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#224 Fusion CRM Web Services --> Create Appointment

The relevant wsdl is available at -

# 223 SOA Made Simple Chapters 7-10

This is the last leg of this book review. It is the sort of book that I can imagine one ends up delving into off and on - i.e. excellent reference work.

Chapter 7 is titled - Creating a Roadmap - How to spend your money and when?
Here they forgot to add with whom --)

# 222 Oracle Fusion CRM - Querying Customer via Web Services

Here I want to query SalesParty based on
- PartyName
- website
- City
- Country
- Phone Number

it leverages the findSalesParty operation -->
you can, of course, modify to suit your needs.

SOAP Request here

# 221 Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XVI

I attended the above last week in Faro, Portugal. Great event, as usual with Juergen Kress as the master of cermonies. I am always impressed by his organizational skills as well as his dedication and out and out professionalism. Juergen - take a bow!

I ran the 2 day BPM 11g PS6 workshop along with my colleagues David Read and Angelo Santagata.
The feedback from the partners was great - very positive. So I am looking forward to blogging about all the cool new functionality/features which are about to be unleashed.

So watch this space...

#220 Fusion CRM - create a SALES_PROSPECT via web services

Thanks to DonS.

Step 1. create a new address for the prospect using the Location Service.

#219 SOA Made Simple 4-6

Continuing my review -

Chapter 4 - Classification of services -

In this chapter the authors go into more detail on Elementary services, Composire Services and Process services and their relationship to the 3 architecture layers - Business, Information and Technology.This chapter also discusses aggregation vs orchestration - and contains many real world examples to illustrate all concepts discussed.

Chapter 5 - The SOA Platform

This chapter discusses the building blocks of a SOA platform - Registry/Repository, ESB, Identity Management, BPM etc.

#217 OATS 12c -Application Testing made easy

worth looking at for not just SOA/BPM app testing -

Check it out here

#216 Eloqua update for Oracle CRM partners

Just to remind you...

#215 Oracle Fusion CRM partner integrations

I have been getting some questions about this recently -
here's a good info source -

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