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ADF code review (crime #1)

Doing code review is like reading a mystery novel. You always wander why… and you rarely find logical answers.

An example of ADF code in managed beans:
            try {
                OperationBinding ob = ADFUtils.findOperation("Rollback");
            } catch (NullPointerException npe) {
                //Probably due to being the first time... no worries.

One Application Module to rule them all?

I was called to help on an ongoing ADF project
It has only one application module.
It is live in production for the past 2 years with around 20000 concurrent users at peak times
It has around 200 view instances.

More than a year without a post.

I just realized than it’s been more than a year without a blog post.
No I haven’t stop working on fusion technology. It’s probably because I work more….

ADF-BPM Integration: Custom Worklist.

A custom worklist is something commonly required from customers that use both ADF and BPM.
There are some user tasks that must go through a BPM process and other tasks that are performed directly.
So usually in the ADF application a worklist to display the BPM Tasks is required.

Oracle fusion gives many options to approach this and this can cause confusion.

Direction 1
My first approach some years ago was to use the exposed task flows of the BPM worklist:

ADF Table Click to Edit functionality

I haven't been posting lately, i feel sorry for that.

This is mostly because i am up to my head with new projects, BPM, SOA, BI and other fusion middleware technologies. Also because:

Focus is Lost in IE8 when value is changed in Input List of values

New bug in Jdeveloper version. It was not reproduced in
It also happen only in Internet Explorer 8, not in 9 and not in Firefox.
When a value is selected or typed in an Input List Of values then the focus (cursor) goes to the internet explorer tab. This causes frustration to user's and delay in data entry.

Cannot commit orddoc Attribute through jdbc datasource

This is a new issue in JDeveloper version :
After migrating adf application from jdeveloper to the uploading of files in an ORDDOC database field fails with error: adfemg updates

ADFEMG-19 Combo Box not supported for ADF Faces?
lodged ER 14034162.

ADFEMG-20 ListOfValuesModelImpl : No row found for rowKey.
 new bug in jdeveloper, bug 14034129 logged and Fix scheduled

Input List Of Values, autosuggest behavior

By default when you type a value in an input list of values the query is executed always with the LIKE operator.

This is very annoying for users that do heads-down data entry.
Also if the field is a number executed query force full table scan causing performance issues.

We just need the option to disable auto-suggest behavior (on design time) so that the query is executed with '=' operator and the LOV does not open when the value entered is valid.

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