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APEX 5 first peek - Performance

APEX 5 EA has shown some interesting improvements in regard to performance.

APEX 5 first peek

Last week I finally started to play with the first APEX 5 Early Adopter product at
For a short answer on what's coming, just scroll down on that home page - looks good APEX team.

Thursday Thought - Look up & avoid boring

In the last slot of last year's Perth user group conference, my boss Penny Cookson & I presented a talk that was originally written by Tim Daniell in Queensland. It was called "Being Productive in IT", and it was an interesting, light-hearted comparison of how the human brain works using analogies with computers systems.

Australian 2014 Oracle Conference series suggestions

This morning the kind folks at AUSOUG sent me an e-mail asking who I'd like to see present which topics at the Perth/Melbourne conferences in November this year.

To perhaps help get you started, I thought I'd mention who I submitted - in part as a hint to those nominees that there is at least one person who would like to see you present in Austraila this year.

The survey asks for 2 Australian/2 international/2 topics for DB/Dev/EBus - our typical program spread.

APEX 5.1 Statement of Direction

David Peake recently announced an updated APEX 5.x Statement of Direction.

Some features haven't made it to the 5.0 release and have been relegated to 5.1 - so they can get them done good & proper.

Off topic: If the moon were a pixel...

I love infographics that demonstrate the sheer scale of the world around us, I've posted on this topic before.

One that's been doing the rounds recently is this one from Josh Worth: If the moon were only one pixel
His website is also worth checking out, and you can find him @misterjworth

Oracle news you may have missed

During my time off I noted a bunch of information to dig into later, and I thought I'd make some notes as I go - see if you missed any interesting news.

I'll do a separate post for noteable blog posts.

OTN says I'm an APEX guru :-)

Just before the new year I became a 'guru' - at least as per the measuring stick over at the OTN APEX forum.

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