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Delphix Data as a Service (DaaS)

The capabilities of Delphix can be differentiated from snapshot technologies through the following hierarchy:

Cascade Constraints and Logical Replication

There have been so many advances over the years in what relational databases can do. Over time, you tend to start taking many of these features for granted and just assume they have always existed. One of those features that comes to mind is Cascade Constraints; this topic has come up a few times recently […]

List all RMAN backups that are needed to recover

This blog post is something I had in draft and Laurent Schneider blog post reminds me to publish it. With the right RMAN configuration you should not have to managed backup files yourself. The RMAN catalog knows them and RMAN should be able to access them. If you want to keep a backup for a long time, you just tell RMAN to keep it.

Speaking at UKOUG Systems Event and BGOUG

I’m pleased to say that I will be speaking at the UKOUG Systems Event 2015, held at Cavendish Conference Center in London, 20 May 2015. My session “Oracle Exadata Meets Elastic Configurations” starts at 10:15 in Portland Suite. Here is the agenda of the UKOUG Systems Event.

If you use swingbench take note of sbutil

This is going to be a very short post for a change. I have used Swingbench extensively and really love the tool. Many thanks to Dominic Giles!

Recently he announced a new tool on his blog that you can use to inflate your data volume. So instead of using the “-scale” argument when executing oewizard you can just keep the defaults and later on create as much data as you like. Here is an example, the reason for this post.

Setting the Scene

SQL Server 2014: First Service Pack (SP1) is available

May 14th, Microsoft has released the first Service Pack (SP1) for SQL Server 2014. It is more than thirteen months after the RTM version.SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 includes all of the CU from 1 to 5.
Which issues are fixed in this SP1
There are 29 hotfixes:

  • 19 for the Engine
  • 6 for SSRS
  • 3 for SSAS
  • 1 for SSIS


SQL Saturday Lisbon: from Francesinha to Bacalhau

The last week-end, I was at the SQL Saturday 369 that held in Lisbon. If you take a look at the agenda, you'll probably see that there is a lot of interesting sessions with a lot of famous speakers. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend to all sessions, so I decided to focus only on those that have a direct correlation with my work.

Indexing and Transparent Data Encryption Part I (The Secret Life of Arabia)

Database security has been a really hot topic recently so I thought I might write a few posts in relation to indexing and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) which is available as part of the Oracle Advanced Security option. To protect the database from unauthorized “backed-door” accesses, the data within the actual database files can be encrypted. […]

First Impression for Evodesk Desktop Unboxing

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by anyone to write positive or negative review.

Opinions are my own based on my limited engineering background.

First, packaging is somewhat poor and could be much better for a desk costing close to $1,000 ($886 for my configuration).

Tape coming off.


What is the purpose of the NOFILENAMECHECK parameter?

I am duplicating my database onto a remote host. In the command, the NOFILENAMECHECK parameter is used. What is its purpose?
The post What is the purpose of the NOFILENAMECHECK parameter? appeared first on VitalSoftTech.

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