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Three Easy Ways to Stream Twitter Data into ElasticSearch

For the past few months a friend has been driving me crazy with all his praise for Splunk. He was going on about how easy it is to install, integrate different sources and build reports. I eventually started playing around to see if it could be used for a personal project I’m working on. In no time at all I understood what he was on about and I could see the value and ease of use of the product. Unfortunately the price of such a product means it is not a solution for everyone so I started looking around for alternatives and ElasticSearch caught my eye as a good option.

Big Data News – Apache Ignite™, High Fashion PCA’s and Bloom Filters… tailoring your big data approach!

Significantly reduce your storage requirements using PCA and exponentially ignite your processing speed on Spark


Sally Khudairi, VP of Apache Software Foundation


List of acquisitions by Microsoft a data journey

If we look into the SEC data for Microsoft and other tech companies, Microsoft spends the most in Research and Development from [by dollar]


Read more at:

Integrating Telstra Public SMS API into Bluemix

In the post below I will show how I integrated Telstra public SMS Api into my Bluemix catalog to be consumed as a service. This was all done from Public Bluemix using the Cloud Integration Service.

Step 1 - Create a T.DEV account

In order to get started you need to create an account on in order to be granted access to the SMS API. Once access is granted you need to create an application which enables you to add/manage Telstra API keys as shown below.

Eloqua OOTB Integrations Cheat Sheet

For those not familiar with Eloqua, there are a large number of potential productized integrations available some of which are free, some of which require licenses, and some of which require access to 3rd party applications (both on-prem and cloud). To keep it simple, this blog post focuses on those productized integrations that are free as well as those that integrate with existing Oracle products (both on-prem and cloud).

Oracle Service Cloud – Getting Started With Bulk APIs

Oracle Service Cloud (henceforth referred to as OSvC) provides a complete customer service solution that offers cross-channel service delivery, web customer service, self-service, knowledge management, and a host of other features.
Besides its functional capabilities, OSvC provides a robust, API based integration and extension framework.

Postcard from Lisbon - Fusion Middleware Partner Summer Camps 2015

Last week I attended my second Oracle Fusion Middleware "summer camp" in Lisbon which this year, as you might expect, was themed around Oracle middleware cloud products.

Worrying about the 4th Bullet?

I love analogies that are very meaningful and get the point across.  I often hear businesses talking about different subjects that concern them.  You could say this is similar to the days of the old west where people carried their weapons on their belt and used them at will.  Back then, did people worry about the 4th bullet in the gun?  Of course not.  They worried about the 1st bullet.

OpenAM: Forcing users to reset password on next login.


A very common use case, when implementing ForgeRock’s OpenAM, is forcing a user to reset their password the next time they login. Seems easy enough right? … next time a particular user authenticates in they should be prompted to change their password before continuing on to the resource (web page) that they had originally requested.

Big Data News – To Data Lakes and Beyond!!

How data lakes become toxic to the future of computing and a menu of approximation algorithms

close-up of tree people in a laboratory analyzing data from a whiteboard

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