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Able to ping IPoIB for selected existing nodes when adding new nodes

When I add in new nodes, install the MLNX_OFED drivers from Mellanox. Strangely I was only able to randomly ping to selected existing or new nodes on the Cluster. This was quite a curious problem.
When I do a ibstat, but when you do a ibping test (Installing Voltaire QDR Infiniband Drivers for CentOS 5.4), the test will failed for selected nodes in the cluster, but others will be able to ping back.

2014 in review: Docker rising

When looking back on 2014 from an infrastructure perspective, it’s hard not to have one word on the lips: Docker.

Happy new year 2015 to all unix lovers

Wishing all the readers of a Happy and Healthy 2015 ahead, keep rocking !

Google lists over a 100 'must-have' Android apps has now published another list of apps that it thinks you must have on your Android devices. The list on the Google Play Store features 122 apps when accessed from India. It includes popular apps like Evernote, Pocket, CamScanner, YouTube.

awk print Nth line after matching a pattern

By using awk we can print only Nth line after matching a pattern.
Lets say I have a file test.txt with following content and I want to extract 5 line after matching pattern.
$ cat test.txt
Use following awk code to extract Nth line:
$ awk 'c&&!--c;/pattern/{c=N}' file
where “pattern” is your input pattern and N is a line number to extract after matching pattern.

Forcibly kill or purge the Job in the Torque Scheduler

When there is a job stuck and cannot be remove by a normal qdel, you can use the command qdel -p jobid. Do note that this command should be used when there is no other way to kill off the job in the usual fashion especially if the compute node is unresponsive.
# qdel -p jobID

DTrace OEL Dynamic Language Support

We built DTrace to solve problems; at the start, the problems we understood best were our own. In the Solaris Kernel Group we started by instrumenting the kernel and system calls, the user/kernel boundary. Early use required detailed knowledge of kernel internals. As DTrace use grew—within the team, in Sun and then beyond—we extended DTrace to turn every function and every instruction in user programs into probes. We added stable points of instrumentation both in the kernel and in user-land so that no deep knowledge of program or kernel internals would be required.

Uninstalling GPFS rpms cleanly from Client Nodes

Step 1:
# rpm -e gpfs.msg.en_US gpfs.gpl
Step 2:
# rpm -e gpfs.base
error: Failed dependencies:
gpfs.base is needed by (installed) gpfs.gplbin-2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64-3.4.0-12.x86_64
Step 3: Remove the specific gplbin

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