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Report In The Cloud

We have had a few different blogs recently regarding reporting. We talked about the need for different geographic databases and we have talked about the performance benefits of reporting databases. One thing we didn’t really talk about is how to set that database up. Of course setting up a reporting database is really just setting up […]

Dbvisit Standby Part 2 – Using Pre- and Post- Processing

In the second post of this two part blog series I will continue the discussion on two of the (lesser known and often forgotten about) features available in Dbvisit Standby Version 7. The first option discussed – here – outlined how you can recover a standby database to a specific SCN or timestamp, so that […]

How is The View Part 3

First we talked about regular views and then materialized views, we can now discuss how materialized views can be useful in different ways that can be used with data integration. Of course I wanted to talk just about the pitfalls and things to look out for but you can see how the topic has expanded. Let’s suppose […]

Dbvisit Standby Part 1 – Recover to specific SCN or TIMESTAMP

While busy testing the latest Dbvisit Standby version 7.0.36 I realized again that apart from the core functions of the product, there are many additional features available which a lot of people are not aware off. The development team has done an amazing job at including these additional features into the product, and so in […]

How Is The View Part 2

In Part I of “How Is The View?” I wanted to talk about materialized views and replication and we started talking about regular views instead so let’s talk about materialized views this week. Materialized views, besides being a fantastic name, are physical manifestations of a view. What does that really mean? Well as you recall we […]

We need to talk about your TPS (or Oracle) reports

If you have seen the movie Office Space then you know all about the TPS reports. Aside from corporate bureaucracy rules, reporting has become a fact of life for many companies. These reports are either run ad-hoc (someone just happens to want a random report at this particular time), scheduled reports or reports that feed dashboards. There are also […]

Rocky Mountain High

As I headed to Denver to attend the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group’s (RMOUG) training days, I was pretty excited to get to warmer weather. Typically people don’t say that they are going to Denver to warm up but as I entered my car in the morning it was -22 C. This would be my first visit to RMOUG […]

How Is The View?

As mentioned in the recent ITL blog sometimes issues come in ‘waves’. Meaning that prospective customers or current customers seem to ask similar questions around the same time.   Another issue that recently came up a few times was materialized views. Before we dig into how materialized views fit in with replication, let’s talk about regular views […]

Waiting is not what you want… avoid the ITLs

Recently I can across an interesting error here at Dbvisit: 2015/01/01 11:10:30 ERROR> ERR-3112: Apply waiting on lock on DBVREP user. This is either an internal deadlock, multiple running appliers using the same data, or someone manually changing data using this account. User DBVREP, sid,serial#: 15,529, Module/Action/ClientInfo: XID: 0005.01f.008c23da/start SCN: 8412318113/, Last Call Elapsed Time […]

Be Prepared For The Storm

This past week a large winter storm hit the Northeast of the United States. Prior to the storm the weathermen (I am hesitant to call them all meteorologists) were hyping the storm as a ‘Storm of the Century’. And it seems that now in the US snow storms are named. They have been naming hurricanes […]

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