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The only V that counts in Big Data is Value

So what is Big Data?  Its Variety, Velocity, Volume right?  But what does that really mean?  Should I get loads of data and drop it into Hadoop, pull in anything I can lay my hands on and I'm now 'doing Big Data'?

Should I plug in my packet monitoring software and store in Hadoop and I'm doing Big Data?  Should I get as many different data sources and that means I'm doing Big Data?

The reality

Oracle SOA 11g Database Store tuning guidelines for Oracle DB 11.2 RAC environments

During my project work I had to tune the SOA dehydration store on more than one occasion. Through this posting I would like to share the tuning tips collected during these exercises. It is not a step-by-step guide, because with tuning there never is a 'one-size-fits-all' in my humble opinion, but I provide in general a guidance that you can use as a reference for your own situation. I will also refer to related Oracle documentation where available.

#290 Accessing Process Payload via JDBC

Here is my process -

I instantiate an instance of this using em.

#289 Human Task API - getting payload values

My process is as follows -

Human task title = ApproveTheOrder for Commiskey

Test Instance -

A Primer on Process Accelerators

Author: Tanu Sood, Principal Product Director

Keep Your Applications Agile with Business Process Management

Applications are the backbone of your
business. To run your business, you need many applications and systems like ERP,
SCM, CRM, and Billing. Since companies acquired these applications during
different time periods, they end up with disjointed applications and rigid
silo'ed departmental processes locked inside the applications. Many
applications were implemented years ago and selected for very specific business
needs but with time the needs change. At that point companies tend to make point
changes to the software to meet those needs.

Understanding NoSQL Technologies on Windows Azure

The NoSQL wave began in the cloud, and so you'd expect cloud platforms--including Windows Azure--to support these technologies. To help people understand the Windows Azure NoSQL options, I've written a Microsoft-sponsored white paper that surveys the topic.

new Puppet 3 Weblogic provisioning module

The last few weeks I was busy re-writing of my puppet WLS module so it fully supports the power of Puppet 3 (thanks for more than 4000 downloads on puppet forge and all the github downloads).

With Puppet 3 we now can use Hiera, Iterations and Lambdas expression. This does not sound like a big change but with Hiera and the new Puppet Language features, I can define big WebLogic Domains without

The inbound OSB file transport flow explained

The working of the OSB file transport can be explained  as follows:

# 287 Adaptive Case Management - Subscribing to Case Events

I discussed the various types of Case events in a previous post.
Maybe you would like to review Here

I define my simple order approval case as follows -

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