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Loading to EPMA planning applications using interface tables - Part 3

In the last part I went through interface tables and if you followed the blog you should now understand the requirements to load metadata to existing dimensions using them

I ended up with a set of tables ready to be populated with metadata though I am not going populate them just yet as I think it is worthwhile running through an interface import profile first.

Loading to EPMA planning applications using interface tables – Part 2

In the first part I went through an introduction to what this series is about and covered getting the core planning application created in EPMA.

In this part I want to look at interface tables and end up with them built ready to load metadata into.

Loading to EPMA planning applications using interface tables - Part 1

In the mass of blogs I have written about using ODI with the Hyperion adaptors there is one area I have not touched upon and that is EPMA interface tables, it is true there are no knowledge modules available to make life easier when loading to EPMA type applications but by using interface tables it certainly is achievable.

Get up and running with Smart View

There has been a flurry of activity on various blogs around the new patch release of Smart View as at last it is starting to mirror the essbase add-in and apparently provide much more, seeing as this is the hot topic at the moment I thought I would jump  on the bangwagon and go through the steps to get you up and running with the latest version.

It is not just a case of updating Smart View as the essbase server and APS need to be patched to be able to use this new functionality.

ODI Series – Issues with and the Hyperion knowledge modules

Recently on the ODI forum an issue was brought to my attention wh

ODI Series - Summary

I thought I would take this opportunity to put together a full list of links to all the ODI related blogs I have written, as I try to cover all areas of EPM I feel the ODI ones are becoming fragmented and it is worth putting together a summary page that can be used as a start point and one that I will update in the future as and when I cover ODI subject areas.

This is probably one of the few posts that I don’t have to spend hours taking screen shots and uploading them.

ODI Series - Deleting planning members

I have been asked numerous times lately how to delete planning members using ODI, I did cover loading planning metadata way back in one of my early blogs but have never covered deleting and even though it is quite similar to loading metadata I thought I may as well go through the steps and highlight some errors that may be encountered, it also stops me having to repeatedly explain the process and I will be able to be lazy in future and just provide the link to this post.

EAS 11.1.2 session timeout and workspace tips

I am not sure if it is just me but the session timeout in 11.1.2.x EAS has slowly managed to annoy me more and more, if you leave EAS unattended for a period of time then you will likely be hit with

EPM compact deployment update part 2

This week’s blog is a continuation from the last one on compact deployments, it is not essential that you have read the last blog but for this one to be of any benefit then you would have had to successfully completed a compact deployment.

EPM compact deployment update

In a previous post I went through the steps on deploying EPM WebLogic based web applications in compact mode.

There were a couple of questions that were left unanswered questions in the post and I have been asked a few times what the answer is to them so I thought I would write up my findings.

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