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Spring at the Ranch

This spring is bringing new changes to the ranch. This vine surprised us with lavender-colored flowers.

On ZFS use at home...

The other day someone asked on the #zfs IRC ( chat about using ZFS at home. As one of the early adopters, I can say it is a great idea! I've been running ZFS at home since late 2005. The first pool of "stuff" I created has been upgraded, expanded, and had its drives replaced. In 2008 I created the latest version of "stuff" as a simple mirrored pair of HDDs. The prior version of "stuff" was transferred to the 2008 pool which is still in use.

kstat changes in illumos

One of the nice changes to the kstat (kernel statistics) command in illumos is its conversion to C from perl. There were several areas in the illumos (nee OpenSolaris) code where perl had been used. But these were too few to maintain critical mass and it is difficult for interpreted runtimes to change at the pace of an OS, so keeping the two in lockstep is simply not worthwhile.

ZIO Scheduling and Resilver Workloads

Latency and performance problems in storage subsystems can be tricky to understand and tune. If you've ever been stuck in a traffic jam or waited in line to get into a concert, you know that queues can be frustrating to understand and trying on your patience. In modern computing systems, there are many different queues and any time we must share a constrained resource, one or more queues will magically appear in the architecture.

Designing ZFS at Datacenter Scale

Here is the abstract for my talk next week at zfsday!

OmniTI adds weight behind illumos/ZFS day

Theo and the crew at OmniTI have added their support to the illumos/ZFS day event in San Francisco next month. Thanks guys! We look forward to hearing more about the OmniOS distribution!

ZFS day is coming soon!

We are hosting illumos and ZFS day events in San Francisco October 1 - 3, 2012. Our good friends from DDRdrive, Delphix, Joyent, and Nexenta are also sponsoring the event. I will be talking about how to optimize the design of ZFS-based systems and explain how to get the best bang for your buck. Jason and Garrett are also on the speakers list, talking about how illumos has really taken hold as a foundation for building modern businesses.

cifssvrtop updated

When I originally wrote cifssvrtop (top for CIFS servers), all of the systems I tested with had one thing in common: the workstations (clients) had names. Interestingly, I recently found a case where the workstations are not named, so the results were less useful than normal.2012 Sep 11 23:50:48, load: 3.11, read: 0        KB, write: 176448   KB

Hello DEY Storage Systems!

Many of my friends have been asking where I've been lately and why they haven't seen me lurking around in the usual haunts. In January of this year, Jason Yoho, Garrett D'Amore, and I started a new company, DEY Storage Systems. I'm the E.

Performability Analysis

Modern systems are continuing to evolve and become more tolerant to failures. For many systems today, a simple performance or availability analysis does not reveal how well a system will operate when in a degraded mode. A performability analysis can help answer these questions for complex systems.

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