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Speaking at the Spanish Virtual PASS Chapter

Title : Recuperación de desastres y soluciones de alta disponibilidad con SQL Server
Event link:
Event description: “Esta presentación presenta las soluciones de recuperacion de desastres (Disaster Recovery) y alta disponibilidad (High Availability) con SQL Server y ofrece escenarios creativos por usar las soluciones para reportages (Reporting), BI y almacen de datos (Datawarehouse). ”

Please feel free to register!

Log Buffer #395, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition ventures out in the fields of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and picks some of the coolest blog posts for this week.


In Oracle, if we add a column to a table which is NOT NULL, we are allowed to do it directly, in a single statement, as long as we supply a DEFAULT value to populate any pre-existing rows.

Percona Live London 2014

Percona Live London takes place next week from November 3-4 where Pythian is a platinum sponsor—visit us at our booth during the day on Tuesday, or at the reception in the eveningl. Not only are we attending, but we’re taking part in exciting speaking engagements, so be sure to check out our sessions and hands-on labs. Find those details down below.


Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 7

Welcome to part 7, the final blog post in my series, Deploying Private Cloud at Home, where I will be sharing the scripts to configure controller and computer nodes. In my previous post, part six, I demonstrated how to configure the controller and compute nodes.

Kindly update the script with the password you want and then execute. I am assuming here that this is a fresh installation and no service is configured on the nodes.

MariaDB 10.0 Multi-source Replication at Percona Live UK 2014

Percona Live UK is upon us and I have the privilege to present a tutorial on setting up multi-source replication in MariaDB 10.0 on Nov 3, 2014.

If you’re joining me at PLUK14, we will go over setting up two different topologies that incorporates the features in MariaDB. The first is a mirrored topology:

The Power of the Oracle Database Proxy Authenticated Connections

We recently received this inquiry from a client:

“Can an Oracle database account support two passwords at once so we can roll out updated credentials to application servers gradually rather than having to change them all at the same time? Then once all of the application servers have been configured to use the new/second password we can change or remove the first one?

Log Buffer #394, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This week’s log buffer edition collects some of the insightful blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


Oracle StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive achieves FIPS 140-2 Validation.

Oracle is a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Global Trade Management.

Deploying a Private Cloud at Home — Part 6

Today’s blog post is part six of seven in a series dedicated to Deploying a Private Cloud at Home, where I will be demonstrating how to configure controller node with legacy networking ad OpenStack dashboard for webgui. Feel free to check out part five where we configured compute node with OpenStack services.

MySQL: Troubleshooting an Instance for Beginners


So as you may know, my new position involves the MySQL world, so I’m in the task of picking up the language and whereabouts of this DBMS, and my teamate Alkin Tezuysal (@ask_dba on Twitter) has a very cool break and fix l

High System Time on Windows Running in a VM

Recently I’ve seen an issue with CPU usage on a server running Windows 2003 Server in a VMware. This is a small Virtual Machine with just 2 cores allocated (which are possibly mapped to “threads” on a host level but I don’t know the details). For some reason very high System CPU time was reported in a Statspack report.

Here is how it looks like in a 1 hour Statspack report:

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