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BPM 11g - aggregating orders example

Scenario: Customer places an order, it is processed within 2 hours.
If in the meantime the customer orders more goods these will be added to the original order.

So I considered the following approach -

2 processes - OrderEntry and OrderShipping.

In this post I look at the OrderEntry process

BPM Process Accelerators

Well worth looking into -

"PAs deliver business process solutions built using Oracle BPM Suite, leveraging other Oracle solutions and applications as needed by the business process being supported. Accelerators undergo rigorous product-level testing, and can be deployed as-is, including key application interfaces, yet are conceived and architected to be extended to meet unique customer business and environment requirements. "

Check out the collateral at

Fusion Apps Enterprise Repository

Your first port of call for looking at Fusion Apps Integration points.

URL is
or simply click here

BPM UserTask -->complex assignment


I have a simple order approval BPM app.
An order needs to be approved by an Approver.
An Approver is someone, who according to our LDAP directory, belongs to the NCGroup1 and NCGroup2.

In this post I discuss how to access LDAP for the relevant info.

I create such a user - nc - leveraging weblogic's embedded LDAP.

BPM 11g - Extending Timers

Scenario: Order Process includes a timer e.g. we have to wait a certain amount of time for clearance before processing the order. This time may need to be extended e.g. for large orders etc.

Basic flow is as follows -

Fusion Apps --> great resource from OUG

I am getting more involved with Fusion Apps at the moment and was very thankful for the followin g link from my colleague Angelo S.

Mediator Resequencing - simple example

Ok, so we lost against Spain - but at least now the world knows "The Fields of Athenry"

Her is a simple example of Mediator re-sequencing - a not so well known SOA Suite feature.
Very interesting for AIA style integrations e.g. multiple order updates in EBS being passed on to Siebel.

I have the following simple scenario -
Order processing - orders are defined as follows -

Ireland vs Spain tonight

So tonight's the night that Ireland will make football history and thrash World /European champion Spain.
The time is ripe, we have lulled them into a false sense of security through our engineered performance against Croatia!

Looking fwd to telling the story to my grandchildren in 30 years...

Updating BPM payload thru various channels

Service request process started for a process. Payload as follows -

an incoming document, adhering to the product definition from the XSD, starts off the process.

OSB and JMS Correlation Part 2


I import the WSDL of my test service that will validate the order

I then create a Business Service based on the WSDL

I test the Service

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