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Solution: How to properly shutdown an Oracle VM HA Enabled Virtual Machine

Posted on Sat 12, by mokumThis post applies to all Oracle VM 2 and 3 Releases.
I want to point out an operational subtlety that may not be readily apparent when working with Oracle VM “HA Enabled” virtual machines. Normally, when a Li

POSIX 2008 locale support integrated (illumos)

A year in the making... and finally the code is pushed.  Hooray!

I've just pushed 2964 into illumos, which adds support for a bunch of new libc calls for thread safe and thread-specific locales, as well as explicit locale_t objects.   Some of the interfaces added fall under the BSD/MacOS X "xlocale" class of functions.

Nmap – Scan for open ports

nmap is a network exploration tool and security/port scanner.
We can list all open ports using nmap for a given IP/Host.
Use following command to list all open ports:
$ sudo nmap -v -sS
Use following command to scan specific ports:
$ nmap -sS -O -p80,8080
To can specific range of ports(scan from port 80 to 100):

Configuring OpenLDAP on CentOS 6 (Part 1)

Step 1″ Install OpenLDAP packages
# yum install openldap openldap-servers openldap-clients
Step 2: Generate a password hash to be used as the admin password. This password hash will be used when you create the root user for your LDAP installation. For example:

Mark Your Calendars! Great Xen Project Events Coming in August and September 2014

If you use — or are just interested in learning about — the Xen Project Hypervisor, you will want to mark your calendar now for two great events coming later this summer.

September 15: Xen Project User Summit, New York City, NY

The Xen Project User Summit is great for:

Share the keyboard and mouse on two X terminals - part 1/2

I have a desktop and a laptop on my workstation, side by side. No KVM switch. Each has its own display, mouse, and keyboard. I thought I could always slide over to use the other computer. Wishful thinking at its finest. I started investigating KVM options. I like the idea of having both displays visible simultaneously. Therefore, the final solution only needs to share the mouse and the keyboard.

How to Remove Write Protection of any Flash Drives/Memory Cards

Announcing Oracle VM 3.3

Oracle VM 3.3 was
announced today,
providing substantial enhancements to Oracle's server virtualization product family. I'll focus on a few enhancements to Oracle VM Manager support for SPARC that will appeal to SPARC users:

  1. Improved storage support: The original Oracle VM Manager support for SPARC systems only supported NFS storage. While Oracle VM Server for SPARC has long supported other storage types (local disk, SAN LUNs, iSCSI), the support in the Manager did not.

Featherweight Linux VNC services

This article describes how to set up a very lightweight VNC service under CentOS/Red Hat.

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