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Garrett D'Amore: [developer] webrev: pfile postmortem support

Just noticed in repository that this work has been integrated:

changeset:   13875:f128a109e6d2
user:        Garrett D'Amore
date:        Fri Nov 02 09:48:42 2012 -0700
summary:     3294 pfiles postmortem support

Sorry that it goes through my blog, but I can't work through listbox weird URLs.

illumos NTFS-3g kernel module again

Today I saw an e-mail from Jean-Pierre André. He is very active around illumos NTFS-3g kernel module. Please use and test.
Link to Jean-Pierre André's e-mail.
Content pasted below for convenient read.
If you'd like OpenIndiana to support NTFS out of the box, please comment on


I am now releasing the fuse kernel module for OpenIndiana. Ntfs-3g

illumian - debian-like distribution of illumos

Recently my attention got caught by illumian, a Debian-like distribution of illumos. Since I come from Debian world, having administered Debian based servers for over ten years now, this distribution that uses .deb package format caught my eye. While I slowly get used to IPS, I find it far less friendly than apt- and friends.

Experiences Starting

Experiences Starting an OpenSource Operating System. Garrett D'Amore speaks at SCALE10x about the genesis of illumos. Recorded by Deirdré Straughan on her Youtube channel.

OpenIndiana and ntfs-3g

I have patch ready to change unhelpful on OpenIndiana, SmartOS and other illumos distributions mention of modprobe to suggest:
/usr/sbin/add_drv -m 'fuse 0666 root sys' fuse
Still have to find out, why the heck link was not created in the first place. :/

I recently had to use ntfs formatted USB drive under OpenIndiana and run into a small problem.
I shamelessly used gparted to find which device maps to my usb disk. Then had following session with ntfs-3g binary:

ZFS is ten

ZFS turned ten years old. There is short but nice blog post about it. One thing worth noting is, how long it takes  a feature from initial implementation to first introduction to operating system. Four years before inclusion in OpenSolaris project and then in Solaris 10 in 2006 IIRC.

OpenIndiana 151a release

OpenIndiana project has just released stable 151a release.
Follow download link for the goodness. There are also instructions for upgrading from previous OpenIndiana releases and from OpenSolaris.

The long way thay have come

I've just read the interview with Lennart Poettering and one thing struck me. Long way have come Linux users and developers from being in the corner, if one of influential Linux infrastructure developers can say, that *BSD is no longer relevant and holds back innovation. It may be true, that keeping in mind other operating systems when you hack on software is slowing you down, but then it helps keeping things simple and well written.

Monitored resources are not monitored

A very short observation today. I've seen quite a share of small and big companies in my career. Most specifically of their IT infrastructure, having worked in or closely with their IT departments. There are three points to be made and relayed to IT staff so often and forcibly so that they know it by heart:

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