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Blog:: Dolphins playing with bubble rings

Usually I`d put this on facebook but I thought it was too good and so thought I`d share it with the world.

Blog:: jQuery:: The Render Engine - Game Dev framework

zz..zz I`m a bit tired to write much tonight; but I got excited when I came across this!
The Render Engine a MIT Open Source jQuery Games Engine.
Released only a couple days ago. The project was started last year by Brett Fattori..
And I have to say reviewing the source it looks good! Actually very good and [...]

Info:: Simdraz Engine:: Adobe AIR and html 5 websockets

Yes!! We are working on it!
Currently only Chrome and Safari from what I can see support websockets; but we are including this functionality. So; if you are using the AIR version of the Simdraz engine or a browser that supports websockets you won`t need to worry about AJAX request and polling even though AJAX is [...]

Blog:: GameBoy Emulation in javascript

Check this article out. ~
I`m always working on improving the Simdraz engine and this little thing looked awesome!
Although canvas still has someway to go for me before I would contemplate using it…
Think of making multiplayer classic gameboy engined games with chat!!

Social Media: How to Make it NOT Useless

Many companies have been adopting Social Media and Enterprise 2.0... some of them because it sounds cool, some because they have money to burn, and others because they actually have a strategy. But eventually, the big boss will come around and ask, "What are we really getting out of all this time and energy? Let's calculate the ROI!"

At this point, you might want to brace yourself for disappointment...

Blog:: Aves Engine Tech Discussion and some info about the Simdraz Engine

Wow.. Is all I can say after watching Paul Bakaus of Dextrose discuss his chosen technology stack on the Aves Engine. [Great work guys!]
I started the Simdraz engine back in early September 2009 as a hobby with a colleague; at which time I had never heard of  the Aves games engine until December time where [...]

Blog:: WebCenter:: Oracle Open World:: Hackathon - node.js Google V8 engine integration ;)

Oracle Open world is approaching fast and I`m still unsure if I can make it.. :(  fingers crossed I`ll be able to make this one with a few others from Ether Solutions.
And if so, I`ll be heading over to the apps lab team trying to get a sneak peak at the latest PS [...]

Blog:: Development:: Jquery:: Open Source Web based Game Engine:: Building Placement

So here`s a quick update on progress made.
Before if you can remember we showed you a small clip on navigating around the map and the village with a few trees dotted around.
Today I have a small clip showing you a new type of context menu we are working on..
It’s Still very early days so please [...]

Blog:: Microsoft .Net vs Java (The Trailer)

Ok so 30 mins before I leave for the airport check this out!

Webcenter:: Spaces:: My First Adobe AIR Desktop App for WebCenter - DEMO!

Ok, so here it is my Chromeless Adobe AIR App Demo!
I wish I had more connections setup at the time of the demo.. But going on holiday tomorrow so little time to add connections and make a proper presentation..
But you can see the Sencha JS framework in action pulling the webcenter data from the REST [...]

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