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Future of Xen Project: Video Spotlight Interview with Cavium’s Larry Wikelius

With several companies introducing ARM servers recently, cloud providers and enterprise datacenters are excited to see new alternatives for reducing costs and power use come to market. Cavium, a semiconductor leader with a long heritage in security and wireless/ networking, entered the race with the introduction of ThunderX™ the industry’s first 48-core and 96-core family of ARMv8 workload optimized processors.

Crontab every 30 seconds

To run a cron every 30 seconds check following example:
* * * * * /path/to/your/script arg1 arg2
* * * * * (sleep 30; /path/to/your/script arg1 arg2)
In above example both commands will start at 0th second of every minute, but the second command will sleep for 30 seconds and then start.

Oracle Linux 7.1 and MySQL 5.6

Yesterday we released Oracle Linux 7 update 1. The individual RPM updates are available from both public-yum (our free, open, public yum repo site) and Oracle Linux Network. The install ISOs can be downloaded from My Oracle Support right away and the public downloadable ISOs will be made available in the next few days from the usual e-delivery site.

Is Google server nodes the new Mainframe

A friend mentioned that small/middle companies are using mainframes, but I think an argument could be made that Google and Facebook and friends are really creating the new mainframe with there various server nodes that are often made up of custom tasked designed hardware/servers.

First new post after a long rest...

Well time to wake up this blog, will be posting stuff again, beware.

Oracle Oracle Enterprise Manager ServiceNow Integration

Posted on Wed 11, by mokum
By Roddy Rodstein 02/20/2015This post is applicable to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. 

Xen Project Now an Easy Option in OpenStack

Recent Changes Let Xen Project Work Out of the Box in OpenStack

Members of the Xen Project development team have always believed that the hypervisor must be available for integration into other Open Source projects.  In particular, the initiators of the Xen Project envisioned the day when compute resources would be available in a dynamic form, which has since been codified in the technology we now call Cloud Computing.

Vim – highlight search keyword

By default search keyword won’t be highlighted in vim with Ubuntu OS.
To highlight search keyword we need to set hlsearch flag in vimrc.
Open /etc/vim/vimrc with sudo and append following line in it:
set hlsearch
After that save & exit from vimrc file. This will enable search keyword highlight across all vim sessions.
If you want to enable highlighting only for current session run following command in vim after opening a file:

Oracle Virtualization 1Z0-590 Test - Are You Ready To Take Actual?

We at CertsAcademy working with Oracle certified specialists to prepare 1Z0-590 products that provides you actual 1Z0-590 questions and answers and testing software that provides actual exam environment that you'll experience in actual 1Z0-590 exam, so you can practice and be confident.

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