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Thoughts on Google Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Dataflow is a data processing tool developed by Google that runs in the cloud. Dataflow is an easy to use, flexible tool that delivers completely automated scaling. It is deeply tied to the Google cloud infrastructure, making it a very powerful for projects running in Google Cloud.

New Theme: Independent Publisher

On this Theme Thursday, we’re happy to announce the latest addition to our collection of free themes.

Independent Publisher

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We have a number of updates to partitioned tables that are run from within pl/sql blocks which have either an execute immediate ‘alter session enable parallel dml’ or execute immediate ‘alter session force parallel dml’ in the same pl/sql block. It appears that the alter session is not having any effect as we are ending up with non-parallel plans. When the same queries are run outside pl/sql either in sqlplus or sqldeveloper sessions the updates are given a parallel plan.

opatch auto failing “Can’t locate in @INC”

Those days, when trying to run “opatch auto” on a Enterprise Linux 7 server to automatically patch my GI Home and all the Database Homes, I faced the following error: [crayon-55e14a262ed60724769769/] The problem was that lib was missing. Checking at MOS, I found the Doc ID 1915430.1 (Opatch Auto fails with: Can’t locate saying that …
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Migrating tablespaces across endian platforms

T 4 HP-UX IA (64-bit)   Big 13 Linux x86 64-bit   Little[/code]


Set the tablespace EXAMPLE read only


getSQLMON… mining SQLMON reports from Oracle

As an Oracle performance engineer, I often work with customers on benchmarks and diagnosis of various issues.  Now, everyone can gather an AWR report and send it my way, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  AWR reports are great for summarizing activity at a high level and can even find a SQL that is taking longer than expected.  So, once we have identified a poor performing SQL, how do we fix it?

…that is where SQLMON comes into the picture.

After startup trigger on RAC

Recently, a colleague of mine had some problems with pinning application procedures into the shared pool. His database was upgraded to RAC and he wanted to pin the application procedures and packages into shared pool upon the database startup.
The non-RAC version of the database was using a shell script, something like $ORACLE_HOME/local/scripts/ in the script that was starting DB when the system was booted

Introduction to logarithms; yet another x86 reverse engineering exercise

Introduction to logarithms; yet another x86 reverse engineering exercise

Oracle Golden Gate - DR solution


We are in the process of setting up golden gate in our DB env(for reporting) and with it comes a necessity for a DR solution.

I would appreciate your feedback and any other ideas for my setup below.

Current Env:

Primary Site DR Site

Primary Database 1 dataguard standby database 1

Heather Matarazzo’s Personal Stories from Inside and Outside Hollywood


Actor Heather Matarazzo has only published a few posts on her new blog, but each one has stirred up an incredible response from inside and outside the community.

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