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Dell Server admin tools (srvadmin) on Centos 5/XenServer

Recently, with the release of a new 8.x version of Dell SrvAdmin tools, the Centos/RHEL5 (and XenServer, by the way) repositories disappeared. It appears that Dell will not support the RHEL5.x brands anymore.
The proper solution is to install the last 7 SrvAdmin tools, as can be shown in this site.
This solves the problem for XenServer as well.

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Project Raisin – Raise Xen!

It all started with pvgrub2: it was March 2015 and I wanted to add grub2 to the Xen build system. We were already building grub-legacy as part of the Xen build, so that we could produce a pvgrub binary to be used to boot PV guests. After Vladimir ‘phcoder‘ Serbinenko’s good work on grub2, the latest and greatest upstream grub2 could be built with Xen support and used to boot PV guests. It made perfect sense to add grub2 to the Xen build system too, right? Maybe not.

Migration of Oracle GI quorum disk to another diskgroup

When installing Oracle RAC (or in its more modern name – GI) version and above, you can use Oracle ASM DiskGroup as your CRS+Voting file location.
It is fairly simple changing the disk membership in Oracle ASM DiskGroup, however, when you face some unknown bugs which prevent you from doing just that, or when you are required to modify the ASM DiskGroup on which the CRS+Voting files are placed, the article below is the one for you. You would have to remember, in addition, the ASM spfile.

Resolving unreach or unavail nodes in OpenLava-3.0

After configuring OpenLava-3.0 using the tar ball and following the instruction according to the OpenLava – Getting Started Guide
After fixing OpenLava with LM is Down Error Messages for OpenLava-3.0, you may errors

LM is Down Error Messages for OpenLava-3.0

After configuring OpenLava-3.0 using the tar ball and following the instruction according to the OpenLava – Getting Started Guide
I was encountering errors like
# lsid
openlava project 3.0, June 25 2015
ls_getclustername(): LIM is down; try later

Workshop: hands-on CloudStack at DevOpsDays Amsterdam

Today I hosted a CloudStack hands-on workshop at DevOpsDays Amsterdam, together with my colleague Fred Neubauer. It was really awesome to see all attendees building their own CloudStack cloud. And succeeding! Here are the slides and instructions: We proposed the workshop to the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe, in Dublin next October so we might do it […]

Python – check variable for None

To check if a variable is None use following code:
>>> val=None
>>> val is None

If you want to use above example with if condition use following code:

7 must-know tips to help you create better, stronger passwords hacking misdeeds were described in a New York Times story based on the findings of Hold Security, a Milwaukee firm that has a history of uncovering online security breaches.

Tips & Tricks: Here's how you should create, manage, and store your passwords

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