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xml to csv in powershell

Powershell is very strong with XML, to convert an XML document to something flat like a CSV file, it is incredibly powerfull.

Let’s take a file called emp.xml

Parallel Fun

As I write, there’s an ongoing thread on Oracle-L that started with the (paraphrased) question: “I’ve got this query that returns 7 million rows; when I change it to ‘select count(*)’ it returns in 4 seconds but when we display the full result set on screen it takes hours, and every second or two the screen pauses; how do I make it go faster.”

Replace Keyword in CLOB Column

We have got really interesting scenario for our companies busiest website. We want to replace work 'GCSE's' to 'GCSEs'. Now interesting thing is that text or data stores in CLOB columns of few Tables. Some how we manage to find the tables and it's CLOB column.

Approximate Count Distinct ( new feature)

With the release of the Oracle Database there was a number of new features and options. Most of the publicity has been around the in-Memory option. But there was lots of other features for the DBA and a few for the developer.

Quick Links to Helpful Literature on Oracle Database In-Memory Column Store.

I’m surprised to find that Google is not cleanly ranking the helpful set of blog posts by Oracle’s Maria Colgan on the Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Column Store feature so I thought I’d put together this convenient set of links. Google search seems to only return a few of them in random order.

Over time I may add other helpful links regarding Oracle’s new, exciting caching technology.

Audio semi-Visual Presentation on Clustering Data in Oracle

I suppose it had to happen eventually but one of my presentations has ended up on YouTube. It’s a recent presentation I did for the Oracle Midlands user group in September.

The topic is (as the title of this blog post hints at!)Boosting select performance by clustering data. The video consists of the slides I presented, changing as the presentation progresses, with my audio over the top. It goes on for a bit, close to an hour, but you could watch a section and then go and do something else before watching a bit more.

Oracle 12c New Feature IDENTITY Columns

In Oracle 12c when we create a table we can populate a column automatically via a system generated sequence by using the GENERATED AS IDENTITY clause in the CREATE TABLE statement.

We can use GENERATED AS IDENTITY with the ALWAYS, DEFAULT or DEFAULT ON NULL keywords and that will affect the way or when the identity column value is populated.

By default the GENERATED AS IDENTITY clause implicitly includes the ALWAYS keyword i.e GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY.

AWR don't store explain plan predicates

What is the most important part in an execution plan? It's probably the predicate section. It helps to see implicit conversions. It helps to understand why an index is used or not. Or to see additional predicates coming from constraints. When you get an execution plan from shared pool, the dbms_xplan.display_cursor() shows the predicates. But when you retrieve a plan from the past, dbms_xplan.display_awr() don't show them.

GoldenGate Not Keeping Up? Split the Process Using GoldenGate Range Function

In most environments one set of GoldenGate process (1 Extract & 1 Replicat process) is sufficient for change data synchronization. But if your source database generates a huge volume of data then a single process may not be sufficient to handle the data volume. In such a scenario there may be need to split the […]
The post GoldenGate Not Keeping Up? Split the Process Using GoldenGate Range Function appeared first on VitalSoftTech. CDB views are now using CONTAINERS()

I've blogged about multitenant internals at the time when was just released. Something has changed in and blogging about it was in my todo list for a long time. Now the occasion to do it has been triggered by a question on Oracle Forums about CDB_DATA_FILES not showing PDB$SEED datafiles because there is an important change we must be aware of.

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