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#338 SOA 12c --> testing REST enabled services in your browser

I have exposed a simple BPEL process via Service Bus -

I can test the RestService in JDev easily -

#336 Intermittent issue when compiling/deploying ACM 12c app

I hit the following issue a couple of times, when deploying an ACM app -

#335 Task UI form not rendering in BPM workspace

You deploy your BPM process and UI projects, but do not see the task form when you click on a task in the tasklist?

then do the following -

1. go to em.
2. select the composite
3. select the human task
4. set the host to localhost

#334 BPM 12c --> Web Forms - Adding columns to a table...

Thanks to Michael M. for this hint...

Per default we only see 3 columns, we can delete columns here, but not add them.

#15 BPM 12c New Features --> Process Asset Manager (PAM)

From the ORCL New Features Doc -

The Process Asset Manager (PAM) is BPM’s business process repository used to provide seamless collaboration across BPM Process Composer and BPM Studio clients. Both these clients publish projects to PAM which interfaces with source control for versioning and management of BPM assets. Key attributes of the Process Asset Manager are: 
» BPM Project lifecycle management 
» Integrated source control and versioning 

#13 BPM 12c New Features --> Human Task 11g/12c deltas

Here is the 11g Human Task Definition screen -

Here is the 12c equivalent -

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