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OpenSource is not a panacea

OpenSource is often presented as more secure and better quality software that closed source one. Reason cited is that many eyes look at the code making is better and more reliable. It has been written numerous times that it may be truth for live and active projects and that starting or opensourcing a project won't make the magic happen out of the box. As Sun Microsystems has found out.

illumos, OpenIndiana hacking session

Update: Revival:

Thanx to Hans Rosenfeld the session will happen. Place, time and cost as previously.

Update: Cancellation:

I'm very sorry to inform you that due to unexpected interference the session cannot proceed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that I may have caused.

DRM fail

My Dad is a owner of notebook with BlueRay and bigscreen LED TV. He's got Blade Runner Final Final Really Final Director's Cut BlueRay version. So, obvious thing he wanted to do, was to connect Notebook via HDMI to the TV set and watch one of his favorite movies. No way. He's got "You display environment does not allow to play secured content".
If you want a reason why DRM cripples users just consider short story above. Everything in that chain was bought legally. With real, hard earned money. But he can't watch a friggin' movie.

The Life, Universe and everything.

For over a year now I am someone I have never been before - a user. I'm not a IT staff now, although I do some system administration, but in a very limited area and very rarely. If I was pressed to call my those sysadmin duties I sometimes perform, it is more a consulting than actual work. For a very first time in my about decade long career I'm not the one with root password. It is a fantastic opportunity to observe and reflect on a rift we all know is between users and IT staff, as now I know both sides of the fence.

New packages for OpenIndiana

Thanx to a hard work of Project pkgsrc OpenIndiana will soon gain new packages via NetBSD's pkgsrc. There is a point in OpenIndiana weekly meeting agenda:

illumos is where it's at

I was asked very recently where are all those people that pledged their support for illumos. I just filed a bug against illumos DTrace, based on Bryan Cantrill's blog post, and got in a bit of conversation with him:

09:12 <> upstream means Solaris 11?
09:12 <> WTF is Solaris? ;)
09:12 <> Upstream is illumos.

In the Linux journalism world all non Linux things suck

I don't like being rude and I don;t like to pick a fight. I'm rather bad at both physical and verbal confrontation. I've read, however, a piece of so called journalism that made me react, again, to something that could very easily be thought of as a FUD. I believe it is a honest mistake and just a bias that author is unaware of, right? Right?

illumos based OpenIndiana

Update 26.02.2011.
There is also a USB image. You can use it, quite conveniently, with dd tool on Linux or with OpenSolaris USB Live creator on Windows written some time ago by Hiroshi Chonan.
To write it to USB stick with dd, you have to prepend a special header, which you can download here. Just do:


ServerWatch trying to create a sensation?

In this piece of journalism from Server Watch we read, that Linux distributions are looking at Apple store to copy it and allow for easy installation of software. Where this article obviously fails is at getting facts right. So let us straighten it out for them.

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