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Fun with terminals, character sets, Unicode, and Go

As part of my recent work on Tcell, I've recently added some pretty cool functionality for folks who want to have applications that can work reasonably in many different locales.

For example, if your terminal is running in UTF-8, you can access a huge repertoire of glyphs / characters.

How would work changing “enable_isolated_metadata” from false to true && `openstack-service restart neutron` on the fly on RDO Liberty ?

All private networks (having neutron router) created  before or after this change will continue provide metadata via neutron-ns-metadata-proxy running in corresponding qrouter-namespace to theirs VMs.

Tcell - Terminal functionality for Pure Go apps

Introducing Tcell  - Terminal functionality for Pure Go apps

As part of the work I've done on govisor, I had a desire for rich terminal functionality so that I could build a portable curses-style management application.

This turned out to be both easier and harder than I thought.

Oracle VM Performance and Tuning - Part 2

This article on Oracle VM performance reviews general performance principles,
and follows with a review of Oracle VM architectural features that affect performance.
This will be high-level as a basis for more technical detail in subsequent articles.

How to evaluate and measure performance (short version)

First, let's consider ways to not evaluate performance.
Performance is often stated in unquantified generalities ("Give good response time!") or complaints ("Response time is terrible today.

Xen Project Participates in Round 11 of Outreachy

This is a quick reminder that the Xen Project is again participating in Outreachy (Round 11). Please check the round 11 page for more information about the December 2015 to March 2015 round of interships.

Oracle VM LUN and Paths per LUN Configuration Maximums

Posted on September 29, 2015, by mokumBy Roddy Rodstein 09/29/2015

Iftop -i eth0 running on Controller vs iftop -i eth0 running on Compute

Compute nodes,

Xen Project Test Day for 4.6 RC4 Scheduled for October 1

Our Fourth (and Possibly Final) 4.6 Release Candidate to be Tested This Thursday

TestDayOur Xen Project Test Days help insure that upcoming releases are ready for production, beyond what our automated testing through our Test Lab can accomplish.

node-oracledb 1.2.0 is on NPM (Node.js add-on for Oracle Database)

Version 1.2 of node-oracledb, the add-on for Node.js that powers
high performance Oracle Database applications, is available on href="" >NPM

A lot of good changes have been made.

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