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Feed items PSU released for Essbase products

The first patch set update for Essbase related products was released this week and this time they all start with a memorable .001

EPM Workspace integration with OBIEE issues when using SQL Server

I wasn’t expecting to write another update to the Workspace/OBIEE integration process but I recently saw a comment on my blog which highlighted issues when configuring with SQL Server, I must admit that I did neglect to test the configuration against SQL Server and I usually base my testing on Oracle.

Now I could have left it but it would just niggle in the back of my mind until I knew if the process does have problem with SQL Server and if it is possible to succeed with the integration.

EPM Registry cleaner utility bug + fix

Quick update from me today about a bug with the registry cleaner utility in

The utility was introduced and installed by default in though it is also available in once a patch has been applied.

Now I am not going to go through the utility as I have already wrote a blog about it which you can read about here.

FDMEE – ODI Console and Studio

If you are deploying FDMEE and have a requirement to install ODI Studio then you may be slightly confused if you read through the Installation and Configuration documentation as it currently states the following: – Planning Outline Load Utility enhancements

I was looking at the new features for the planning Outline load utility and the following caught my attention -”Administrators can now use the Outline Load utility to export metadata to a relational data source.”

Going back to there were quite a few enhancements to the outline utility:

  • Import metadata and data from a relational data source.

EPM Workspace integration with OBIEE update

In a recent blog I went through the process of integrating EPM Workspace with OBIEE, as EPM is available I thought I would test out the process covered in the blog to see if there are any issues.

In theory the process should be exactly the same and there is nothing yet to state otherwise but unfortunately I did hit a few problems. – Remove EPM instance

Another new feature to hit the infrastructure side of is the ability to remove EPM instances and the components deployed into that instance, this could be useful if you want to scale down a deployment and say consolidate components onto an existing machine or move an instance to a new machine, it could even be that you messed up and want to remove an incorrectly configured instance.
The following tasks will be performed during the instance removal for the components in this instance:

EPM – Vertically Scaling Java Web Applications

One of interesting new features for EPM configuration in is the ability to vertically scale based Java web applications through the configurator, yes it was possible to vertically scale in previous versions though I am not sure how supported the process was unless you were in the exalytics world and it certainly was not as slick as it is now.

At present the following EPM components do not support vertical scaling:

Planning – Smart View metadata management

One of the new features in planning is the ability to manage dimensional metadata through Smart View which I am sure many are keen to find out more about so here is my take on the new functionality.

The key highlights are:

EPM Installation and configuration changes

For the last five years I have written a blog about the installation of each release of EPM 11 and this year there is going to be no exception as has just been released.

This release brings a large number of bug fixes, new product features and changes to installation and configuration which I will be covering today.

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