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Accelerate Your Learning With Replicate Training

Great news!  Dbvisit is pleased to announce that our Dbvisit Replicate training is now online and for a limited time… offered at no charge. As many of you know I was a DBA instructor in a past life, so training is near and dear to my heart.  I loved being in the room and seeing […]

RMAN – The pocket knife of the DBA – Part 2

In this second instalment of the series (Missed the first instalment?), “RMAN – The pocket knife of the DBA” I would like to focus on backup sets vs. image copies, as a lead in to the special subject of incremental backups. So let’s step back and take a look at what constitutes an RMAN backup set and […]

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part IV

We have now reached Step 3 of the Setup Wizard. PreSteps, Step 1 and Step 2  were already covered. In Step 3 we will start to choose which schemas and table we wish to replicate. Step 3 – Replicated tables The third step is to choose the schemas and tables to be replicated. If the […]

RMAN – The pocket knife of the DBA – Part 1

One area which has always interested me within the Oracle ‘world’ is Backup and Recovery, and there is one utility in particular that I think stands out – RMAN. Oracle Recovery Manager, or RMAN as it is widely known, is one of the most important database utilities, and one that every Oracle DBA should be […]

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part III

In Part I of this series we discussed the install process and some pre-requisites for installing Dbvisit Replicate. In Part II we talked about Step 1 of the setup wizard describing the databases.   Remember, I mentioned the common pitfall of not having TNSNAMES.ora set up correctly.  Today we are going to discuss Part III which is Step 2 […]

What a difference a year makes

Today September 1st marks my one year anniversary with Dbvisit.  And oh what a year it has been. Dbvisit is a ‘virtual’ company.  With the HQ in Auckland, New Zealand I knew that I would not be spending much time physically with my coworkers.  However, I was lucky enough to meet many of them just […]

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part II

In Part I of this series we talked about the initial set up and some of the components of dbvrep. We walked through the few questions needed prior to asking about your databases.  Now we will look at setting up the replication for your databases, of which there are usually two, referred to as source […]

Back to Basics With Dbvisit Replicate – Part I

A few of my recent blogs have talked about the new features of Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.  I want to now change track and get back to basics.  The next series of “back-to-basics” posts  are going to be exactly that, starting at the beginning.  So let’s go over exactly how to set up Dbvisit Replicate and […]

Why you should be thinking about Disaster Recovery right now!

  Let’s face it, DR – the business of disaster recovery planning – is not the most glamorous of topics in the I.T “universe”, and often times is treated as a poor cousin. But its relative reticence in speaking up for itself doesn’t make it any less important! There are forces at work ‘out there’ […]

When No Locks Are A Good Thing

One of the most powerful features of the Dbvisit Replicate 2.7 release is the No Lock feature.  This feature will allow you to truly take advantage of zero down time migrations as well as not taking any downtime at all during setup.  Before we dive into the No Lock feature let’s review a bit about […]

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