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Oracle VM Server Hardware BIOS, and Firmware Best Practices

Posted on Tue 17, by mokumBy Roddy Rodstein 02/17/2015
This post is applicable to Oracle VM Release 3.x
One of the most critical baseline infrastructure requirements for a cluster of Oracle VM Servers is uniformity of configuration.

node-oracledb 0.3.1 is on GitHub (Node.js driver for Oracle Database)

On behalf of the development team, I have merged some new features and
fixes to >node-oracledb

Updates for node-oracledb 0.3.1

Xen Project 4.6 Planning Opens

With Xen Project 4.5 released in January, we are now one month into 4.6 development window!

Mu name is Wei Liu and I have been working on various areas in the Xen Project community, including Linux kernel, hypervisor, QEMU and toolstack. Now I’m a co-maintainer of Xen hypervisor’s toolstack and the netback driver in Linux. I was elected release manager for 4.6 release. Thanks everybody for your trust.

Catch Xen Project Talks at SCALE 13X, openSUSE Mini-Summit, & LF Collaboration Summit This Week

California Gets Four Opportunities in Four Days at Three Conferences to Hear About Xen Project

February 19-22, 2015 has an assortment of great Xen Project talks.

Folks in Santa Rosa, CA at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit have two great talks:


Oracle VM NUMA Best Practices

Posted on Fri 13, by mokum
By Roddy Rodstein 02/13/2015
This post is applicable to Oracle VM Release 3.x, Oracle Exadata X5-2, Exalogic X5-2, and Oracle Database Appliance X5-2

Contemporary CPU’s from Intel and

Ansible – exclude host from playbook execution

By using –limit argument with ansible-playbook command we can exclude a host from playbook execution.
If hostname starts with “!” it will excluded from host execution.
Lets say if we want to exclude host1 and host2 from ansible-playbook execution use following command:
$ ansible-playbook --limit '!hoost1:!host2' yourPlaybook.yml
To exclude only host1 from execution use following command:

What is Hadoop?

This is a nice Video to explain what is Hadoop in Youtube

Python – check if ip is public or private

netaddr is a Python library for representing and manipulating network addresses.
Installing netaddr library:
Use any of following command to install netaddr library
$ sudo pip install netaddr
$ easy_install netaddr

Observe following example for more details:

Rise of mangos

What is mangos?

Those of you who follow me may have heard about this project I've created called mangos.

Mangos is a lightweight messaging system designed to be wire compatible with nanomsg, but is implemented entirely in Go.

There is a very nice write up of mangos by Tyler Treat, which might help explain some things.

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