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Alter Session Kill on Steroids

Perhaps you have encountered something like this: A session that is consuming too many resources needs to be killed. You locate the session and use ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ‘SID,SERIAL#’ to kill the session. As you continue to monitor the database you find that the status of the session in v$session is ‘KILLED’, but the session does not go away. You also notice that the SERIAL# is continually changing.

Some Observations of Puppetrun with Foreman

After joining Pythian I was introduced to several configuration management systems and Puppet was one of them. Foreman is a system management tool which can be integrated with Puppet to manage puppet modules and to initiate puppet runs on hosts from web interface. This is very useful if you want to configure large number of systems.

Puppet kick, which was previously used to initiate puppet run from foreman is deprecated now.

Cloud: How to Configure an Azure Point-to-Site VPN – Part 1

This blog post is the first in a series of three which will demonstrate how to configure a Point-to-Site VPN step-by-step. Today’s post will teach you how to configure a virtual network and a dynamic routing gateway, and the following blog posts will demonstrate how to create the certificates, and how to configure the VPN client.

Nowadays we are opting to move parts of, or even entire systems to the cloud. In order to build a hybrid environment, we need to find a way to connect our enterprise/local network, also known as on-premises, and the cloud.

Log Buffer #382, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Leading the way are the blogs which are acting as beacons of information guiding the way towards new vistas of innovation. This Log Buffer edition appreciates that role and presents you with few of those blogs.


Is there any recommended duration after which Exalytics Server should be rebooted for optimal performance of Server?

SQL Server and OS Error 1117, Error 9001, Error 823

small__3212904193 Along with other administrators, life of us, the DBAs are no different but full of adventure.  At times, we encounter an issue which is very new for us, rather, one that we have not faced in the past.  Today, I will be writing about such case.  Not so long

Interesting Behavior of MaxCmdsInTran Parameter

I recently worked on transactional replication issue and discovered interesting behavior of the log reader agent switch called MaxCmdsInTran and wanted to share it with you guys.

Lets take a look at  the use of this switch by looking at the msdn documentation below,

MaxCmdsInTran number_of_commands

In-Memory Column Store: 10046 May Be Lying to You!

The Oracle In-Memory Column Store (IMC) is a new database option available to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) customers. It introduces a new memory area housed in your SGA, which makes use of the new compression functionality brought by the Oracle Exadata platform, as well as the new column oriented data storage vs the traditional row oriented storage. Note: you don’t need to be running on Exadata to be able to use the IMC!


Part I – How does it work?

Create Windows Service for Oracle RAC

It’s my first time on RAC system for Windows and I’m happy to learn something new to share.

I created a new service for database (restoredb) only to find out the ORACLE_HOME is for the service is “c:\oracle\product\10.2.0\asm_1″

Any ideas as to what was wrong?

How SQL Server Browser Service Works

Some of you may wonder the role SQL browser service plays in the SQL Server instance. In this blog post, I’ll provide an overview of the how SQL Server browser plays crucial role in connectivity and understand the internals of it by capturing the network monitor output during the connectivity with different scenario.

TechTalk v5.0 – The Age of Big Data with Alex Morrise

Who: Hosted by Blackbird, with a speaking session by Alex Morrise, Chief Data Scientist at Pythian.

What: TechTalk presentation, beer, wine, snacks and Q&A

Where: Blackbird HQ – 712 Tehama Street (corner of 8th and Tehama) San Francisco, CA

When: Thursday July 31, 2014 from 6:00-8:00 PM

How: RSVP here!

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