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How to find the management pack from SQL Server in SCOM database?

While working on a customer project, I needed to retrieve SQL Server SCOM Management Pack version.
Unfortunately, SCOM team took a while to answer and as I am the DBA, I have access to SCOM’s databases. So let’s seek how we can get this the hard way.

Block size and multirow DML peformance

While 8k is the default block size, Oracle supports other block sizes, too. Smaller block sizes (more commonly, 4k) are encouraged for OLTP workloads to reduce concurrency, and even smaller block size, 2k, is recommended for databases running on “Advanced format” (or “4K”) storage. Oracle documentation warns us of possible implications when storing larger rows in 2k/4k blocks, such as potentially larger space overhead due to metadata, or even possibility of row chaining.

LOB Length

It’s funny how you can make little savings in work all over the place in Oracle if you’re prepared to look a little closely at what’s going on. Here’s a quirky little example with LOBs and function calls that might just have some greater relevance in other situations. Here’s a little data set, and two queries that I might run against it:

Early Theme Adopters: Isola

Whether you’re a personal blogger, a designer, or an artist, Isola gives you a bright, clean space to showcase your work. Its minimalist design stays crisp across devices and screens of all sizes, with generous white space to keep the focus on your content.

Change Grid Target Name from IP to Hostname?

I'm using Grid Control 12c and pushed the agent to a new server. When I did the push, the IP was not yet in /etc/hosts on the OMS server, nor in DNS, so I pushed to the host by specifying the IP. The OMS now has access to the server via hostname. Is there a way that I can change the target name showing in grid from the IP to the hostname or do I need to remove the targets and start over?


OUG Mexico

We (Gorcan, Glen, Debra and I) arrived into Mexico around 10pm and had a few minutes wait for our local user group contact to meet us. They had arranged transportation to our hotel.

Oracle 11204 Clusterware upgrade - ASM glitch

Yet another tough challenge thrown at my team right after the disaster recovery (DR) simulation drill which performed barely couple of weeks ago. The new task (challenge) in hands is to upgrade the existing four cluster environments from to as Oracle already stopped supporting v11.2.0.2.

In Search of Plan Stability (Part 1) - August 27 webinar

Register by clicking here.

Hope you'll join me!

kgxgncin: CLSS init failed with status 3

I had a problem with an Oracle database producing trace files every few minutes.

extract data from column containg clob

I have a column in a table that contains a clob. i need to extract data from the clob that starts with "Area=". So for example the clob looks like :
"LEC=XO, BTN=333-666-1111
Sourcebook and VoIP Discovery available.
Area= CapitalMetro, District= Greensboro"

I just need the info after Area=. so in this case CapitalMetro.
Please advise/assist

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