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Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is our day. July 25, 2014 marks the 15th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. On this day we pause and take a moment to forget the impossible tasks, nonexistent budgets, and often unrealistic timelines to say thank you to those people who keeps everything working — system administrators.

Exploring Options of Using RMAN Configure to Simplify Backup

I am a simple person who likes simple things, especially RMAN backup implementation.

I have yet to understand why RMAN backup implementation does not use configure command, and if you have a good explanation, please share.

Examples for RMAN configure command

Using SaltStack for Configuration Management

In my last blog post I mentioned that SaltStack is a fully featured configuration management solution, but we never looked into using the tool in that way. Today we will begin to explore some basic examples of configuration management with SaltStack.  We will look at two aspects of configuration management, installing a package, and will manage a service.

How To Correlate Oracle Database Transaction with GoldenGate

So there I was troubleshooting GoldenGate issue and was puzzled as to why GoldenGate transactions were not seen from Oracle database.

I had the transaction XID correct; however, I was filtering by ACTIVE transaction from Oracle which was causing the issue.

Please allow me to share a test case so that you don’t get stumped like I did.

Identify current log and update table

Changing Failgroup of ASM Disks in Exadata

There was a discrepancy in the failgroups of couple of ASM disks in Exadata. In Exadata, the cell name corresponds to the failgroup name. But there were couple of disks with different failgroup names. Using the following plan to rectify the issue online without any downtime:

1) Check disks and their failgroup:

col name format a27
col path format a45

SQL> select path,failgroup,mount_status,mode_status,header_status,state from v$asm_disk order by failgroup, path;

Small Files on MapR-FS

One of the well-known best practices for HDFS is to store data in few large files, rather than a large number of small ones. There are a few problems related to using many small files but the ultimate HDFS killer is that the memory consumption on the name node is proportional to the number of files stored in the cluster and it doesn’t scale well when that number increases rapidly.

Cloudera Challenge 2014

Yesterday, Cloudera released the score reports for their Data Science Challenge 2014 and I was really ecstatic when I received mine with a “PASS” score! This was a real challenge for me and I had to put a LOT of effort into it, but it paid off in the end!

SQL Server 2014 Delayed Durability from an Application Perspective

The idea of this blog post is to describe what the delayed durability feature is in SQL Server 2014 and to describe a use case from an application development perspective.

Log Buffer #380, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

There are plethora of ideas sprouting in technology arena on daily basis and bloggers are catching up with them pretty nicely. This Log Buffer Edition skims some of them.


Building Dynamic Branded Digital Experiences with Oracle WebCenter

ORA-19909: datafile 1 belongs to an orphan incarnation

Auditing Files in Linux

Stat command in Linux can be used to display a file or a file system status.

I came across an issue in RHEL4 where a file’s ‘Change time’ is far ahead than the ‘Modification time’ without a change in uid, gid and mode.

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