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Xen Project Developer Summit Videos and Slides

It has been a while since we held the Xen Project Developer Summit. All slides have been posted on our slideshare channel (prefixed with XPDS14) and are also available on youtube. Slides and videos are also available on the presentation & video page of our website (again, just search for XPDS14).

Venus: This Rs 1,500 made-in-India device can turn a bucket into a washing machine; to go on sale in April 2015

"East or West India is the Best"Venus: This Rs 1,500 made-in-India device can turn a bucket into a washing machine; to go on sale in April 2015.Technical SpecificationsVoltage: 110/230 VPower: 350 WattsWeight: 2.1 Kgs (basic unit)Capacity: 2.5 KgsDimensions: 100x150x420mm(LxWxH)Wash Cycle: 3 to 5 mins (approximately)Contents: Basic unit, bucket clamps

Python – ImportError: No module named dateutil.relativedelta

Recently while I am trying to use dateutil module in a python code I got following error:
ImportError: No module named dateutil.relativedelta
After debugging this issue I got to know that its because of no dateutil module available in my machine.
To install dateutil module use following code:
$ sudo apt-get install python-dateutil
After installing python-dateutil above issue got resolved.

Oracle SuperCluster and Specialized Bicycles

Dear Partner,Please watch

this video to see how Oracle SuperCluster helped Specialized
Bicycles reduce its month end report production from 20 hours to
20 minutes and increase performance 17 times. Click HERE or on the image below to start the video.

Platform LSF – Working with Hosts (bhost, lsload, lsmon)

Host status
Host status describes the ability of a host to accept and run batch jobs in terms of daemon states, load levels, and administrative controls. The bhosts and lsload commands display host status.
1. bhosts
Displays the current status of the host

The complete guide to Google Fit

RHEL Interface Route – Interface Routing on CentOS / RHEL

Overview In my environment I have several RHEL systems with multiple network interfaces. Each interface is connected to a separate network. To avoid asynchronous routing and ensure that traffic to each network is sent via the correct interface (instead of to the default gateway) I have defined an interface route. Here’s how it works. In […]

SPARC and Solaris Leadership in Security

Dear Partner,don't you want a focus on Security?

"PL/SQL: The Scripting Language Liberator" - video recording now available

Oracle University has href=",p_searchWords:CON8265,p_pageNumber:1">released
a video from Oracle OpenWorld of a great session by href="">Steven
Feuerstein and myself. We walked through a PHP application,
showed some application tuning techniques for Oracle Database, and
then looked at improving the use of Oracle Database features to aid
performance and scalability, and also easily add features to the

How to Get the Most out of a Technology Conference (Podcast)

We did good in this recent podcast href="" >How to Get the
Most out of a Technology Conference (which is cleverly disguised
as a video). It has everything the inexperienced conference-goer needs
to know. I'm pleased to have been able to give a shout out to href="" >PHPWomen! Despite the official
blurb, the content applies to all technology conferences and there is
very little that is specific to Oracle.

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