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Planning – Smart View metadata management

One of the new features in planning is the ability to manage dimensional metadata through Smart View which I am sure many are keen to find out more about so here is my take on the new functionality.

The key highlights are:

EPM Installation and configuration changes

For the last five years I have written a blog about the installation of each release of EPM 11 and this year there is going to be no exception as has just been released.

This release brings a large number of bug fixes, new product features and changes to installation and configuration which I will be covering today.

EPM available

Just a quick update from me, EPM is now available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

EPM Workspace integration with OBIEE

The recent release of OBIEE finally added in the ability to provide single sign-on integration between EPM Workspace and OBIEE, yes the functionality has been available for a while if integrating Workspace with though this was a complete hack and required installing Shared Services plus the biggest drawback was that it was not available for OBIEE 11g.

Planning - Changing grid fetch size

From there is yet another planning property available called GRID_PARTIAL_FETCH_SIZE which provides the ability to set the size of the data grid at that is returned to client when a form is opened, this property has been added because there are possible performance issues when scrolling past the default size.

Please note this property is only aimed at ADF enabled applications and is set at application and not form level.

Planning change homepage default view

There is a new property available from to change the default homepage view when you first log into Planning.

The default for a user is the Task List view: Online help or not

This is one of those blogs that has been in the back of my mind for ages and I have never been sure whether to write up, maybe because it is about online help and that is enough to send anybody to sleep.

From the way help is delivered has changed and to be honest I know it is all over the documentation but I think through my own ignorance I pretty much ignored the following statement.

Problems starting the OPMN Essbase windows service after changing the Log On account

Back with another quick blog that was inspired from a post on the OTN forum, the poster raised an issue when changing the account to manage the OPMN windows service.

The issue relates to starting the Essbase OPMN service but I believe it is valid for any of the 11.1.2.x EPM OPMN services.

After the initial configuration of Essbase an OPMN windows service will be created and set to be controlled by the Local System account.

Financial Reporting Studio firewall fun

Another quick blog from me, I was recently working on an windows environment build with a customer who had a strict policy to enable the windows firewall between servers and the users accessing the system, I have never really had much dealings with firewalls as I have been lucky enough to work with internal networks which have been firewall free.

Changing the EAS web console heap size

Recently I was asked about a heap size issue with the EAS web console, now I have never seen the following error before and probably won’t again as business rules slowly merge into calculation manager.
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