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Head in the Clouds

Normally people would say that my head is in the clouds because of my height.. but now it is because I just came back from a week in Las Vegas at the reInvent conference hosted by Amazon Web Services. Much has been hyped the past few years about ‘the cloud’.  I often used to just let it […]

Oracle SE Vs. Oracle EE: Much Ado About Nothing, Or… Pure Gold? Not Too Hard To Pan Out!

We have a large customer (hosted by a great infrastructure outsourcer partner of ours) who recently went through the process of decommissioning their Oracle Enterprise Edition licenses and recommissioning all business systems to run on Oracle Standard Edition. After looking at a number of different solutions they purchased Dbvisit Standby, our answer to Data Guard […]

Adding Dbvisit Replicate as an Oracle Clusterware Resource

Today I decided to play with Oracle Clusterware and Dbvisit Replicate version (2.5.10) using a two node Oracle RAC environment as source, and a single instance as target.  The idea is to add Dbvisit Replicate to clusterware as a resource and allow it to fail-over between the nodes as required. For example, if Dbvisit Replicate […]

It’s a Wrap! Key Takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2013

While the titan battle between Team Emirates New Zealand and “Mr Oracle” Larry Ellison and team raged on outside, Oracle OpenWorld 2013 erupted into a seething mass of positive energy and unique personalities all coming together to network and investigate the latest in leading edge products and technologies, with possibly a teeny bit of socializing […]

Cloud Database Offers On-premise Advantages

These are times when there are technologies abundantly available to help you make the very best of the data you gather from your business processes. Increasing numbers of businesses choose the option to host their production database environment in one of the many cloud forms that are available these days. This example of a smart […]


5 REASONS WHY ATTENDING #OOW13 IS A GREAT USE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY  You’d think dropping $5K+ to attend the Mother of all software company conferences might be a questionable use of time and money, but on this point, my friend, I encourage you to think again. Here’s why: 1. Massive community learning and […]

Art, Craft and the Grumpy DBA @ Oracle OpenWorld

In a little under 3 weeks time a team of 7 from Dbvisit will be heading to San Francisco to take part in Oracle OpenWorld. With more than 60,000 people from 122 countries expected it really is a brilliant place to learn about the likes of cloud computing, big data, emerging IT trends and new […]

Oracle Standard Edition Deserves a Second Chance

Earlier in the year I presented at Collaborate 13, a talk entitled “Why not Oracle Standard Edition?” and recent chatter on the social media scene about Standard Edition has prompted me to talk a little about Standard Edition, again. Just watched video sent by @yvelik, can’t understand why everyone isn’t using Oracle SE with @dbvisit? […]

Retail Innovation with Real Time Oracle Database Replication

Fierce competition now exists across all commercial sectors where the good fight over every slice of margin while trying to create value without increasing cost rages. The following example from a retail background shows an innovative way to score points in this battle, leveraging the #1 database in the world, Oracle, with the lowest investment […]

Installing Oracle 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby (Part 4)

This section will cover:  Installing Dbvisit Standby in an Oracle 12c Standard Edition RAC environment with a single instance standby database Note: As a prerequisite to this post, it is assumed that you have worked through Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in this series, and that you have a 2 Node Oracle Standard […]

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