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SQL Server Fast Food (or Objects)

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An environment where you have a high number of databases on one server, or many, can be time consuming to something as simple as a user account. You have the option of using the GUI with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), which if it was a rush to get something in place for 8 or 10 databases I can see possibly doing that to get it done. You could do this with a bit of typing using T-SQL and a cursor or that famed, undocumented procedure sp_MSForeachdb.

PeopleSoft Streams from Oracle University

In February of this year, Oracle University launched the PeopleSoft Learning Stream. Oracle's Learning Streams are short, educational vignettes. I was given the privilege of recording 6 streams:

Issues with Plan Cache Reuse & Row Goal Optimization

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I am presenting here on behalf of my colleague  href="">Fabiano Amorim (he is busy resolving other exciting performance issues…  :-D ) .

Fabiano had an interesting case with one of our customers that is very common in SQL Server.

The case is about a performance issue caused by two optimizer decisions not working well together:

Simplifying Docker Interactions with BASH Aliases

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Docker has been consuming my life in the last few weeks. I have half a dozen projects in progress that use containers in some fashion, including my href="" target="_blank">Visualizing MySQL’s Performance Schema project.

OHS Installation failed with error OUI-10136 Oracle Home Already Exists

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is part of Oracle Web Tier (other components in Web Tier are Oracle Traffic Director OTD and Oracle WebCache). OHS is a recommend component as per Oracle Reference Architecture (some of we call it Oracle Enterprise Deployment).

OHS is mandatory if you wish to integrate any Oracle Fusion Middleware product (like WebCenter Portal, SOA, OBIEE, etc) with Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Single Sign-On (SSO).

A WildFly Swarm JAX-RS Microservice in a Docker Container

Everybody is talking about microservices these days. And there are plenty of opinions and ideas and very few examples about how to apply those principles on an enterprise level. One thing is for sure, even at conferences just a couple of days ago, I rarely found anyone who was running a Docker container in production. At least a reasonable amount of hands went up when I asked about first experiences and if someone had played around with it.

Amazon Quick Sight – BI on Cloud?

In my post Data Warehouses on Cloud – Amazon Redshift, I mentioned that what really useful is the BI on Cloud, not the Data Warehouse on Cloud. I felt that BICS makes more sense for me comparing to Amazon Redshfit. I discussed with a couple of people last night in a meetup.  Some of them […]

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