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ODTUG KScope15: One week in a nutshell

Last week I visited ODTUG KScope15 in Hollywood Florida. In this post I will share my findings and hope that you can benefit from it.
My general impression of the conference is that it was to hot for me in Florida. At least to hot for a conference. If you can sit on the beach whole day long, it is a great place to be, but hey, I had to work.... From a content perspective, there was a whole lot of

Oracle 11g Transaction Backout

In some times there is a need to undo a whole transaction that changes a lot of tables and their dependence. From Oracle 11g and onward this can be done using Transaction Backout feature of Flashback features.Here is an example of a session that connected , changed data in lots of tables, commited and disconnected.DB Username for the example is MYUSER1. Login as sys dba and start a logminer session using the time that the transaction happenedBEGIN

Using Translation and Plan to Upgrade? Don't Miss This!

Translation is the process that converts balances from functional currency to foreign currencies, covering various reporting requirements. It is possible to translate

  • Actual Balances
  • Budget Balances 
  • Average Balances - if enabled for the ledger 

Once deciding to upgrade from Release11i to Release12, you need to consider the designed changes in the process as described in this document:

ODA - VMs possibilities & performances

As you know it is possible to install the ODA in a virtualized mode and to take avantages from all cores not licensed with Enterprise Edition for additional VMs.
The question is what could we do with it and which performances could we expect...

Playing with Percona XtraDB Cluster in Docker

Like any good, thus lazy, engineer I don’t like to start things manually. Creating directories, configuration files, specify paths, ports via command line is too boring. I wrote already how I survive in case when I need to start MySQL server (here). There is also the MySQL Sandbox which can be used for the same purpose.

Make Tabular Form Conditionally Read-only

If you decide to use an editable tabular form to present a number of records for viewing and/or editing, but you have some users who are only allowed to view the data but not edit it, you’d think you could set the “Readonly” condition on the region; but this condition is only applied to any extra region items you add, not to the editable items within the report itself.


Social Media Influences Dashboard Commenting

One of the very basic concepts of our flagship product BITeamwork is a simple dashboard comment. If a user wants to convey information, they can do that in OBIEE using BITeamwork. Once you have posted a comment, it then appears in the “Current Dashboard Comments” filter. If you look in the photo below, you can […]

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OCM 11g Preparation – Implement fine-grained access control

Before studying this topic, I would recommend you to study the Create and manage contexts as VPD can be used together with Contexts and they both mix very well.
This is yet another topic that is impossible to do fast in the exam, if requested, without using the official documentation. So, be prepared to access it. The docs has 3 tutorials that are very, very good. So be prepared to use and adapt them.
Also, I recommend you to have knowledge in the policy views:

OCM 11g Preparation – Administer, manage and tune parallel execution

Well, the thing that I must suffer in my databases is when the developers learn how to use hint and put “parallel (32)” in every query. They probably think that this hint is a “set magic=on” that will make everything faster at no cost.
So, when you find the “over-parallelism” disease in one of your databases, is where knowing how to tune it makes really diference.

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