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Error: ORA-16810: multiple errors or warnings detected

Today after restarting primary and standby database servers I faced with ORA-16810 errorDGMGRL> show configuration;Configuration - DGMANAGER  Protection Mode: MaxAvailability  Databases:    XXXPROD - Primary database      Error: ORA-16810: multiple errors or warnings detected for the database    XXXSTND - Physical standby database      Error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon deniedFast-Start Failover: DISABLEDConfiguration Status:ERROR

Code can be scary when you simplify it

Disclaimer: I’m not posting to make me look better, we’ve all written code that we’re later ashamed of, and I’m no different!

This is some code from a system I was maintaining some time ago. I’ve kept it since then because it illustrates a number of things NOT to do:

SQL Server: Forced failover with AlwaysOn & Availability Groups

During a workshop at one of my customer about the implementation of SQL Server AlwaysOn and availability groups, I had an interesting discussion. It was about asynchronous replication between 2 replicas and the effect of the forced failover operation with allowed data loss. Does SQL Server resynchronize availability databases if I loose some transactions during the failover process?

Documentum upgrade project: Wrong icons in D2 search results with xPlore

After migrating from "Fast" to "xPlore" Documentum full-text search engine, our team discovered wrong icons in D2 search results. Documents in checked-out state continued to be displayed with the normal icon, even if xPlore indexed attribute value for “r_lock_owner”. This attribute contains the user name who has checked-out the document.

Please look at latest Oct 2014 Oracle patching

This one looks like the real thing ... getting advice to "not skip" the patching process for a whole bunch of things included here.

I'm just saying ...

Starting Next Week: Blogging 201

Blogging 201: Branding and Growth starts Monday, October 20. If you’re a recent alum of Blogging 101 looking to build on the skills you’ve developed so far, or a blogger looking for new ways to grow your site and its audience, this is the course for you.

Oracle system statistics: Display AUX_STATS$ with calculated values and formulas

System statistics can be gathered in NOWORKLOAD or WORKLOAD mode. Different values will be set depending on that and the others will be calculated - derived from them. We can see defined values from SYS.AUX_STATS$ but here is a script that shows the calculated ones as well.

12c: Access Objects Of A Common User Non-existent In Root

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In a multitenant environment, a common user is a database user whose identity and password are known in the root and in every existing and future pluggable database (PDB). Common users can connect to the root and perform administrative tasks specific to the root or PDBs. There are two types of common users :

Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 3

Today’s blog post is part three of seven in a series dedicated to Deploying Private Cloud at Home, where I will demonstrate how to configure OpenStack Identity service on the controller node. We have already configured the required repo in part two of the series, so let’s get started on configuring Keystone Identity Service.

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