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EPM patch has landed

Finally after a long wait EPM has arrived and the patch comes in a bundled 1.8GB download or as Oracle likes to call it a superpatch.

There are a few exceptions as the .500 Essbase related products were released last week and are separate downloads, I believe this also applies to DRM.

EPM – Purging LCM migration status report

Prior to it was possible to purge migration status reports from within Shared Services.

Where does EAS store user information

I have been meaning to write up this blog for a long time but never got around to it, recently there was a post on the Oracle forums which kick started me into finally addressing the topic.

In the pre 11.1.2 world of EAS it was simple to find out what users, server, profiles were being used in EAS as the information was all stored in XML files within the EAS storage directory.

LCM now supports planning essbase data (after patching)

A quick update from me as I noticed an patch was recently released for Shared Services:

Patch 17307819: PSU

EPM clone utility

Whenever I complete a build of an environment I test out basic functionality of the installed products with a set of sample applications, reports and integrations, if there are a number of environments to build this process can sometimes be a little tedious so I was looking for a way to speed up and simplify the process.

In a new command line utility appeared which allows the cloning of environments and it basically uses LCM (Lifecycle Management) as the engine to achieve this. Planning – email configuration

To configure the email server in all planning releases prior to it would be done through the system settings area in each application and this had to be done by the application owner.

Patch available for EAS web console bug with Java 7 update 45

Recently I posted a blog about an issue with EAS web console and Java 7 update 45, if the update is applied then the web console is blank when opened and cannot be used.

I just noticed that there has been new patch set updates ( released for Essbase related products which includes the following: EAS web console with Java 7 update 45

Update: PSU released to fix issue:

If you are running and use the EAS web console with Java 7 then make sure you don’t apply update 45 or the console will stop working.

Essbase PSU incorrectly packaged

Update 6th November 2013: PSU now available for Essbase related products and are correctly packaged.

I was intending on applying the latest patch set update for the Essbase related products and noticed an issue with the Essbase Server and RTC patches which I thought I would share.

Now I know that the problem will be soon rectified and I will update this post when it has been updated in Oracle Support.

EPM Standalone Log Analysis Utility

In a new command line utility was released that analyses ODL compliant logs to help troubleshoot problems and find route causes.

If you are not aware of the utility here is the Oracle documented information on it:

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