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Delphix and Oracle EM 12c partnership

More and more people have been asking me how Delphix compares with Oracle EM 12c Cloud Control with Snap Clone.
Delphix compliments Oracle. Oracle and Delphix are partners.  Delphix is an Oracle Gold ISV partner and we collaborated at Oracle Open World on hosting hands on Delphix labs.

SQL Saturday Bulgaria 2014


This Saturday October 11, I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Bulgaria 2014 in Sofia. It’s my first time in the country and I’m really excited to be part of another SQL Saturday :)

I will be speaking about Buffer Pool Extension, a new feature on SQL Server 2014. If you want to learn a little more about the new SQL Server version, don’t hesitate to attend the event. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Log Buffer #392, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

It seems its all about cloud these days. Even the hardware is being marketed with cloud in perspective. Databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL are ahead in the cloud game and this Log Buffer Edition covers that all.


Oracle embraces open source technology [VIDEO]


Want the benefit of managing an open source database? Oracle's looking to help you.

Welcome to RDX. Oracle Enterprise Manager will now include administration and monitoring functions for MySQL, the world's most popular open source relational database.

Installing Oracle on Windows 64bit

The following steps are what I did for installing on Windows. 1. Download the Oracle installation ZIP files from the Oracle Downloads page. 2. Unzip the two 12c downloads files into the same directory.

Another Great OpenWorld

Steve at the Delphix Booth

Last week I attended Oracle OpenWorld 2014, and it was an outstanding event filled with great people, awesome sessions, and a few outstanding notable experiences.

Back to Blogging: Ten Themes to Inspire You Right Now

Carving out your very own corner on the web is important to you. You may be a brand-new user on — if so, welcome! — or a veteran blogger returning to an old habit. Recently on the Verge, Lockhart Steele, the editorial director of Vox Media, talked about getting back to blogging. On a noisy internet with many platforms, some are bringing their blogs back from the dead and reclaiming their personal turf.

Documentum upgrade project: ADTS local user or domain user?

ADTS local user or domain user: Which user should I choose as the installation owner? This question is important if you are installing a new Advanced Document Transformation Services (ADTS).  You can opt for a domain user in order to have one user for several ADTS installations with less AD management. Or you may want to opt for local users to separate the installations, but you will have to manage all users independently. In fact, we will see that you don't really have the choice.
As you may know, the ADTS server is a bunch of software interacting between each other. You have:

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