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Redo that History!

Oracle redo logs. Many DBAs talk a lot about Oracle redo logs without every really thinking much about them. Let’s dig in and see what Oracle redo logs and their cousins, Oracle archive logs, are all about. We are not going into how change vectors and LCRs are in the log but rather we’ll keep […]

Let’s Talk About Cloud and DRaaS

Over the last few years, there is one term that is being mentioned more and more every day – Cloud. Now this is not a blog post about weather patterns – but maybe I can state that there is a slight “thunderstorm” on the way from a technology point of view. Maybe you are in […]

Back Down Under

I recently got back from a trip ‘down under’ again. It was my first time visiting Australia and I have to say I liked it. Weather was great, people were friendly and there was good beer and cider to be had. We hit the ground running after my long, long flight from the US. Arriving […]

Data, Data Everywhere!

Data is the lifeblood of an organization. Lots of companies have lots of data, but making the most use of that data could be the key to success. Data that is locked up in their online production systems is not always the best place for it. Running reports and intensive queries can have an impact […]

Replication – Building a Platform for the ‘Age of the Customer’

Last week I was lucky enough to be involved in the recording of a webinar for Dbvisit in which we engaged with industry analysts, the Forrester Research group. Our original line of thinking for this session had been spurred by the shift we are seeing in the market towards hybrid (on premise to cloud/hosted) deployments, […]

News Flash – Oracle SE2 is out!

As you may have seen in my previous post – Oracle Standard Edition 2 (SE2) is on the horizon, there was some changes brewing with regards to the Oracle Editions. Now it is official, Oracle Standard Edition 2 (SE2) has been officially released as of the 1st September 2015, following a few teasers that were […]

OTN LA Tour 2015

A few months ago I received the excellent news that I was selected to present on the Oracle Technology Network Latin American Tour (OTN LA Tour) – and my destinations: Mexico and Guatemala. I was super excited to have been given the opportunity to present at these events, next to what I call Oracle legends […]

Replicating from Oracle to MySQL with Dbvisit Replicate – Part II

In Part I, we walked through the process of performing a basic installation of MySQL on our target server in our test system, in preparation for configuring an Oracle to MySQL replication with Dbvisit Replicate. So, at this point, we are now ready to install the Dbvisit Replicate software. (NB: In an Oracle to Oracle […]

Replicating from Oracle to MySQL with Dbvisit Replicate – Part I

Over the past couple of months, I have fielded a number of questions from partners, customers and prospects who have been looking at setting up and configuring Oracle to MySQL replication with Dbvisit Replicate. MySQL is one of the target database options which our application supports, along with Oracle and SQL Server, and is extremely […]

Looking for an Alternative to Oracle Streams? Take a Look at Dbvisit Replicate!

Oracle 12c has been out almost two years ago this July; it also has some great new features added recently. There have also been quite a few announcements that came out with Oracle 12c; two announcements in particular that many anticipated. Oracle 12c announced the deprecation of Oracle Advanced Replication and Oracle Streams. Many have […]

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