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Great Links: PeopleTools 8.52 Hype

I have seen several articles on the next version of PeopleTools.  So, here are the links.  The best date I have seen so far is Quarter 3 of 2011.

How to Edit PTIBUpgrade.DMS

While upgrading PeopleTools, one of the steps you have to go through is running this PTIBUpgrade Data Mover script.  It took me a bit to figure out what the values are for the script.
This ITToolbox Thread helped a little bit.
There are 3 values that you have to change in this script.  These are the values that I used:

Virtual Moving Day!

Well, I finally decided to do it!  I got my own website.  So, now comes the challenging part of moving it all to the new site. So, please update your feeds and bookmarks to: And, if you have any suggestions on how I can make it better, please comment.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Tip: Comparing Trace Files

Trace files can give a lot of nice troubleshooting information, sometimes too much.  Sometimes, you may have a situation where a problem occurs in one system but not in another.  You could run a trace in both systems, but comparing those trace files is difficult.  Each line has a timestamp, which will be different in [...]

Explorations in Component Interface: Handling Component Interface Errors

This is a continuation of the following posts: Part 1: Creating the Component Interface Part 2: Security Part 3: PeopleCode The plan this time is to try to see how well we can handle errors.  I have been having trouble with some of my production programs crashing when I have taken all the necessary steps [...]

Great Link: VB.Net posting to PeopleSoft

I did some looking into using VB.Net with PeopleSoft.  If you are using VB6, you can look at the Excel to CI macros and find out how to post to an iScript, but VB.Net is different.  Here are some links that might help: Snippet: HTTP Post, POST XML FILE OVER HTTP POST (VB.NET) HttpWebResponse.StatusCode Property [...]

Explorations in Component Interface: PeopleCode

This is a continuation of the following posts: Part 1: Creating the Component Interface Part 2: Security Now, we need to write some code to use the Component Interface.  Let’s use the Application Engine program from this step by step post. Adding a Log Step to the Program Before we dive into the PeopleCode, we [...]

Component Interfaces Explorations: Security

This is part two of the explorations in component interfaces.  Before we can do anything with the Component Interface that we created in part one, we have to make sure that we have security to it.  Maybe at some point we can explore what happens when we don’t have security, but for now let’s fix [...]

Y2K10 PeopleSoft Style

I was surprised to find today that many of the PeopleTools items on the menu were missing.  Then, someone pointed me to article 1183084.1 on Oracle Support. The problem is that many of the content references have a Expiration Date or Valid To date of 12/31/2010.  If you have some patience, you can go though Portal [...]

Explorations in Component Interface

This is part one of a multi-part series exploring some quirks in using Component Interfaces with Application Engine programs.  If nothing else, hopefully, these will give new developers some insight into how to use a Component Interface.  My goal is to expose a bug in the Application Engine tool that maybe Oracle will see and [...]

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