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Git – create empty branch

Git represents branches as pointers to the latest commit in that branch. If you haven’t created a commit yet, there’s nothing for that branch to point to. So you can’t really create branches until you have at least one commit.
Git allows to create a empty branch but its not common way of using Git.
First create create an empty Git repository by using following command:
$ git init
To create empty branch use following command:

10 Linux GUI tools for sysadmins are some good GUI tools that can simplify your Linux sysadmin tasks? Let's take a look at 10 of them.

Hardening RHEL 7.1 User access this document I will go through a series of steps to configure the most relevant settings to harden a RHEL server.

How to find out files updated in last N minutes

IssueHow to find out files updated in last N minutes?ResolutionIt is simple. Use the following command:Syntax:find -cmin -Nwhere N is the number of minutesExample:find /suresh/home/songs/ -cmin -10Tip:If you would like to see path of the file's directory then use the ls command along with the above command:

RDO Liberty Set up for three Nodes (Controller+Network+Compute) ML2&OVS&VXLAN on CentOS 7.1

As advertised officially
In addition to the comprehensive OpenStack services, libraries and clients, this release also provides Packstack, a simple installer for proof-of-concept installations, as small as a single all-in-one box and RDO Manager an OpenStack deployment and management tool for production environments based on the OpenStack TripleO project

Article on installing node-oracledb on Windows

OTN has posted a detailed article on Installing node-oracledb on Microsoft Windows by Bill Christo (@bchr02). Check it out!

You may also be interested in the research Bill is doing into pre-creating binaries so you don't need to compile yourself:

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