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OED 12c

Yeah...    Aka: Oracle Enterprise Damager...

For those who might not know - yes, quite a few of the so-called "cognoscenti" are not all-knowing! - we've been engaged in using grid control to monitor all our db servers for quite a while. 
That's both MSSQL and Oracle RDBMS servers.

For 4 years now! 

In a nutshell and to cut a very long story short:

 - we started with 10g.  The lesser said

SQL Server 2014: classic commit vs commit with delayed durability & I/Os

When you learn about SQL Server, you will often hear that a commit transaction is a synchronous operation and that you can trust it. In this blog post, I will provide some details about what we mean by synchronous behavior. The reason is that sometimes, when I talk about the new delayed durability feature provided by SQL Server 2014, there are some confusions.

Oracle OEM Cloud Control - agent upgrade & patch

The new Oracle OEM Cloud Control release migration makes it necessary for the DBA to migrate the old agent version to If your infrastructure has a huge number of agents and if you want to apply the agent patches to the upgraded agents, this might be a very time-consuming job. However, there is a way to realize the operation in just one shot.
In my example, we have an agent in version

My presentations at OOW 2014 (See you there!)

Here’s where I will hang out (and in some cases speak) during the OOW:

Sunday, Sep 28 3:30pm – Moscone South – 310

big thanks to Jim Czuprynski for NEOOUG meeting presentations

Jim the smooth talking always motivated Oracle Ace Director did two great presentations for us here at NEOOUG on Friday September 19th.

His presentations can be found 12c SQL that almost tunes itself and 12c How hot is your data?

Thanks Jim!

Interesting observation about standby redo logs in Data Guard

Some of you might have followed the discussion around the number of standby redo logs on twitter, but since 140 characters are woefully short for the complete story here’s the writeup that prompted the question. This is a test with on virtualised Linux, repeated on a proper platform with physical hardware.

SystemTap into Oracle for Fun and Profit

Topic: This post is about using SystemTap for investigating and troubleshooting Oracle RDBMS. In particular you will learn how to probe Oracle processes and their userspace functions. These techniques aim to be useful as well as fun to learn for those keen into peeking under the hood of the technology and improve their effectiveness in troubleshooting and performance investigations.Introduction

Jonathan Lewis explains Delphix internals

Last week we had a great webinar with Jonathan Lewis as he explained his hands on experience of Delphix, how Delphix works internally and some use cases that Delphix solves for Jonathan.
Jonathan will be joining us a the Delphix booth at Oracle Open World and giving shorter version of the presentation at 10am on Monday and Tuesday and 11am on Wednesday.
Also Jonathan will be speaking at Oaktable World on both Monday 1pm and both Monday and Tuesday for Ted Talks at Oaktable World between noon and 1pm.

SQLDeveloper 4.0.3 is available for download

One more iteration in SQLDeveloper's development cycle, you can now install version 4.0.3

I am curious to see what happens with my shared SQL History on Dropbox after the update.
(it turned out that the shared SQL History folder is still working after the upgrade, cool!)

Where is my space on Linux filesystem?

Not Often, I checked about my space after made filesystem on Linux. Today, I have made Ext4 filesystem around 460GB, I found it 437GB only. Some path should be 50GB, but it was available only 47GB.
Thank You @OracleAlchemist and @gokhanatil for good information about it.

Filesystem                   Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

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