

Oracle 12c (version offers the option of using in-memory processing to speed things along. Called the In-memory option it’s installed when you install the software. Using it can make a considerable difference in processing speed, provided you have sufficient resources (RAM) available. Let’s revisit an older example, on Bloom filters, and see if Oracle processes things any faster in-memory.

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