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Tools for Performance Test for IB

If you are using Mellanox IB Switches, you can use the following to do conduct performance tests, these are:
Latency Server Side:

  1. ib_write_lat
  2. ib_read_lat
  3. ib_send_lat

Latency Client Side:

  1. ib_write_lat IP_Addresses
  2. ib_read_lat IP_Addresses
  3. ib_send_lat IP_Addresses

For examples:
1a. Latency Server Side

Connecting two Open vSwitches to create a L2 connection between sites

Recently I played with Open vSwitch and it’s awesome! Open vSwitch is a multilayer virtual switch and it brings a lot of flexibility in the way you can create interfaces and bridges in Linux. It’s also a Linux distribution independent way to configure these things. Switching in software! To create a bridge, simply run: You can also […]

Understanding ibtracert command

Suppose you have source and destination server with a IB Switch in-between
Server 1 is as below. I have changed the GUID and mask for confidentiality sake

Triton: Docker and the “best of all worlds”

When Docker first rocketed into the nerdosphere in 2013, some wondered how we at Joyent felt about its popularity. Having run OS containers in multi-tenant production for nearly a decade (and being one of the most vocal proponents of OS-based virtualization), did we somehow resent the relatively younger Docker?

Setup the most recent Nova Docker Driver via Devstack on Fedora 21

UPDATE as 03/26/2015
To make devstack configuration persistent between reboots on Fedora 21, e.g. restart-able via ./, following services must be enabled :-
systemctl enable rabbitmq-server
systemctl enable openvswitch
systemctl enable httpd
systemctl enable mariadb

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.2 - Live Migration

Oracle has just released Oracle VM Server for SPARC release 3.2.

This update has been integrated into
Oracle Solaris 11.2 beginning with SRU 8.4. Please refer to Oracle Solaris 11.2
Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 1672221.1]. 

Configuring Submission Node for Torque 4.2.7

If you are planning to have more nodes where the users can do submission apart from the Head Node of the Cluster, you may want to configure a Submission Node. By default, TORQUE only allow one submission node. There are 2 ways to configure this submission node. One way is using the “submit_hosts paramter” in the Torque Server.
Step 1a: Configuring the Submission

Oracle VM: How to see the effective and maximum space of OCFS2 sparse files

Posted on Sun 22, by mokumBy Roddy Rodstein 03/22/2015This post is applicable to all Oracle VM and OCFS2 Releases

Automate Debian system updates using Crontab

Updating a Debian system is as easy as executing the following command as root: # apt-get update && apt-get upgrade If you have a sudo account, run the command like this: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Instead of running the command interactively, you can automate the manual update process by running a cron job. Below, I assume you login as root.

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