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To N or Not to N, is SYS_OP_C2C the Question; Oracle NVARCHAR Slow?

February 8, 2015 I was recently contacted about an odd performance issue with a software product named TDM, where certain SQL statements submitted to an Oracle 9.2.x database required roughly 30 seconds to execute when a nearly instantaneous response was expected.  The person who reported the issue to me provided a sample SQL statement that […]

Install Nagios on a Synology DiskStation DS415+ (Plex Support Also Added)

December 24, 2014 (Modified December 29, 2014 – Added Plex Support Section, January 11, 2015 – Added Nagios Web Status and Fixed Status Logging, April 5, 2015 – Added Plex/Nagios/Wordpress Stress Test, May 25, 2015 – current Plex download supports CPU in DS415+) (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) This article describes how […]

Review of Synology DS415+, How to Add Memory to the DS415+, Web Pages Not Databases

December 19, 2014 As frequent readers of this blog likely know, I have not posted very many articles recently.  It seems that lately I struggle to find time to post interesting items to the blog, which is mostly focused on Oracle Database notes, so this is a three in one off-topic post.  I have been busy […]

On the Topic of Technology… 7

September 26, 2014 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) As I was walking from the back of the facility where I work to my office just recently, I started repeatedly saying to myself as I approached the office door, “that huge computer was not here when I started calling my office a second home“.  I […]

Book Review: Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Second Edition

July 15, 2014 (Modified August 21, 2014, August 22, 2014, November 6, 2014, January 9, 2015) Extensively Researched with Detailed Analysis Covering a Broad Range of Oracle Database Performance Topics, Providing Insight that is Not Available from Other Sources I pre-ordered this book in December 2013, having previously read the first edition of this book […]

FIRST_ROWS_n Optimizer Mode – What is Wrong with this Statement?

June 8, 2014 It has been nearly two years since I last wrote a review of an Oracle Database related book, although I have recently written reviews of two Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 books and a handful of security cameras in the last two years.  My copy of the second edition of the “Troubleshooting Oracle […]

On the Topic of Technology… 6

March 16, 2014 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series)  (Forward to the Next Post in the Series) It has been a while since my last post on this blog – I guess that the simple answer is that I was busy with a lot of non-Oracle Database related items, and was suffering from […]

Oracle Enqueue Rules Leading to Deadlock Changes Again in 12.1?

August 1, 2013 Four years ago while co-writing two chapters for an Oracle Database book, an interesting test case was put together to demonstrate how enqueues are handled when multiple sessions are competing for some of the same database resources – the test case was intended to demonstrate the neat, orderly, and predictable process implemented by Oracle Database.  Oracle Database […]

Install the Oracle Client on a Synology DiskStation DS1813+ or DS412+ for Nagios to Monitor Databases

July 26, 2013 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) (Forward to the Next Post in the Series) In the previous article of this series I provided steps to install and run the Nagios network monitoring utility on either a Synology DiskStation DS1813+ or a DS412+ for the purpose of pinging network devices to verify […]

Install Nagios on a Synology DiskStation DS1813+ or DS412+

July 19, 2013 (Modified July 27, 2013, July 28, 2013, November 19, 2013) (Forward to the Next Post in the Series) —- Update July 27, 2013: I now have Nagios running on an ARM based Synology DiskStation DS212+.  Most of the steps are the same as outlined below, however there are a few additional errors […]

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