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Usages of Logical Interface (LIFS) in NetApp

Logical Interface (LIFS) can be hosted on physical ports, interface groups, VLANS and physical ports or interface groups that host VLANS.

To show information on the network ports and LIFs information, do use the following commands

Mobile first, Cloud first…

Cloud Computing (Source: Wikipedia - CC)

Hi there! Oh Gosh, it’s really, really cool to be able to write a few words on this space again! I’m very excited to continue the path I choose of helping companies of all sizes to embrace the cloud strategy and get all the benefits of an utility IT. Right...
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1Z0-540 Exam Solution - The Solution Everyone is Looking for

Are you planning to attempt 1Z0-540 exam? Your decision is right to take 1Z0-540 exam and become Oracle certified expert.

1Z0-590 Exam Solution - The Solution Everyone is Looking for

Are you planning to attempt 1Z0-590 exam? Your decision is right to take 1Z0-590 exam and become Oracle certified expert.

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance backup white paper

The white paper Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Backup Guide has been published.

This document reviews Virtual Compute Appliance architecture, describes automated internal system backups of software components, and describes how to backup to external storage Oracle VM repositories, database, and virtual machine contents, and how to perform recovery of those components.

RDO Kilo Three Node Setup for Controller+Network+Compute (ML2&OVS&VXLAN) on CentOS 7.1

Following bellow is brief instruction  for traditional three node deployment test Controller&&Network&&Compute for oncoming RDO Kilo, which was performed on Fedora 21 host with KVM/Libvirt Hypervisor (16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-4771 Haswell CPU, ASUS Z97-P ) Three VMs (4 GB RAM,2 VCPUS)  have been setup. Controller VM one (management subnet) VNIC, Network Node VM three VNICS (management,vtep’s external subnets), Compute Node VM two VNICS (management,vtep’s subnets)
SELINUX stays in enforcing mode.
Three Libvirt networks created

The one stop shop for everything about Oracle VM DR

We getting very, very close to introducing our next generation DR solution for Oracle VM 3.

node-oracledb 0.5.0 is on NPM (Node.js driver for Oracle Database)

It's been a long time between drinks so we are bringing out the 0.5.0 Preview Release version of the href="" >Node.js driver for
Oracle Database, warts and all.

  • Changed the isAutoCommit attribute name to autoCommit.

    Changed the isExternalAuth attribute name to externalAuth.

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