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Log Buffer #417: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer travels wide and deep to scour through the Internet to bring some of the most valuable and value-adding blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Disable Lock Escalation in SQL Server

If a lot of rows or pages are locked, the SQL Server escalates to a table-level lock, to save resources. Each single lock takes approx. 100 bytes. So if you have many locks it takes a lot of resources to manage them. (There is a great blog about lock escalation, if you want some more info:


Discrepancies in v$parameter default values in 12c

In my last blog about security parameters I mentioned I had found some oddities in the default values for parameters in, this is a more in-depth analysis of my findings.

Taking the parameter SEC_RETURN_SERVER_RELEASE_BANNER as an example.

Avoiding the COMMIT bomb!

I’m an Oracle dinosaur, so I like using SQL Plus.  Its simple, fast, comes with every version and installation and platform, and I’m very familiar with it.  (And who knows, it might still be at the forefront of the Oracle development teams! )

Identify difference in CBO parameters across two executions of a SQL

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Various initialization parameters  influence the choice of execution plan by the optimizer. Multiple executions of the same SQL with  different optimizer parameters  may employ different execution plans and hence result in  difference in performance . In this post, I will demonstrate how we can identify the CBO parameters which had  different values during two executions of the same SQL.
I will explore two scenarios :

Video Tutorial: XPLAN_ASH Active Session History - Part 5

The next part of the video tutorial explaining the XPLAN_ASH Active Session History functionality continuing the actual walk-through of the script output.

Accessing HDFS files on local File system using mountableHDFS – FUSE

Hi All

Recently we had one requirement wherein we had to merge the files post Map and Reducer job. Since the file needed to be given to the outbound team outside of Hadoop development team, having these files on local system would have been ideal. The customer IT team worked with cloudera and gave us a mount point using a utility/concept called “mountableHDFS” aka FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace)  .

mkdir No such file or directory Solaris 11.2

root@TT:/#mkdir –/u01/app/oracle/product/TimesTen/mkdir: Failed to make directory "/u01/app/oracle/product/TimesTen/"; No such file or directorysimply this error related to auto_master all you have to do is to remove the entry /home from the auto_mastervi /etc/auto_master

Oracle Data Guard error – Force closing the keystore for standby rekey.

I have a Primary 11g Oracle Database with a single Physical Standby. Those days I tried to create an encrypted column inside one table for testing purposes.
I end up accidentally messing the things:

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