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Apex upgrade 4.2 to 5.0.2

Just a quick note for anyone upgrading Apex on their systems.
The installation (into a non-multitenant instance) went through with no problems, but tracing the installation suggests it will flush the shared pool 6 times during installation/upgrade.
That might have some impact on other applications/sessions running on that database, so best to find a quiet time to do it.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam

Enterprise hits and misses – Black Friday shakes the omni-channel, IT beats its detractors

This week's edition: Holiday shopping pushes retailers into digital winners and losers, IT triumphs over its detractors, and open source achieves business relevance. Whiffs include Yahoo misfires, bogus airline studies, and your author puts foot in Twitter mouth.

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Jon Reed

Jon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst, and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy. He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and purveyor of multi-media content.

ORA-10173: Dynamic Sampling Time-Out Error

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Recently on a heavily used and freshly upgraded ware-house type database, we started seeing lots of ORA-10173 dumped into the alert log. The information out there on this error is somewhat sparse, and it is often linked to Tuning Advisor functionality. Since we’re not running that advisor on this database, a little digging was in order.

A simplex apex DEPT/EMP based report

Today i've been doing some more work with Apex, i don't do that much of this and i'm entirely self taught (that's a disclaimer if how i do this following demo is done badly....).

Shell script: Copy files from source to target directory

Simple shell script to search and copy files from one folder to another. Pretty useful if there is a need to copy/move files from one folder to another (e.g., Dropbox) in case that running program cannot be configured to write output files to multiple locations. The existing files in the destination folder are skipped. However bear in mind that this […]

Rman list most recent backups

List most recent rman database backups on target database sqlplus with:

set pages 9999 lines 132
ALTER SESSION SET nls_date_format = 'Dy DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'
SELECT b.checkpoint_time , b.incremental_level , COUNT(*)
  FROM v$backup_datafile b
  JOIN v$datafile f
    ON f.file# = b.file#
  JOIN v$tablespace ts
    ON f.ts# = ts.ts#
 WHERE ts.included_in_database_backup = 'YES'
   AND b.checkpoint_time > SYSDATE - 10
 GROUP BY b.checkpoint_time , b.incremental_level


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