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Has Oracle MIX "Suggest-A-Session" Jumped the Shark???

Jump The Shark: (verb) a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

One WebCenter To Rule Them All!

Oracle announced recently a pretty major rebranding around their Enterprise 2.0 offerings in their Fusion Middleware stack. In my opinion, it's about time, because it was starting to get a bit crowded there. Instead of calling everything Enterprise 2.0 -- which is a bit vague -- they decided to bundle everything under the WebCenter name. This is more in line with what Microsoft does with it's SharePoint name...

The FatWire Acquisition

In case you hadn't heard, Oracle recently announced their acquisition of FatWire, a fairly sizable Web Experience Management company. I was on vacation during most of the kerfluffle, so wasn't able to give a thoughtful response...

Presentations From Collaborate 2011

In case you weren't able to make it to IOUG Collaborate last month, you can feel free to peruse my presentations in the privacy of your own home ;-)

My first one was on UCM implementation patterns... or in general, what customizations/integrations are common for UCM, and how do we do them? That was pretty well attended:

Year-In-Review: Bex Huff Turns 5!

Hard to imagine, but it's been five years since my inaugural post on this blog: The Trouble With RSS, and I'm still chugging along! Albeit as a slightly slower pace than before... I used to post twice a week, but over the past year it's been as little as twice per month! Still, I appreciate those who still show up and listen to my rants.

Countdown to IOUG Collaborate 2011

It's less than one week away!

I'm giving 4 presentations at Collaborate 2011 this year, but by some cruel, cruel, cruel twist of fate, all four of my presentations are on Wednesday... Seriously, like back-to-back starting at 8am. Yeesh! I apologize in advance if I bump into you on Wednesday and then run away... I won't have much time to chat with this schedule:

VirtaThon: 100% Virtual Java/Oracle/MySQL Conference!

File this one under "I wish I'd thought of that..."


I was recently contacted by the folks at Brain Surface about being a board member for their latest project: VirtaThon. This is a 100% online conference for the Oracle community, which includes both the Java and MySQL communities as well.

Jeopardy, Watson, and Why Artificial Intelligence is Still Pointless

I'm generally considered a "cynic" when it comes to the value of Artificial Intelligence in general (and the Semantic Web nonsense in particular). This tends to get me into heated disagreements with people who have careers in the field... or those who cling to Jetsons-type fantasies of having Rosie the Robot doing their dishes.

Translation and Multiple Languages with Oracle UCM


Last year, I gave a presentation at Oracle Open World about Creating and Maintaining an Internationalized Web Site. Well, I'm happy to announce that one of the several add-ons to UCM is now available for purchase!

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