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ADF 12.x: Changing the List Of Values "No rows to display" text

In this post I describe how I implemented an interesting Use Case where the customer wanted to have an alternate message in the LOV when there is no data found. We all know how this can be changed in an af:table component by simply changing the emptyText property. In a List of Values, this works 'slightly' different.

Lets start with the basics

By default you will see the following List Of

Where did my triggers go ?

You need to be careful when coding and using triggers when it comes to Datapump (or anything that transposes triggers between schemas).  A lot of people make assumptions about what will happen with their triggers, and often get a nasty shock when they see the reality.  Lets explore with an example
I’m going to add three triggers to the standard EMP table in the SCOTT schema

BGOUG Autumn Conference - Extraordinary trip

it's 19-Nov-2015 and this day means that i should start packing and prepare myself for traveling to Bulgaria, at first everything was normal and i thought it will be like any other trip i did before.

Print Options Customization Settings for BITeamwork

In the 3.8.1 version of BITeamwork, we’ve provided a new approach using JSON to provide a very seldom used configuration option to those implementations that need special SSL Print Functionality. A good use case for this is for implementations that are using SSL and have a custom SSL handler or if they wish to create […]

UKOUG APPS 15 Conference

The annual UK Oracle User Group Applications conference is a great place to network with other PeopleSoft users, partners and of course members of the Oracle PeopleSoft team.

Latches: What do we know ?

Latches are low level serialization mechanism which protects memory areas inside SGA. They are light wait and less sophesticated than enqueues and can be acquired and released very quickly.

Latch acquisition does not involve any complex algorithm and is based on test-and-set atomic instruction of a computer processor.

Latch Classification:

Latch can be classified in multiple ways:-

Shared latch and exclusive latch:

Shared latch is the one which can be shared by multiple processes/sessions.

LAC de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint

LAC de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint

Dit is de presentatie die ik op 25 november 2015 gaf op het Landelijk Architectuurcongres over Agile Architectuur. De titel: de architect tussen 44 scrum teams in de 90e sprint:

What's new in Forms 12c, part 2

Let's now look into the Form Builder and what changes we got there.

First we see the facelift in the Open-Dialog. It's now the typical Windows-Dialog, where you have much more flexibility.

Can bad business decisions be improved? Yes, says Cloverpop

Science tells us that business decisions are too often irrational or mediocre. But can software improve that result? How do you put the science into decisions and take the bias out? Erik Larson of Cloverpop is working on the answers.

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