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Can I migrate my Oracle DB to the cloud seamlessly without wings and a 1000 mile trek?

Oracle database migrations don’t have to be long arduous journeys. As spring returns to New England the birds are migrating back to their breeding grounds here in New Hampshire and further north.    Looking out of my window I watch them fly past my barn.  I see them move north through the clouds.  This image reminds […]

The Right Ingredients for a Dbvisit Replicate Proof of Concept (PoC)

A Proof of Concept (PoC) can be a vital and decisive factor before implementing any solution in a live production environment.  Having access to technical support from the vendor can speed up the PoC phase and reduce the overall project timeline – resulting in a happy project manager and putting you on the path to […]

Discussing “right -sizing” at AUFO

In March the annual AUFO event took place in PARIS and it was a very interesting day for us. With an attendance of over 350 participants, this day event in the heart of Paris is a yearly rendez-vous for French speaking Oracle users as well as People Soft and JD Edwards. I was fortunate to […]

A lesson in planning for the unexpected on a grand scale!

Most of us are familiar with the challenges the Philippines face as the most hurricane/typhoon susceptible country in the world. So imagine how challenging it would be if your business provided essential food and water to the population of over (a staggering) 99 million and those people relied on your business to be available during […]

Are You A Leader Or A Manager?

  Ever notice that the term ‘leader’ gets thrown around a lot?  An often used word and most people think that they know what it means.  People talk about their elected ‘leaders’ or the ‘leaders’ of corporations.  If you have a title does that make you a leader?   This topic has always fascinated me.  Hundreds […]

Great News – Dbvisit Replicate 2.6 Is Out!

The wait is over.  One of the great things about smaller companies is that we are much more agile than some of our competitors.  Rather than have a large release every 2-3 years we respond to our customers and give them features that they want sooner.  This means that we will come out with smaller […]

A Lot Can Happen In 100 days.

This week marks my 100 days at Dbvisit. It has been a fast 100 days. When I look back over these past 3 months I see that a lot has happened here at Dbvisit. I was lucky enough to start my employment right as the first official Dbvisit Replicate Training class was starting. This is a great class that […]

In a Virtual World Just How Relevant is Physical?

As a high tech software company we employ a range of industry leading tools that allow us to do business virtually. We find it a convenient, efficient channel to organize meetings, present product demonstrations, conduct training and talk with our customers, without the inconvenience of at least one party having to leave their office environment. […]

Head in the Clouds

Normally people would say that my head is in the clouds because of my height.. but now it is because I just came back from a week in Las Vegas at the reInvent conference hosted by Amazon Web Services. Much has been hyped the past few years about ‘the cloud’.  I often used to just let it […]

Oracle SE Vs. Oracle EE: Much Ado About Nothing, Or… Pure Gold? Not Too Hard To Pan Out!

We have a large customer (hosted by a great infrastructure outsourcer partner of ours) who recently went through the process of decommissioning their Oracle Enterprise Edition licenses and recommissioning all business systems to run on Oracle Standard Edition. After looking at a number of different solutions they purchased Dbvisit Standby, our answer to Data Guard […]

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