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10 Must Do’s Before Testing with Dbvisit – Part II

In our previous installment, we talked about 5 things to have ready before you install Dbvisit Replicate. Many of the items seemed quite ‘simple’ and things that shouldn’t have to be mentioned. I have seen each of those items be a stumbling or roadblock when doing a Proof of Concept. Let’s pick up where we left […]

When I’m boxed in with tight timeframes and urgent migrations, what do I do?

In today’s business environments, where flexible hours are the norm, expectations around data availability can be 24/7. And while that’s great for organizations, let’s face it, that also makes the job of a DBA that much tougher! Hardware needs to be maintained and periodically updated, while software upgrades and patches need to be applied regularly. And […]

10 Must-Do’s Before Testing with Dbvisit – Part I

I was asked by a partner recently on what the top 10 must-do’s were before setting up Dbvisit Replicate. After I sent the email to him, I figured that it would be useful for others so I might as well publish it for all to see. Many items on this list might seem a bit ‘simplistic’, but I promise you that […]

Collaborate 2015 Round Up

The last thing in the world I wanted to do on Sunday morning was wake up early and get on an airplane. I had just arrived back home on Friday night at about midnight. However, I remembered how great Collaborate 2014 was and that kept me smiling a bit. Just a bit, as I did […]

Report In The Cloud Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed a bit about the differences in AWS EC2 instances and AWS RDS instances; then it was right into the facts about how to set up replication from on premise to the cloud. In the Dbvisit Replicate release 2.7, the setup wizard was enhanced to have specific information for AWS RDS […]

JIRA DoubleDay

I have been reading a lot recently about what makes a successful team, and how to get teams that are physically separated around the globe to work better together. I have also been reading about ‘Hackathons’. Then I had a dangerous idea… I wonder if we could combine them and try something here at Dbvisit. […]

Culture, Coffee and Cricket – NZTE Networking in London

  I was pretty excited as the day started off. I made sure that I got up super early as I didn’t want to be late. I researched what Tube station to get off and headed over to the Pall Mall. American should know that it is not pronounced Pall Mall but more like ‘pal […]

Report In The Cloud

We have had a few different blogs recently regarding reporting. We talked about the need for different geographic databases and we have talked about the performance benefits of reporting databases. One thing we didn’t really talk about is how to set that database up. Of course setting up a reporting database is really just setting up […]

Dbvisit Standby Part 2 – Using Pre- and Post- Processing

In the second post of this two part blog series I will continue the discussion on two of the (lesser known and often forgotten about) features available in Dbvisit Standby Version 7. The first option discussed – here – outlined how you can recover a standby database to a specific SCN or timestamp, so that […]

How Is The View Part 3

First we talked about regular views and then materialized views, we can now discuss how materialized views can be useful in different ways that can be used with data integration. Of course I wanted to talk just about the pitfalls and things to look out for but you can see how the topic has expanded. Let’s suppose […]

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