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Feed items Planning – email configuration

To configure the email server in all planning releases prior to it would be done through the system settings area in each application and this had to be done by the application owner.

Patch available for EAS web console bug with Java 7 update 45

Recently I posted a blog about an issue with EAS web console and Java 7 update 45, if the update is applied then the web console is blank when opened and cannot be used.

I just noticed that there has been new patch set updates ( released for Essbase related products which includes the following: EAS web console with Java 7 update 45

Update: PSU released to fix issue:

If you are running and use the EAS web console with Java 7 then make sure you don’t apply update 45 or the console will stop working.

Essbase PSU incorrectly packaged

Update 6th November 2013: PSU now available for Essbase related products and are correctly packaged.

I was intending on applying the latest patch set update for the Essbase related products and noticed an issue with the Essbase Server and RTC patches which I thought I would share.

Now I know that the problem will be soon rectified and I will update this post when it has been updated in Oracle Support.

EPM Standalone Log Analysis Utility

In a new command line utility was released that analyses ODL compliant logs to help troubleshoot problems and find route causes.

If you are not aware of the utility here is the Oracle documented information on it:

EAS - single sign-on to Essbase using separate Shared Services instances

I am back with a blog that was inspired from a question posted on the OTN forums, the poster asked if it was possible to use single sign in EAS to connect to two Essbase servers which are managed by separate Shared Services instances.

The initial answer is no because each Shared Services instance will use a unique CSS token encryption key but the answer changes to yes it is possible with the help of a utility. PSU released for Essbase products

The first patch set update for Essbase related products was released this week and this time they all start with a memorable .001

EPM Workspace integration with OBIEE issues when using SQL Server

I wasn’t expecting to write another update to the Workspace/OBIEE integration process but I recently saw a comment on my blog which highlighted issues when configuring with SQL Server, I must admit that I did neglect to test the configuration against SQL Server and I usually base my testing on Oracle.

Now I could have left it but it would just niggle in the back of my mind until I knew if the process does have problem with SQL Server and if it is possible to succeed with the integration.

EPM Registry cleaner utility bug + fix

Quick update from me today about a bug with the registry cleaner utility in

The utility was introduced and installed by default in though it is also available in once a patch has been applied.

Now I am not going to go through the utility as I have already wrote a blog about it which you can read about here.

FDMEE – ODI Console and Studio

If you are deploying FDMEE and have a requirement to install ODI Studio then you may be slightly confused if you read through the Installation and Configuration documentation as it currently states the following:
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