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#11 BPM 12c New Features --> Fault Handling/Fault Policy Editor in Studio

Here is a simple example that demonstrates use of the new policy editor , available with 12c - 

#8 BPM 12c New Features --> Business Parameters

These are used for setting  business specific constants and can be overridden for an Organization Unit.
If there is no override value for Org Unit, the returned value will be the default value.

So how do these work?

Defining a Business Parameter

#7 BPM 12c New Features --> Process Instance expiration

Nice feature...

A new pre-defined variable - expiration is now available.

You can use get/set on this.

Here is a simple example -

#6 BPM 12c New Features for Business Rules --> leveraging Excel

Nice value-add to BPM 12c Business Rules...

I create a new 12c composite.

#5 BPM 12c New Features - forced commit after execution

Can be used to avoid re-invoke of activity in case of rollback

Here is a simple example of this new functionality.

To begin, here is my composite - write an order to a file and then the orderNr to the DB.

#333 SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration 12c


Note: text in bold/italic is taken directly from the Oracle Docs.

SOA Suite for Healthcare integration has been around since 11g, there ´have been some changes for 12c.
This blog post, however, is just a genral introduction to the component.

#332 processing opaque files using the file adapter

simple example -

I want to pass thru .txt and .doc files.

Here is my directory structure -

# 331 - OEP 12c leveraging EDN Lab

Here is a simple lab that shows OEP and EDN in action.

With 12c, OEP now includes EDN adapters.

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