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High CPU during I/O?

Yesterday, I posted a trace file that seemed odd to me Twitter. This resulted in a very lively discussion, and several very interesting theories were put forward. Even though the issue hasn’t been solved yet, I would like to post a summary of this discussion (plus my findings) so that more people would be able to give their inputs. Also, some of the theories put forward to explain the observed anomaly are very interesting on their own.

Pls-00302 error :(

I know there are lot of resources online that talk about this error, but not even a single one helped me fix my error :(... Below is my story. I created a object StudentUpdate_t, a table with the objects StudentUpdate_Type and trying to load the values from the table into a cursor and return a cursor as an output parameter in procedure

create or replace
type StudentUpdate_t as object
"studentid" NUMBER(10),
"firstname" VARCHAR2(40 BYTE),
"lastname" VARCHAR2(40 BYTE)

create or replace by Clive Bostock

This is a reposting of an old blog post that was on but is no longer accessible
More trace file analyzer tools at
Related blog post: Oracle “Physical I/O” ? not always physical

Making DevOps Business Driven - a service view

I've been doing a bit recently around DevOps and what I've been seeing is that companies that having been scaling DevOps tend to run into a problem: exactly what is a good boundary for a DevOps team? Now I've talked before about how Microservices are just SOA with a new logo, well there is an interesting piece about DevOps as well, its not actually a brand new thing.  Its an evolution and

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