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Linux – Ping multiple hosts using fping

fping is a ping like program which uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to determine if a host is up.
With fping we can ping multiple hosts at a time. Use following command to ping multiple hosts:
$ fping -f IPsFiles.txt 
where in IPsFiles.txt I have multiple hots.
Below are some other examples of fping:
To ping a host/IP:
$ fping
Output: is alive

OpenSSL is not properly installed on your system – Ubuntu

While trying to install some module I got error saying that “OpenSSL is not properly installed on your system ubuntu”.
I tried to reinstall this module after installing openssl, but no luck.
After debugging and exploring for a while I got to know that installing libssl-dev could resolve this issue, so I installed libssl-dev with following command:
$ sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
Now retried installation and it worked like charm.

Xen Project now in OpenStack Nova Hypervisor Driver Quality Group B

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Xen Project – OpenStack CI Loop, which is testing Nova commits against the Xen Project Hypervisor and Libvirt. Xen Project community is pleased to announce that we have moved from Quality Group C to B, as we’ve made significant progress in the last few weeks and the Xen Project CI loop is now voting on Nova commits.

Meet our Systems Product Development Team in Paris! June 10, 2015

Be a part of thinking about IT Transformation for the next
We invite you to this unique opportunity to meet with our
Product Development Teams across Oracle's Systems
portfolio:  Engineered Systems, SPARC and  x86, Storage
and Archiving Solutions, and Media and Entertainment with
Front Porch.

How to add and delete a user from a Linux group

Being in the right Linux group expedites many system administration tasks, and will save you time. For example, the Apache web server logs have the following file ownership and permissions.

Once again about pros/cons of Systemd and Upstart

Upstart advantages.
1. Upstart is simpler for porting on the systems other than Linux while systemd is very rigidly tied on Linux kernel opportunities.Adaptation of Upstart for work in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and Debian GNU/Hurd looks quite real task that it is impossible to tell about systemd;
2. Upstart is more habitual for the Debian developers, many of which in combination participate in development of Ubuntu. Two members of Technical committee Debian (Steve Langasek and Colin Watson) are a part of group of the Upstart developers.

Quick tournament link, 5/23

Nathaniel is active in a tournament next weekend. Bracket link:

Ben’s running in the 3M meet this weekend.

Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative

is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, Oracle VARs may
purchase Virtual Compute Appliance X5-2 units for demonstration purposes
at reduced price.

Resolving downed Interface Group on NetApp Cluster-Mode

netapp-cluster1::*> network port show
Auto-Negot  Duplex     Speed (Mbps)
Node   Port   Role         Link   MTU Admin/Oper  Admin/Oper Admin/Oper
------ ------ ------------ ---- ----- ----------- ---------- ------------
a0a    data         down  1500  true/-     auto/-      auto/-
e0a    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
e0b    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
e0c    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1

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