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Announcing Xen 4.3.2 and 4.2.4 Releases

The Xen Project is pleased to announce the availability of  two maintenance releases: Xen 4.3.2 and Xen 4.2.4.

Xen 4.3.2 Release

This release is available immediately from the git repository:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.3 (tag RELEASE-4.3.2)

or from the XenProject download page:

wkhtmltopdf converts HTML to PDF

Most - if not all - new electronic devices don't come with printed manuals. For the Sony laptop SVF15A1 I bought, I had to go to the Sony web site to access the user guide. The user guide is composed of many individual HTML pages. This posted a problem for me because I wanted to convert some HTML pages to PDF documents for easier off-line access. Modern web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, have the built-in print to PDF feature.

Nginx disable logging

To disable logging in nginx we need to change values of access_log and error_log to off.
Lets say if you have config file for website in sites-enabled and you want to disable logging for it.
Just open configuration file related to your website and look for access_log & error_log in server block, change their values to off.

Compiling GSL/4.1 from GIT on CentOS 5

GSL/4.1  is a code construction tool. It will generate code in all languages and for all purposes. To compile GSL, do the followings
# yum install pcre
# git clone git://
# cd gsl/src
# make
# sudo make install
To show command-line help

Ongoing problems with “Two Real Controller&Compute Nodes Neutron GRE + OVS” setup on F20 via native Havana Repos

UPDATE on 02/23/2014  

Ballooning, rebooting, and the feature you’ve never heard of

Today I’d like to talk about a functionality of Xen you may not have heard of, but might have actually used without even knowing it. If you use memory ballooning to resize your guests, you’ve likely used “populate-on-demand” at some point. 

The Total Cost of Unmasked Data

Data breaches make headlines at a regular cadence. Each is a surprise, but they are not, as a whole, surprising.

Another 10 Performance Wins

Following on from my earlier 10 performance wins post, here is another group of 10 I have worked on.

Support for binding Oracle PL/SQL BOOLEAN introduced in PHP OCI8 2.0.7

I've released PHP OCI8
which has oci_bind_by_name() support for binding
PL/SQL's href="">BOOLEAN
type to PHP's href="">boolean.
The feature is available when PHP OCI8 2.0.7 is linked-with and
connects-to Oracle Database 12c. (The necessary Oracle C library
support for binding BOOLEAN was introduced in 12c).

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