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#316 - BPM Workspace iPad App

Now available via the App Store -

#315 BPM Re-deployment, keeping running instance on.

This post covers what can happen internally when you re-deploy a BPM process, keeping running instance on. Essentially I deploy the process below, create an instance. I then remove the script task and redeploy, keeping running instances on. The post details what goes on internally to manage this.

Simple example -

# 314 BPM workshop for Web Center partners

I am running this introductory workshop in Barcelona at the end of April.
Details Here

# 313 Java 8

Check it out

#311 Happy St. Patrick's Day from Maui

Off for the month of March for some well deserved R&R.
Spend today on the well worn road to Hana, instead of parading like the rest of the Irish diaspora.

#310 Oracle Bold Data Project

Check it out on YouTube here

#308 Adaptive Case Management API - part 5 - archiving the audit trail to Biz DB

Leading on from the previous post - 
I now detail a basic example of archiving the case audit trail to a Biz DB.

 I created the following table in my Biz schema

# 307 Adaptive Case Management API - Part 4- Getting the audit trail

Building on from the previous examples -

Here is the code -

    public static boolean getAudit4Case(ICaseService caseService,
                                        IBPMContext context,
                                        String caseId) throws CaseServiceException {
        System.out.println("CaseMgtAPI.getAudit4Case() for caseId: " + caseId);

        CaseIdentifier caseIdentifier =

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