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Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid resources, news, and support articles.

London Coherence SIG: Winter Edition: 26th February 2010

Save this date:  26th of February 2010 (Friday)
This is when the next London Coherence SIG will be on, in London, at the usual place, the Oracle City Office.
More details to come next week… including the place the register.
PS: Look forward to some very cool Toplink Grid (think Toplink JPA running purely on Coherence – all [...]

Leopard to Snow Leopard Upgrade (almost no problems)

So I’ve finally managed to get a few seconds to upgrade my 13″ Mac Book Pro and Mac Pro to Snow Leopard.  For the most part the upgrade was a very simple process.  For the Mac Book Pro, I simply inserted the DVD (while running Leopard), clicked on Install and let it do it’s thing. [...]

This never gets old…

Has the process of developing and delivering software really changed?
(click the image for full size version)

New Coherence Incubator Releases

As announced at the London Coherence SIG last week, we’ve released a new set of updates to the Coherence Incubator, the major highlights being;

Introduction of the new Examples Project: This contains a set of Coherence Incubator Examples.  Once easy download that includes all of the patterns, including multiple push-replication deployments.
A significant update to the previously [...]

Sun Microsystems and Coherence

So cool.  Just saw the latest Sun Microsystems home page.

Sun have just released their first in depth Oracle Coherence blue-print (white paper) documenting the architecture, performance and scalability impacts seen in a large application.  As a comparison, the document outlines the performance and scalability of an application both with and without using Oracle Coherence.  Apart from [...]

Oracle Open World 2009: Application Grids

It’s hard to believe but another year has passed and it’s time again for Oracle Open World in San Francisco. Like last year, it’s going to be big.  Apparently San Francisco is bracing itself for an influx of 85,000 or so delegates, not all talking about Coherence obviously, but there will be a lot more than [...]

Next London Coherence SIG: Autumn Edition (29th October)

Here’s the current agenda for the next London Coherence SIG event, to occur on the 29th of October, from 2pm to 6pm at the Oracle London Office.
[Updated] Registration is now open at
1. Coherence and Incubator Update
Noah Arliss: Coherence Engineering, United States
In this talk we’ll look at some of the new features in Coherence 3.5.2 [...]

Coherence Planning From Proof of Concept to Production

The following whitepaper is meant to supplement th
Email download file:

Whilst setting up a development environment for Coherence is relatively trivial, planning and moving this into production requires considerable testing and careful consideration to ensure the full benefits of Coherence are realized. The following observations and guidelines are meant to supplement those outlined in the Coherence Production Checklist, Performance Tuning and Best Practices guides, not to replace them. These documents should be read prior to reading this document, as the contents of these documents are not going to be replicated here.


Oracle Coherence: Providing Extreme Performance, Predictable Scalability, and Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Java

This white paper addresses how you can gain a meas
Email download file:

Organizations can gain significant advantage by managing and exploiting their information systems more effectively than their competitors. But with today’s tight budget constraints and technology limitations, many miss the opportunity—sometimes with disastrous results. This white paper addresses how you can gain a measurable competitive edge without compromise—today. 

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