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Oracle Virtualization 1Z0-540 Exam - Reduce Your Chances of Failure

We at Test-Module working with Oracle certified specialists to prepare 1Z0-540 products that provides you actual 1Z0-540 questions and answers and testing software that provides actual exam environment that you'll experience in actual 1Z0-540 exam, so you can practice and be confident.

Using Tuned to tune CentOS 6 System

Tuned is a Dynamic Adaptive Tuning System Daemon. According to Manual Page
tuned is a dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon that tunes system settings dynamically depending on usage. For  each  hardware  subsystem  a specific monitoring plugin collects data periodically. This information is then used by tuning plugins to change system settings  to  lower  or higher  power saving modes in order to adapt to the current usage. Currently monitoring and tuning plugins for CPU, ethernet network and  ATA harddisk devices are implemented.
Using Tuned

Unix - run multiple commands on remote machines in parallel

Assume you have a requirement of running two commands on 10 hosts.In this post I would like to show you how you can:1) Run multiple commands on remote host using ssh.2) Also instead of working on one host at a time serially, how can we execute the commands on multiple hosts in parallel to save the overall execution time.Example:Find the number of files under '/sdb/_read/' and '/sdb/_write/' directories on following 10 hosts.

Quick tournament link, 3/7

Nathaniel is active in a tournament this weekend. Convenient link to his bracket:

Ben is waiting for the youth track season to start.

Intel hosts Xen Project Hackathon, April 28-29 in Shanghai

I am pleased to announce the next Xen Project Hackathon to be held this spring.  Although we call it a Hackathon, the event consists of several parallel sessions in which Xen Project developers will create, discuss and review designs and changes that impact Xen’s architecture. We’ll perform code reviews, discuss our future roadmap, work on improving the development process, tackle debug problems in the code base and cover other development related topics. Sessions are very interactive: typically there are no presentations.

mysql – GTID replication

GTID replication is new in mysql 5.6 and adds an unique ID to every transaction on the database. That transaction ID is then used to ensure the transaction is applied on the slave. So this removes the need to know where the master is in which logfile. GTID ensures there is consistency and automatically determines at which transaction the slave is at and which transaction is next on the list.

On Blogging (Briefly)

I gave a presentation today on the methods and reasons of blogging for Delphix Engineering.

One of my points was that presentations make for simple blog posts–practice what you preach!

How to merge or split pdf files using convert

convert is a member of the ImageMagick software suite for image manipulation. Two of my earlier posts dealt with using convert to slice and resize an image. It is a lesser-known fact that convert also works with pdf files.

Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Website Has Gone Mobile

We are pleased to announce the initial launch of the OPN Website's mobile responsive interface. This design refresh aligns the website with and the OPN Solutions Catalog supporting an “Anywhere, Any Device” user experience for tablets and smartphones.

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