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Android KitKat vs Android Lollipop

Print only response headers with curl

To print only response headers with curl use following command:
$ curl -s -D – -o /dev/null

GMail vs GInbox - One Father Two Sons

A new app that claims to tell when you will die



How Einstein Started’s start in life, if boiled down to a formula, would be something like this:

Get Gmail 5.0 for Android right now

SmartDataCenter and Manta are now open source

Today we are announcing that we are open sourcing the two systems at the heart of our business: SmartDataCenter and the Manta object storage platform. SmartDataCenter is the container-based orchestration software that runs the Joyent public cloud; we have used it for the better half of a decade to run on-the-metal OS containers — securely and at scale.

Google launches Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA); showcases Hindi voice search

Google has announced the creation of Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA), in partnership with leading Indian technology and content companies, to promote the growth of of Indic-language content on the Internet.Network 18 is

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