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UKOUG Database SIG Leeds- review

Last week we held the UKOUG Database SIG in Leeds as I described in a recent post. It was a well attended event in a  central location with excellent refreshments available. – Thank you to UKOUG’s  Anna Crellin for organising the day so well.

UKOUG Database Server SIG – Leeds May 9th

This is just a reminder for what I think is a strong Core DBA centric agenda being organised by the UKOUG

The location is the Met Hotel in Leeds, right by the station and the last meeting in Leeds several years ago, was well attended so I am sure this one will be as well.

The agenda is below


UKOUG Database Server SIG Meeting

Date: Thursday 9th May 2013

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Location: Leeds/ West Yorkshire

Venue: The Met, Leeds

Migrating an Oracle Home – dead easy?

Changing a database to use a new oracle home is easy isn’t it? A simple interview question that you would never get wrong. Everyone knows that you shutdown the database , edit the oratab file and restart the database again.  So then the interviewer presses and is obviously looking for more.

You confidently follow-up with ‘of course I would have copied the passwd and the init.ora file to the new ORACLE_HOME/dbs folder during the outage.’ The interviewer says “go on, what else will you do?”.

Speeding up datapump exports in

I noticed that a small datapump export  involving a few tables was taking more than 30 minutes. I tried enabling parallelism, which was a mistake as for small tables parallelism is not utilised even if the parameter is used in the parameter file – that is probably worth a blog in itself. I then assumed it was a disk performance issue until I tried it on other systems and realised it was quite a general thing.

I then came across bug 10153617  which is quite old (Sept 2010) but the  release is old now as well.

Rebuild of standby using incremental backup of primary

I have a long to-do list of things I want to test out and one is rebuilding a standby by using an incremental backup from primary. Then along comes a note from my ex-colleague Vitaly Kaminsky  who had  recently been faced with the problem when a customer relocated two Primary 2-node RACs and a single node standby databases to a new location and just happened to start the standby databases in read-only mode. Vitaly tells the story :-

database user xs$null

When we put a new system into production we get the whole set of infrastructure penetration tested. Reading a recent review I saw the following recommendation as part of the database section.

UKOUG Database Server SIG in Leeds, May 9th 2013

Last time a database server SIG was held in Leeds we had a very good attendance and hopefully this will be repeated on Thursday May 9th 2013 when the Metropole Hotel will be the host. This 4 star hotel is very conveniently placed not more than a couple of hundred yards from the station and should be a very good venue.

As always we are looking for good presentations from UKOUG members so that we can have a really strong database focused agenda.

Adding new ASM disks – what is best practise?

According to My Oracle Support note – “How To Add a New Disk(s) to An Existing Diskgroup on RAC (Best Practices). [ID 557348.1]” you should create a test diskgroup using new storage before adding it to an existing diskgroup. That seems eminently sensible, although it is not something I normally do. It proves you can access the disk, and if there is a conflict (i.e the disk is already mapped and in use elsewhere) you are not risking your production DATA diskgroup.

How to identify if a patch is available within a PSU

Within MoS there are a set of notes which list all the patches of each PSU and show in which PSU they came in (PSUs are cumulative). The READme.html file with each PSU does not contain this information Patch Set Updates – List Of Fixes In Each PSU [ID 1337836.1] Patch Set Updates – List Of Fixes In Each PSU [ID 1340010.1] Patch Set Updates – List Of Fixes In Each PSU [ID 1340011.1] Patch Set Updates – List Of Fixes In Each PSU [ID 1449750.1] 

Me and my Exadata Xmas present

Actually it is a cardboard cutout – not me, the server. We have real ones downstairs in the data centre but my cardboard one doesn’t cost as much to support or keep air-conditioned.

Merry Xmas to all


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