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Michael Abbey; Still Presenting After All These Years

A cool wintery day in late 1989. This kid’s working for the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. I’d been working with Oracle and in my fourth year. I had cut my teeth on after first seeing V3 some four years prior. I stumbled across a well-placed ad for a show happening in Anaheim USA in September 1990. I’ve got the bug. I apply to go to the show and was told by my employer ,”Just a sec, David and I were thinking of going to that show – let us get back to you.” Some three weeks I am told it’s a go.

APEX: Save a user’s checkbox selection on local PC

You want a checkbox item on a page which is a preference, you want it to be remembered for the user across login sessions, but you don’t want the overhead of storing it in a database table. You might choose to store the value in a cookie instead. It may be lost (e.g. when the user clears their cookies or changes to a different browser or another computer), but we don’t mind – it’s just a preference.


Can you justify your data ?

People ask me to justify use of Delphix. I can understand. Delphix is pretty new and often, most of my friends who are DBAs respond with “I can copy a database, so what, I can do it a little faster with Delphix.” Well that’s missing the whole boat. The question won’t be why you should use Delphix but “can you  justify working without Delphix?”
I see Delphix as amazingly positioned at nexus of data concerns right now – the right place at the right time :

New Oracle Bug alert (Bug 19384287)

Heads up to all the folks running and above if you're using function-based indexes! There's a new Oracle bug 19384287. I'll fill you in with a complete post over at Toad World.

Exalogic - ECHO Release with APR 2014 PSU - New Features

We have recently underwent the Oracle Exalogic Virtual ECHO Release from  There are many new features that are available.I have a few favorites:OVM and OVS --> upgraded from 3.0.3 to 3.2.1Distribution Groups --> 8 member to 30 member and viewability (to be expanded on)IAAS API/CLI changes --> enhanced view and pull capabilities into the backend emoc applicationEMOC BUI --> the responsiveness of pages and menus load faster than its predecessor

Best Way to generate Primary Keys in Java, Oracle RAC web application (Sequences?)

Environment: Oracle 11G, Web Portal Application development, Java, DataGuard available if needed

What is the best/recommended/proven way to generate integer surrogate keys for App development with Oracle as back-end in multi node RAC environment. There may be relatively frequent node switch-over.

Q. IS CACHED, non-ordered sequence is best preferred way in above environment?

data maintenance and quality,
Data ETL/Refreshing between environments,

Can you handle big data? Oracle may have an answer

Now more than ever, database administration services are providing their clients with the expertise and software required to support big data endeavors. 

They haven't necessarily had much of a choice. Businesses need environments such as Hadoop to store the large amount of unstructured data they strive to collect and analyze to achieve insights regarding customer sentiment, procurement efficiencies and a wealth of other factors. 

AIOUG ! Sangam 14

The Annual AIOUG Event “Sangam 14″ is scheduled for November 2014. I am presenting this year. The Agenda will be published soon on AIOUG Website. Thomast Kyte will be back in India for this event, along side Maria Colgan from Oracle Optimizer Development Team. Syed Jaffar Husain will also be presenting.

Looking forward to meet Oracle Community.

SQL Optimization ! Yet another example ……

This is another classic example where the Developers needs to know a better way of writing a code. I wrote about one such example in my earlier post. There are many ways of achieving a target, but very few to achieve this in an efficient manner.

Deploy a SQL Server database to Azure

Deploying a SQL Server database to a Windows Azure virtual machine is a feature introduced with SQL Server 2014.

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