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Putting Enterprise 2.0 To Work

There's always been a lot of buzz around the concept of Enterprise 2.0... We know all about the features, but what are the benefits? What are people actually doing with it, and how successful are these projects? Should you be concerned about the potential risks?

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App now also for older Android 2.1 devices

Due to popular demand I´ve “downgraded” the Oracle UCM Quick Search App to Android 2.1 with some limitation.

You can find it on the Android Market as “Oracle UCM Quick Search SDK7″.

The limitation is in the area of SSL support. Due to the fact, that the public method “onReceivedSslError” of the WebViewClient Class is only available from Android 2.2 (SDK 8 ) on, viewing a content item through SSL does not work in this version. So if you got an Android 2.2 device, please be sure to load the *real* App “Oracle UCM Quick Search” instead.

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App

I have just uploaded the free Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App to the Google Android Market.

5 ECM New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year! Most people use the first post of the year to go over their own blog statistics of popular posts... but since my blog's fiscal year ends in April, I decided to do new years resolutions instead. Below are 5 ECM maintenance tasks that I'd recommend:

Web Conference: One-Click Web Content Management

Quick announcement...

This Thursday -- November 11th -- Oracle is having a web conference on One-Click Web Content Management. This is the principle behind the new Universal Content Management 11g release for Site Studio. If you're curious about what's new in UCM 11g for your existing applications, you should register for the event.

Happy Halloween!

Hat tip Andrew Sullivan. Enjoy yourselves, uber geeks ;-)

For more fun, check out my experiments with programming a robot cylon pumpkin.

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Oracle Owns Java, And The Masses Are Restless

This year was the first time that Java One and Oracle Open World occurred at the same time... which meant I got to meet a lot of folks who reeeeeeeeeaaaallllly looooooooooooooove jaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaa. Naturally, they are a bit skittish about Oracle now being Java's primary caretaker. A lot of their attitude comes from fear, uncertainty, and doubt... so I'd like to give my thoughts.


Site Studio 10gr4 Samples

Since the Oracle 11g launch, they've been shuffling around where their samples are. And if you Google for them, you'll find nothing but broken links. Luckily, if you search for "10gr4" on Oracle's site, you will eventually find your way down to the official Oracle Site Studio Samples page.

Creating and Maintaining an Internationalized Web Site

It's alive! I put together this presentation to help folks who might have questions about how to create and maintain a website in multiple languages, and multiple countries. Big surprise: it depends!!! This presentation gives you some warnings, and a lot of questions you need to ask in order to get started.

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