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Replicating Many Schemas with Dbvisit Replicate

I came across a requirement from one of our prospects last week – a database migration project – where they wanted to replicate 700 schemas from an Oracle 10g database to Oracle 11gR2. All of this can be fulfilled by Dbvisit Replicate, our real-time replication solution, and Golden Gate alternative. The intuitive setup wizard of […]

Installing Oracle 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby (Part 3)

This section will cover: Part3 – installing Oracle 12c RAC Database Standard Edition Note: As a prerequisite to this post, it is assumed that you have worked through Part 1 and Part 2 in this series. In this section I will show you how to peform two installations of the 12c Database software: Installing for […]

Installing Oracle 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby (Part 2)

This section will cover:  Part 2: Installing Oracle 12c Clusterware (Grid Infrastructure) Note:  It is assumed that you have followed Part 1 in this series. In this section I will show you two installations of the 12c Grid Infrastructure: Installing Grid Infrastructure for a cluster environment Installing Grid Infrastructure on a standalone environment All my [...]

Installing Oracle 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby (Part 1)

Since the release of 12c I am sure a lot of you, like me, have been enjoying playing with the new edition to the Oracle Database family.  Although it is very exciting to learn about all the new features in this major release, sometimes the installation process – one of the critical factors to any [...]

The First Dbvisit Europe Meeting and Why Database Replication is our Specialty

Dbvisit has 700 customers in 80 countries on 6 continents; 80 partners in 25 countries, and direct staff in 5 countries. Physically we are a virtual organisation, culturally we are a company that brainstorms, collaborates, talks, argues, and laughs together sometimes in person but usually via video conference or chat. Our HQ is in New [...]

Kscope13 in New Orleans – Fun And Profit Enjoyed By All!

Our lives in the Oracle database technology field consist of lots and lots of project work, tough deadlines, configuration challenges, resource constraints, and a heaping helping of plain ol’ stress. So it’s a good thing to get out of the office and meet up with people you only know by telephone / email to get [...]

Oracle Database 12c and three New RMAN Features

Last week Oracle Database 12c was released and as many did I downloaded it straight away, looking forward to installing and testing some of the new features. The download consists of two zip files for the database, and another two files for the Grid Infrastructure installation if you want to use ASM or if you [...]

‘Vienna Heat’

  Left today on the17:10 flight to Vienna from Düsseldorf with clear skies and wind on the tail. Tomorrow the convention will kick off at the Ottakringer Brewery. This will be the ultimate combination of hi-tech content and good entertainment. There will be many friends of Dbvisit present. In the unique setting of technology meets hi-tech [...]

How to set up multiple standby databases with Dbvisit Standby

One question the Dbvisit Support team often gets asked is, whether it is possible to run multiple standby databases off the same primary database. The good news is that the answer is yes, and with Dbvisit Standby this is actually very easy to configure. In this post I am going to walk through the steps [...]

Oracle Offload Reporting Solution Buyer’s Guide

Cost effective delivery of offload reporting databases is something many companies are chasing in this age of real-time…everything! Within any organization this information will come from multiple sources, and is continually being created and updated by a wide range of systems.  They demand the ability to review and report on the detail of this data, effectively [...]

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