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Python – check if ip is public or private

netaddr is a Python library for representing and manipulating network addresses.
Installing netaddr library:
Use any of following command to install netaddr library
$ sudo pip install netaddr
$ easy_install netaddr

Observe following example for more details:

Rise of mangos

What is mangos?

Those of you who follow me may have heard about this project I've created called mangos.

Mangos is a lightweight messaging system designed to be wire compatible with nanomsg, but is implemented entirely in Go.

There is a very nice write up of mangos by Tyler Treat, which might help explain some things.

Joining RHEVM-Manage-Domain tool to join AD Domain

Do note that for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization you must attach a directory server to the Manager using the Domain Management Tool, engine-manage-domains.
Active Directory
Identity Management (IdM)
Red Hat Directory Server 9 (RHDS 9)
# rhevm-manage-domains add --domain=your_active_directory_domain --user=spmstest --ldap-servers=name_or_ip_address_of_AD_Servers --provider=ad
Restart the ovirt-engine

Virtual Machine 3D Support Option is Greyed Out for Windows 2008 and 2012 on VMware

The solution is taken from Enable 3D Support option is greyed out in virtual machine video card settings (2092210) 
Modify the VMX file of the Virtual Machine
1. Take backup of the virtual machines VMX file
2. Open the VMX file, using text editor and add this line in the end
mks.enable3d = TRUE
*You can use the vi to edit the VMX file

Invitation: Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability, Servers & Storage Partner Community Forum, 14th-16th April, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Partner,
In 2015 the Oracle EMEA Exadata, Manageability and the Servers and Storage Partner Communities will celebrate a single joint Community Forum. We are delighted to invite you to this event which will take place in Budapest, Hungary on April 14-16, 2015.

How to run multiple simultaneous X Window sessions

If you share your Linux desktop machine with other users, you may occasionally need to switch from 1 X session to another. For example, you are busy writing code or blogging, and your spouse walks up to you and asks to 'quickly' check her email. You can log out so that she can login using her own account. But, the current context of your work is lost, and you need to re-establish it when you resume. A better way is to have her run a second simultaneous X session. The steps are as follows:

Enabling Predictive Cache Statistics (PCS) for Data OnTap 8.2p

* node1 is the controller currently primary to the aggregate/vol/LUN.
Step 1: Enable PCS
node1::> node run –node node1
node1::> options flexscale.enable on
node1::>options flexscale.enable
flexscale.enable pcs  you should see this
node1::>options flexscale.pcs_size 330GB  based on 3 x 200GB SSD RAID4
Step 2: Allow the representative workload to run and Run your workload
Step 3: Collect data throughout the process

Relooking at usage of /home directory in Linux

File System in /home can be clustered very quickly nowadays where the amount of data are massive. Residing all the users in one /home directory will cause the administrator to quickly reach the limits of the File System especially if the File System is not a Parallel File System.

Set up Two Node RDO Juno ML2&OVS&VXLAN Cluster runnig Docker Hypervisor on Compute Node (CentOS 7, kernel 3.10.0-123.20.1.el7.x86_64)

It’s quite obvious that Nova-Docker driver set up success for real application is important to get on Compute Nodes . It’s nice when everything works on AIO Juno host or Controller, but  just as demonstration. Might be I did something wrong , might be due to some other reason but kernel version 3.10.0-123.20.1.el7.x86_64 seems to be the first brings  success on RDO Juno Compute nodes.
Follow  up to section

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