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#302 Using the Human Workflow Event mechanism

Simple scenario - I want to pick up any re-assignment of tasks made in BPM workspace.

Here is my sample process -

#301 Invoking BPM processes programmatically - when to use what?

- A big thank you to my colleague David R. for his comments -

For invoking the process (initial BPM process instance creation) we could --

1. Create a web service proxy based on the BPM process WSDL.

#300 BPM APIs revisited - IInstanceQueryService

The IInstanceQueryService can be used to query instances at runtime -
here is an example output from my Java client.

#299 BPM APIs revisited - DirectBinding and Facade APIs

Direct Binding Invocation -

A common way to invoke a composite is to use SOAP over HTTP.
This is enabled by creating a SOAP service for your composite using web service binding. 

#298 BAM and BPM part 4

Working with the same example - I now create a new BAM dashboard rendering of the Inventory data object to range gauge.
Create a new report in Active Studio -

#297 BAM and BPM Part 3

In this post, I add a rule to BAM to automatically re-order iPads, when the inventory is less than 10.

To begin with I create a web service to mimic the re-ordering.

I create the following class in JDeveloper and expose as a web service.

#296 BAM and BPM Part 2

In this post I create some dashboards for the BPM process.

I begin by adding a new data object  - MyOrder - to BAM.
This will contain the following info -

#295 BAM and BPM part 1

In this post I cover the use of BAM OOTB for BPM process analysis.

I have the following simple process that processes an Order -

#294 Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation

The Book

At last over the holiday period I have gotten the opportunity to delve into this worthy tome. This book is excellent in it's coverage of design- and runtime governance. The example business case used for the book's case study is easy to follow. The authors begin by conducting a SOA Maturity Assessment for the fictional company and detail an appropriate reference architecture for them.

#293 Adaptive Case Management Workshop in sunny Malta Feb 2014

For those interested in attending the workshop - Forum 2014

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