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Speedup MySQL InnoDB shutdown

Depending on the size of the databases you have in mysql innodb the time it takes mysql to restart can be horribly slow (for very big innodb databases). There are some tricks that can speed this up, but the most effective one that I’ve found and use all the time in similar situations is to pre-flush the dirty pages right before shutdown; this can be done like this:

Xen Project User Summit 2014 Videos Now Available

The Year’s Biggest Xen Project User Event Now Available at Your Desk or On Your Phone

You didn’t make it to this year’s Xen Project User Summit in New York City?  Or you didn’t catch all the sessions you wanted to see because of scheduling conflicts (it happens when you have too much of a good thing…)?  Don’t fret; you can catch up on the action on a computer, tablet, or phone near you!

Brightness Controls not working on Dell Inspiron Laptop with Intel Graphics

On one of my personal laptops (Dell Inspiron 17R), my attempts at using the function key combinations to change the brightness did not yield any results on Fedora 20, Linux Mint 17, or Ubuntu 14.10. The LCD brightness was stuck at "can barely see, but must conserve battery because I'm stuck on an island mode" (not a real setting, but might as well be).
The system has an integrated Intel graphics card, and if you're not sure what your system has you can check it here:
Run the command below in terminal to know what video card is used for the backlight/brightness:

Install GCC 4.8.1 and other Scientitic Packages via Yum on CentOS

Do take a look at Linux @ CERN for the documentation on how to use yum to install devtoolset which contain the following packages. The latest version for CentOS 6 is devtoolset-2.1. Here is a summary of the Linux @ CERN
CentOS 6 / SL 6
Developer Toolset 2.1 provides following tools:

Configuring Python cx_Oracle and mod_wsgi on Oracle Linux

The Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) is a standardized interface
between web servers and Python web frameworks or applications. Many
frameworks including Django support WSGI.

This post is a brief how-to about configuring Apache's mod_wsgi
with Python's cx_Oracle driver for Oracle Database. The steps are for
Oracle Linux.

  1. Download Instant Client Basic & SDK ZIP files from href=""
    >OTN. For cx_Oracle, use the ZIPs, not the RPMs.

Designing a Robust Deployment Architecture for Storage Repositories

Getting your storage repositories right is one of the more important aspects of planning and deploying Oracle VM.  Throwing everything into one or two different storage repositories is not very robust nor is it conducive to backups, routine maintenance, high availability or disaster recovery.  Conversely, allocating a storage repository for each individual Oracle VM guest is not scalable or practical.

Ansible – Create user with password in Ubuntu/Linux

Ansible is an open-source software platform for configuring and managing computers.
In this article I will explain how to create new user with password.
Ansible has a user module to create a user. You can refer user module docs for more details.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

This article discusses hard disk data recovery on Linux using dd and fdisk.

I recently left for a trip to South America, and took my trusty Intenso 320GB external drive with. Well aware that I’ve dropped it a couple too many times and that it was beginning to click more and more often during regular usage, I took a full backup before leaving. There’s nothing critical on the drive that I don’t have additional copies of elsewhere, however losing it would be a pain.

A better illumos...

If you follow illumos very closely, you may already know some of this.

A New Fork

Several months ago, I forked illumos-gate (the primary source code repository for the kernel and system components of illumos) into illumos-core.

Google launches standalone Messenger app for Android

Google has released its new standalone messaging app for Android. Messenger from Google is a communications app that helps users send/receive SMS and MMS messages to/from any phone.

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