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EPM Maintenance Release

I have finally got round to putting a post together around the maintenance release, I would first like to stress this is not going to be a step by step process guide and to be honest the maintenance release is no different than applying in previous releases which I have already covered here and

EPM - Java versions and why Windows Server 2012 is not correctly recognised

Today’s post looks at an issue with not correctly picking up Windows 2012 and explores the reasoning behind it.

If installing EPM on Windows 2012 Server the following OS information is shown in the installer prerequisite checks:

EPM finally available on edelivery

After the most disorganised EPM release I can remember the downloads are finally available on edelivery.

Planning New Features

So much was promised for the release of planning but unfortunately some of the key new functionality missed out on the release and it looks like it will be delivered in a PSU.

The main new feature is the simplified interface even though it is not really new as it first appeared in and was aimed purely at accessing the interface through a tablet which I blogged about here.

EPM Installation and configuration

As expected there was a flurry of activity on social media that

EPM - Did you know? #5

Time now for the fifth and final part of the “did you know” miniseries and from the list of topics the following has been randomly selected for today:

Did you know there is an EPM System Activity Report in

It is not documented and probably was only developed for use with Oracle’s PBCS but nevertheless it does exist and can be run on any EPM server.

The report generates the following statistics:

EPM - Did you know? #4

Back again with the fourth instalment of the “did you know” series and the random topic for today is:

Did you know that you can alter the frequency or disable the essbase OPMN ping?

EPM - Did you know? #3

Today I am going to be continuing the “did you know” series with the third instalment.

This time the randomiser has picked:

Did you know where the EAS console picks the version/patch number from?

EPM - Did you know? #2

If you read yesterday you will know I am putting together a series of quick posts with EPM information which you may or may not know.

The randomiser today has picked:

Did you know you can simply automate the refreshing of the Shared Services cache using the Java API?

EPM - Did you know? #1

I thought I would try something different over the festive period and as it is a time of sharing I am going to put together a series of very quick posts on EPM related information which you may not know..

I have created a list of topics and for each blog I will randomly pick one from the list, now they may be of no interest to you or you may find you already know them but I am sure some will find them useful, I am not sure how many I will get through as it is all time dependent but I am aiming for five.

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