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A Space Shooter in Curses

Some of you who follow me may know that I have recently built a pretty nifty framework for working with terminals.  ANSI, ASCII, VT100, Windows Console, etc.  Its called Tcell, and located on github.  (Its a Go framework though.)  It offers many of the same features as curses, though it is most definitely not a clone of curses.

Anyway, I decided it should be possible to write a game in this framework, so I wrote one.

node-oracledb 1.3.0 is on NPM (Node.js add-on for Oracle Database)

Version 1.3 of node-oracledb, the add-on for Node.js that powers
high performance Oracle Database applications, is available on href="" >NPM

We kept the changes minimal in this release for several reasons.
It has two small enhancements and a few bug fixes.

  • A new oracledb.oracleClientVersion attributes
    gives the version of the Oracle client libraries that node-oracledb
    is linked with.

Best Quality and Quantity of Contributions in the New Xen Project 4.6 Release

I’m pleased to announce the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.6. This release focused on improving code quality, security hardening, enablement of security appliances, and release cycle predictability — this is the most punctual release we have ever had.

Slides from my talk: “Operating CloudStack: the easy way” at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2015 in Dublin

Here are the slides from my talk about CloudStack automation, at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Dublin today.Filed under: CloudStack Tagged: automation, cloudstack, talk, xenserver

Oracle VM Server for SPARC Best practices: naming virtual network devices

This blog shows a simple usability best practice.
In Oracle VM Server for SPARC you name the virtual network devices,
and there is no requirement that virtual network device names be unique across domains.
In other words, you could do something like this:

# ldm add-dom ldg1
# ldm add-vnet net0 primary-vsw0 ldg1
...other commands...
# ldm add-dom ldg2
# ldm add-vnet net0 primary-vsw0 ldg2
...other commands...

That's perfectly legal, and doesn't cause any operational problems.

My keynote at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Dublin

Here are the slides from my keynote presentation at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Dublin today. Tomorrow I’ll do another presentation and talk about automation cloud operations!Filed under: CloudStack Tagged: cloudstack, networking, talk

Xen now available in CentOS 7 for ARM64 servers

A little more than a week ago at Linaro Connect SFO15 in Burlingame Jim Perrin of the CentOS project publicly announced the availability of the Xen hypervisor in CentOS 7 for ARM64 (also known as aarch64). Jim and I have been working closely with George Dunlap, maintainer of Xen in CentOS for the x86 architecture, to produce high quality Xen binaries for 64-bit ARM servers. As a result you can setup an ARM64 virtualization host with just a couple of yum commands.

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