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WebCenter Content Quick Search now also on Apple iTunes App Store

This worked reasonably well: I´ve ported the WebCenter Content Quick Search App to iOS and was able to get around all the approval hurdles for the Apple iTunes App Store. You can find the tool here:

Here are some statistics of the code:

New WebCenter Content Quick Search App

I´ve started to port my Oracle Content Server Quick Search App to Cordova (aka PhoneGap) and jQuery Mobile. Obvious goal is to learn hybrid mobile app development and eventually port it to iOS. You can find the app for Android here.

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App now also for older Android 2.1 devices

Due to popular demand I´ve “downgraded” the Oracle UCM Quick Search App to Android 2.1 with some limitation.

You can find it on the Android Market as “Oracle UCM Quick Search SDK7″.

The limitation is in the area of SSL support. Due to the fact, that the public method “onReceivedSslError” of the WebViewClient Class is only available from Android 2.2 (SDK 8 ) on, viewing a content item through SSL does not work in this version. So if you got an Android 2.2 device, please be sure to load the *real* App “Oracle UCM Quick Search” instead.

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App

I have just uploaded the free Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App to the Google Android Market.

Hello Flex World!

I started evaluating Adobe Flex Builder because I though we´d need more trendy components on our user interfaces. Developing with Flash wasn´that easy due to the timelines, animation metaphor, etc. But the integrated development environment and designer for Flex is really cool. Now it is really easy to develop a nice Flash based user interface with MXML, an XML-based markup language, which offers a way to build and lay out graphical user interfaces.

Oracle UCM SiteStudio Web Content in Flex

Oracle UCM SiteStudio 10gR4 has recently been released and reusability of site assets and content has improved a lot. You can find the release notes here

We can use the new functionality to read a fully rendered content from Oracle Content Server and easily display it in a Flex application. We can also invoke a separate browser window for editing this content. All we need are the two new service calls WCM_PLACEHOLDER and WCM_BEGIN_EDIT_SESSION.

Picture Flow with Flex for Flickr

Ok, so for those of you not having access to an Oracle Content Server, here is an example with images from Flickr

You can find the Flex builder project here

Coverflow of UCM Images

In my last blog we saw how easy it is to call a web service of the Oracle Content Server (OCS) from within a Flex application. Can we use the same concept for a nice pictureflow Flex application, that uses an OCS query to show selected images ? Of course we could, but the disadvantage of calling a web service would be, that the user would need to be logged in and authenticated – he would get an authorization popup otherwise. May be we want to show this pictureflow component also to anonymous visitors of SiteStudio websites, so we need to find an alternative solution.

Hello Flex World!

My first Flex application to test interoperability with Oracle Content Server.

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