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#238 SOA Suite Adapters - UMS Adapter

Above the list of PS5 adapters -

Below the list of PS6 adapters -

#236 Installing OSB

Installing OSB on Win 64bit

Files required -

Step 0 - install RCU

#235 WSM protecting composite - yet again!

Here we go, the last of 3 posts -

The exposed service is protected by the following WSM policy -

#234 BPEL invoking SAML protected web service

Firstly kudos to the excellent posts from Edwin Biemond - which were my starting point here -

also a BIG thanks to my colleague FlaviusS for the SAMLCredentialMapperProvider setup.

In this scenario, I create a web service and deploy it to WLS server running in nc_domain.

I then create a SOA composite with a BPEL process that calls this service.
The SOA composite is deployed to bpmps6_domain.

#233 Simple example of BPEL invoking WSM protected service

Very simple example -

I have created a validate creditCard web service and deployed it to WLS

#230 OSB frontending Fusion CRM

Continuing from post # 227.

#229 - Fusion CRM WS --> find opportunities for a specific customer

That's my opportunity - here's the request payload to retrieve it.
I use the OpportunityService, operation findOpportunity
All you need is the customer's (in this case, Limerick Ham Ltd) PartyId.

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