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Looking for an Alternative to Oracle Streams? Take a Look at Dbvisit Replicate!

Oracle 12c has been out almost two years ago this July; it also has some great new features added recently. There have also been quite a few announcements that came out with Oracle 12c; two announcements in particular that many anticipated. Oracle 12c announced the deprecation of Oracle Advanced Replication and Oracle Streams. Many have […]

Stop Being So Optimistic!

Last week, I took to reading extracts from Frederick Brooks’ classic text on software engineering, “The Mythical Man Month” (also available for purchase). I have known about the book and a few of its core ideas for some time, but have never got around to actually reading it. So, what drew me to it was his […]

DBA Represent – Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Here We Come!

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 In the world of Oracle, the Oracle OpenWorld conference is a big deal and, globally speaking, actually one of the largest tech gatherings out there. Each year, tens of thousands of devotees make the pilgrimage to San Francisco to learn, network and take in industry “scene setting” keynotes from the Oracle top […]

Kscope15 Recap – the Conference, Networking and Learnings!

What a couple of weeks! Having only just returned from Japan a few days earlier, I was now headed for another plane and another first; this time the East Coast of the USA, and the balmy beaches of Hollywood, Florida, just north of Miami. Despite 3 flights and a 2am arrival time, there is something […]

db tech showcase – Tokyo, Japan

When heading to a country for the first time, there is often a sense that you don’t know quite what to expect, and this was certainly the case when I journeyed to Japan just a little over 2 weeks ago. This was augmented by the feedback I received from friends and colleagues who had been […]

Oracle Standard Edition 2 (SE2) is on the horizon….

The long awaited Oracle Database 12c was released on the 25th June 2013 with version, and back then this included the same key editions we are used to: Standard Edition One, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition Oracle Multi-tenancy was one of the big discussion points. However, the options in the Oracle Standard Edition space […]

Cascade Constraints and Logical Replication

There have been so many advances over the years in what relational databases can do. Over time, you tend to start taking many of these features for granted and just assume they have always existed. One of those features that comes to mind is Cascade Constraints; this topic has come up a few times recently […]

Partnerships, Products and Pubs – Our Visit to England & Germany

As I mentioned in the NZTE Networking in London blog, I had a great opportunity to talk about partners while in London in March. In fact, I can now tell you that NZTE made a video about the importance of NZ companies and partners. The video is now online – check it out! I spoke about […]

10 Must Do’s Before Testing with Dbvisit – Part II

In our previous installment, we talked about 5 things to have ready before you install Dbvisit Replicate. Many of the items seemed quite ‘simple’ and things that shouldn’t have to be mentioned. I have seen each of those items be a stumbling or roadblock when doing a Proof of Concept. Let’s pick up where we left […]

When I’m boxed in with tight timeframes and urgent migrations, what do I do?

In today’s business environments, where flexible hours are the norm, expectations around data availability can be 24/7. And while that’s great for organizations, let’s face it, that also makes the job of a DBA that much tougher! Hardware needs to be maintained and periodically updated, while software upgrades and patches need to be applied regularly. And […]

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