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Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Website Has Gone Mobile

We are pleased to announce the initial launch of the OPN Website's mobile responsive interface. This design refresh aligns the website with and the OPN Solutions Catalog supporting an “Anywhere, Any Device” user experience for tablets and smartphones.

2 Minutes on Software in Silicon

At the last Oracle OpenWorld Larry Ellison introduced the Oracle Software in
Silicon technology coming soon: Oracle engineered the silicon and version 12C of the database to work
together. This is literally putting some of the Oracle database software
directly into silicon. It's hardware, software and silicon engineered to work together! Watch the 50-seconds video here.

How to update a MySQL table with data from itself

Suppose I want to update a MySQL table with data that refers to the same table. To make it easier to follow along, I will use the following actual WordPress administration scenario. My task is to copy the attributes of a WordPress theme named decode to its child theme named decode-child. Theme attributes are stored in the MySQL table wp_options. The table has 2 relevant fields:

  1. option_name

looking for Java stacktrace samples

I am currently working on log normalization as well as improvements for rsyslog's imfile. Among the things that regularly come up on the rsyslog mailing list is support for multi-line logs and Java stack traces in general.I would like to see what I can do to improve processing of these. To do so, I need a set of samples of such logs. As such, I look for people who would like to contribute log records for my research.

Oracle Linux and Database Smart Flash Cache

One, sometimes overlooked, cool feature of the Oracle Database running on Oracle Linux is called Database Smart Flash Cache.

You can find an overview of the feature in the Oracle Database Administrator's Guide. Basically, if you have flash devices attached to your server, you can use this flash memory to increase the size of the buffer cache.

Compiling Gromacs 5.0.4 on CentOS 6

Compiling Gromacs has never been easier using the cmake. There are a few assumptions.

  1. Use MKL and Intel Compilers
  2. Use OpenMPI  as the MPI-of-choice. The necessary PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH have been placed in .bashrc
  3. We will use SINGLE precision for speed used MDRUN and MPI Flags

Here is my configuration file using Intel Compilers

IPv6 and IPv4 name resolution with Go

As part of a work-related project, I'm writing code that needs to resolve DNS names using Go, on illumos.

While doing this work, I noticed a very surprising thing.  When a host has both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses associated with a name (such as localhost), Go prefers to resolve to the IPv4 version of the name, unless one has asked specifically for v6 names.

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