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#245 BPM 11g PS6 Human Workflow Notifications

I have created a simple lab that shows the usage of the above. In this case, jcooper - my demo user - approves an order via email.

# 244 Recommended reading around the Oracle SOA/BPM platform

One of our partners has been asking for some recommended reading -

I can wholeheartedly suggest the following titles -

Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook 

#243 Harvesting OSB artifacts to Oracle Enterprise Repository

Simple example showing the use of the harvester.

Here are my projects in OSB -

# 242 Oracle SOA Suite fault handling framework part 2

Simple scenario of leveraging the fault policy framework for business errors - probably not the way to go - but the lab does end with leveraging the framework to rethrow the business error back to the BPEL process.

Click Here 4 Lab

#241 Simple example of SOA Suite Fault handling framework in action

This simple lab demonstrates the use of the fault handling framework for technical errors.
btw. my first blog post 6 years ago was on this very theme - albeit with BPEL running on OC4J.


#239 UMS adapter - inbound

In the last post I described how to write an email via the UMS adapter.
Now I will show how to consume an incoming email.

Again, I am using JAMES
- in the last post I configured the UMS email driver for incoming emails for POP3 on port 110

#238 SOA Suite Adapters - UMS Adapter

Above the list of PS5 adapters -

Below the list of PS6 adapters -

#236 Installing OSB

Installing OSB on Win 64bit

Files required -

Step 0 - install RCU

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