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Oracle 12c Multitenant – Inmemory (pre-basics)

A couple of very, very basic observations on getting going with 12c Inmemory in a multitenant database.

1. When trying to set inmemory_size within a PDB when inmemory_size is 0 in the CDB
ORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this option

OCP 12C – Index and Table Enhancements

Table Enhancements Oracle 12c offers you to create invisible columns, these columns are not visible until you explicitly mention their names in the SQL statement. This functionnality allows developpers to make change to the database without conflicting with the existing application. To create an invisible column: [crayon-5453a0b4ebd14705309203/]  You can’t create invisible columns on : External [...]

How to See the Height of an Index

This example shows where to find the height of an index. I tested it on Oracle 11.2. First I deleted the index's statistics:

Insertchildxml and namespace problem


i'm having a problem with following INSERTCHILDXML-statement on an Oracle 10g, on a windows platform.

XMLTYPE('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


FROM dual;

A New My Sites Section

My Sites just got a new look, but more importantly, it got a technical overhaul, making the page dramatically faster and more powerful.

From one central location, scan and select any of your WordPress sites or create new ones with the support of a more visual interface. Head directly to the posts or pages of a particular WordPress or launch stats to glimpse trends and get inspiration for blog or website content.  Access themes, user settings, and sharing options with a click to make WordPress your own.

Documentum upgrade project: from D2-Config 3.1 to D2-Config 4.1

During a migration from D2-Config 3.0 to D2-Config 4.1, we have encountered 2 issues. In order to have a clean installation and the insurance of being able to backup the configuration, we have decided to perform a full config export on D2-Config 3.0 and a full import with a configuration reset to D2-Config 4.1.

RDX Services: Full DBA Support [VIDEO]


Hi, and welcome to RDX. In this portion of our "services" series, we'll discuss how we provide companies with all of their database administration needs.

With RDX's full DBA support services, we become your DBA team and assume complete responsibility for the functionality, security, availability and performance of your database environments. We know that each company has unique goals and demands, which is why we also implement guidelines and protocols based on your organization's specific requirements.

Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 5

Today’s blog post is part five of seven in a series dedicated to Deploying Private Cloud at Home, where I will be demonstrating how to configure Compute node and OpenStack services on the compute node. We have already installed the MySQL Python library on compute node in previous posts.


I've published recently my script to check index fragmentation. But then do you COALESCE or REBUILD? Well there is also another option - ALTER INDEX SHRINK SPACE. Let's compare all those index defragmentation operations.

Fragmented index

I have an index created when the table had 1 million rows and then I deleted 90% of the rows. Here is the index state from:

OCP 12C – ADR and Network Enhancements

ADR enhancements In oracle 12c the Automatic Diagnostic Repository contains a new log directory with 2 subdirectories : DDL Debug The DDL log When you active the DDL logging in Oracle 12c using enable_ddl_logging=true, Oracle writes all DDL operations into the specific DDL log instead of writting it to the alert log. The DDL logging feature [...]

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