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Webcenter:: Spaces:: My First Adobe AIR Desktop App for WebCenter!

So recently I didn’t have much luck convincing the Oracle AppsLab Team to start creating Adobe AIR desktop applications for Webcenter Spaces The good news is however they are creating browser extensions which are just as good and not only for 1 browser. It looks like they have been working on Chrome, Safari and [...]

Blog:: Google now using animated sprites..

Well, I have to see that it is amusing to see that google are using animated sprites instead of animated gifs?
Just hit the Google site this morning..
Any one want to comment on why?
Here is the animated sprite in question..

Blog:: Blue Studios:: New splash screen up

ok; so the old entrance to Blue Studios  was just some text :(…
So I thought over the weekend the enhance the entrance, I hope you all like it.
The Digaset site and our Open Source jQuery Games Engine site are temporarily down whilst we do some updates.

Oracle 11g Webcast

It's time again for the Oracle UCM Community Webcast... and this one will of course focus on what's new in 11g. I strongly encourage you all to attend this one, since you'll be able to get answers for all your burning questions about 11g that you have been afraid to ask... as well as the ones Oracle wasn't allowed to answer until after the release!

You'll need to register for the event in order to attend. Be sure to log in with your company's email address so Oracle knows who you are!

Apache mod_rewrite for Oracle UCM Users

Kyle had a useful tip a while back about a little-known feature in Oracle UCM: the WebUrlMapPlugin which allows friendly URLs for Site Studio pages. It's extensible, which means you can add your own friendly URLs to the map if you wish.

Holiday Time:: Lake Bled:: Slovenia:: July 6th-26th 2010!! :)

It’s that wonderful time of the year where I get to go out - chill, relax and forget about the fun world of work.
This time I`ll be spending 3 glorious weeks relaxing on my own, by lake Bled in Slovenia.
So, if any one happens to be in the neighborhood and wants to go for a [...]

Blog:: ECM:: Oracle UCM 11gR1 Released

A quick headups -
I`m too busy with WebCenter to blog about this  - so head over to Fishbowl Solutions for more info.
Useful Links::
11g Documentation can be found here
11g UCM OTN downloads can be found here or you can download via the Oracle eDelivery system here: under FMW 11g –> Media Pack (MAY-13-2010 update) –>V21123-01 [...]

Oracle UCM 11g Now Released!

Good news! The 11g version of Oracle UCM is finally available! This version is a bit of a re-write to run on top of the WebLogic application server. Oracle has been talking about this release for some time, so I'm glad to see it finally available.

Oracle UCM jQuery Plugin

I recently put together a jQuery plugin for Oracle UCM, and thought I'd share. This connector allows you to use jQuery to make UCM Service calls through AJAX, and easily display the results. This is 100% pure JavaScript, no Java, Idoc, or ADF required! You can download the plugin from the Bezzotech library page.

Blog:: WebCenter:: Skins:: Render-kit Info - trinidad vs oracle

Last month I posted some info on Render kits and my overall confusion why I couldn’t change the default Spaces skin from the default trinidad Renderkit to Or be able to have each skin based on a renderkit ie My Skin PDA to use the oracle.adf.pda renderkit and My Skin to use
From many [...]

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