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Hadoop – Decommission datanode

Decommissioning is process to remove one or multiple datanodes from Hadoop.
To decommission a datanode you need to use following process:
Login to namenode host.
Add follwoing configuration in/home/guest/hadoop-2.5.1/etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml


After adding dfs.hosts.exclude property you need to restart HDFS.

Compiling isl-0.15 library

isl-0.15 is required to build GCC with the Graphite loop optimizations. You can download the isl-0.15 from
Compiling isl-0.15
# bunzip2 isl-015.tar.bz2
# tar -xvf isl-0.15
# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/isl-0.15  --with-gmp-prefix=/usr/local/gmp-4.3.2
# make && make install

Ansible Playbook – Syntax check and dry run

To perform syntax check and dry run for ansible playbook use following command:
ansible-playbook -i hosts_file --syntax-check --list-tasks playbook.yml
where, –syntax-check is used to check syntax of a playbook & –list-tasks is to all tasks that are executed.

Using DBMS_OUTPUT with Node.js and node-oracledb

The DBMS_OUTPUT package is the standard way to "print"
output from PL/SQL. The way DBMS_OUTPUT works is like a
buffer. Your Node.js application code turns on
DBMS_OUTPUT buffering, calls some PL/SQL code that puts
text into the buffer, and then later fetches from that buffer. Note:
any PL/SQL code that calls DBMS_OUTPUT runs to completion
before any output is available to the user. Also, other database
connections cannot access your buffer.

An Interoperability Problem (WebLogic, Java and Solaris)

Last Friday I got pulled in to a very hot customer call.

The issue was best summarised as

Since migrating our WebLogic and database services from AIX to
Solaris, at random times we are seeing the the WebLogic server
pause for a few minutes at a time. This takes down the back
office and client services part of the business for these
periods and is causing increasing frustration on the part of
staff and customers. This only occurs when a particular module
is enabled in WebLogic.

Xen Project 4.6 RC2 Test Day is September 1, 2015

Join 4.6 Release Candidate Testing on September 1, 2015

39833137_mAlthough the Xen Project performs automated testing through the project’s Test Lab, we also depend on manual testing of release candidates by our users.

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