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What the heck is the INTERNAL_FUNCTION in execution plan predicate section?

Sometimes you see something like this in an execution plan:

Blog formatting

I think I’ve finally gotten the blog formatting to be like I want … The syntax highlighter plugins were not good enough as I want very flexible output formatting (not just code snippets, but sqlplus script output) as below:

A tip for lazy Oracle users – type less with ANSI DATE and TIMESTAMP SQL syntax

I am lazy, therefore if I can type less, I will type less.

Often people are surprised to see that Oracle supports the ANSI DATE and TIMESTAMP syntax in the SQL code, which allows me to shorten the lengthy TO_DATE( …. , ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) syntax a bit. You can just type this if you want to compare some field to a date (day precision):

Snapper v3.61 released – and more work is in progress!

Here’s the latest version of my Oracle session level performance Snapper tool:

I’m going to add more stuff to Snapper in coming days, but thought to release something for testing already :)

Enkitec at UKOUG 2012


Here’s the list of Enkitec’s UKOUG conference sessions – I will be delivering 3 sessions, including a 2 hour Exadata hacking session!

Select statement generating redo – and lost write detection

Gwen Shapira has written a nice summary of a problem case where the classic wait interface based troubleshooting method is not always enough for troubleshooting low-level issues.

Sqlplus is my second home: Part 6 – Colorizing sqlplus and terminal output

Jagjeet Singh mentioned that he has built a V2 of his cool SQL Dashboard sqlplus-based monitoring script, which now also shows a nice colored ASH graph output. Yes, right inside sqlplus!

Do you like to watch TV? Watch Enkitec.TV from now on! :-)

I’m happy to announce Enkitec TV which is a video channel/aggregator of some of the coolest stuff we do here at Enkitec.

Future Appearances 2012

Here’s the list of public events where I’ll be speaking this year:

Enkitec’s Extreme Exadata Expo in Dallas, TX (13-14. August 2012):

Additionally I’m going to be around to participate at Q&A sessions, panels, random Exadata hacking and just for fun! :)


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