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Crontab Hack – run every 5th, 15th, 25th … mins

To set crontab to run on every 5th, 15th, 25th, 35th, 45th, and 55th use following command:
5-55/10 * * * * command
This will execute your command on every 10th minute between 5 mins to 55 mins.

The foundation of cloud-native computing

The older I get, the more engineering values matter to me — and the more I seek out shared values in those with whom I endeavor to build things. For us at Joyent, those engineering values reflect that we operate the software we make: we believe that foundational systems must be designed to be robust and high-performing — and when they fail in this regard, it is incumbent upon the system itself to provide the tooling to diagnose the errant behavior. These values are not new (indeed, they are some of the oldest in computing), but there are times when they can feel endangered.

New Hyper Open Source Project Allows Developers To Leverage Docker and Xen Virtualization Infrastructure

Docker’s popularity and usefulness in cloud systems architectures is evident, having won over countless developers. Yet, it’s not a replacement for mature, proven and security-hardened virtualization technologies that support many of the world’s largest clouds in production.

node-oracledb 0.7.0 now supports Result Sets and REF CURSORS

A new release of the Node.js driver for Oracle Database is now on and href="" >GitHub.

node-oracledb 0.7 connects Node.js 0.10, Node.js 0.12, and io.js to
Oracle Database. It runs on a number of platforms. For more
information about node-oracledb see the href="">node-oracledb GitHub

The changes in 0.7 are:

New Assets for the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Several assets have been updated to align to the new branding of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance.

VCA is now Private Cloud Appliance

Virtual Compute
Appliance (VCA) has just been re-branded
as Private Cloud Appliance. Check out the
PCA page
to get familiar
with the new material and learn more.

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