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Blog Moving Again

Ok, It is time to move the blog again!  But, this time you shouldn’t have to change your bookmarks!  I am just moving the website to new web host.
The transfer is supposed to be seamless, but I suspect you might see a little downtime over the next week as the domain re-registers and points to the new site.  If it’s not working, please give me some time and check back.
I’ll update you on the other side!

Running Jasper Reports from Java

As a follow-up to my previous post about using iReport, I wanted to write some code that would run the report.  My goal is something that I can launch from PeopleTools.
Below is some Java that will execute the report and build a PDF output.  This class takes the XML data file and the report designed by iReport and produces a PDF out of it.

Using iReport with Query Output

Because Oracle has stopped delivering Crystal Reports with PeopleSoft, I heard a few discussions about whether or not to license it for a new installation.  So, it’s an perfect timing to explorer an alternative tool.
Let me introduce JasperReports.  It is open-source, Java-based report generation tool.  The reports are XML files, but they have a tool called iReport that, in my opinion, is very similar to Crystal Reports.

Explorations in SQL: Fixing Duplicates for Index

I had an issue with some indexes that would not create. The database complained that the table had duplicates in it that violated the index.  For me, the table was PS_AUC_HDR, but these steps should work for any table.  Maybe some of the techniques will be helpful too.  Also, if you know a better way to take care of the problem, please comment.

Great Links: Oracle Database Administration Commands

This article is just to remember some links that I found while working on some database issues.  Maybe they will help someone else:
Viewing the Large Pool Size (from here):

Integration Broker error: Cannot establish HTTP connection

I have been fighting with this error message:

Here’s the text of the message:
Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)

Creating a First Test with PTF

I have been wanting to blog more about the PTF, and this seemed like a good place to start.  Here’s just a first simple test just to show the basics of creating a test.
We’ll start once you have already logged into the PeopleSoft Test Framework client, and the first thing we want to do is create a new test.  You can use the Create > Test menu.

Integration Broker: Message Already Used in WSDL

I ran across this error message the other day, and my web search didn’t return any results.  So, in case anyone else tries the same thing, here’s some info …
Error Message:
Message cannot be changed. Message used in exported WSDL.

Great Link: Integration Broker with ASP.Net

Here’s a great link that helped me out today:
PeopleSoft Integration with ASP.NET Using CI based(In-Bound) Web Services
This article is a great article that describes step-by-step how to integrate a Component Interface with ASP.Net through web services.

Configuring Integration Broker for PTF

Before you can start using the PeopleSoft Testing Framework, you have to get Integration Broker setup.  The last post walked you through installing the PTF client.  This one shows how I configured Integration Broker so that I could login with the client.

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