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Integration Broker: Message Already Used in WSDL

I ran across this error message the other day, and my web search didn’t return any results.  So, in case anyone else tries the same thing, here’s some info …
Error Message:
Message cannot be changed. Message used in exported WSDL.

Great Link: Integration Broker with ASP.Net

Here’s a great link that helped me out today:
PeopleSoft Integration with ASP.NET Using CI based(In-Bound) Web Services
This article is a great article that describes step-by-step how to integrate a Component Interface with ASP.Net through web services.

Configuring Integration Broker for PTF

Before you can start using the PeopleSoft Testing Framework, you have to get Integration Broker setup.  The last post walked you through installing the PTF client.  This one shows how I configured Integration Broker so that I could login with the client.

PTF Startup Error

This is a nice introduction to PTF as I have started playing with it.  Fortunately, the fix turned out pretty simple, so I thought it would make a nice simple blog post.
Here’s the error message:

If you have trouble viewing the image, it reads:

Installing PTF — PeopleTools Test Framework

This is a Step-By-Step series on the PeopleTools Testing Framework.  This is probably the easiest part: installing the Test Framework client tool.  Please stay tuned for more.

Step 1: Install the .Net Framework
If you don’t have the .Net Framework installed, you will get this message:

Review: Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.1

I have been working my way through “Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management 9.1 Implementation“, and it has been a great experience for me.  For once, I get a beginner’s introduction to the system rather than trial by fire.

Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51.0 to 8.51.11

I had hoped to be able to get the PeopleTools Testing Framework posts complete before I proceeded to installing the latest update patch for PeopleTools. After constantly reading that you need to update to the latest for PTF, I decided I was being silly, and I broke down and went through the update.
Here’s what I did:

First, I downloaded the update from Oracle Support:
Update: 866843

Installing Gobal Payroll Rules

This post is a follow up to this thread that I opened.  Unfortunately, at this point, I haven’t figured out what I am doing wrong.  If you see something, please comment either here or on the thread at Oracle Forums.
I am trying to install the  Global Payroll Rules for 856737 and 857845 (both Non-Rule + Rule).

Great Links: PeopleTools 8.52 Hype

I have seen several articles on the next version of PeopleTools.  So, here are the links.  The best date I have seen so far is Quarter 3 of 2011.

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