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#413 Process Cloud Service Administration

carrying on from the previous 2 blog posts...

user phillip is our admin -

Sending JMS Messages From WildFly 8 To WebLogic 12 with Camel

System integration is a nice challenge. Especially, when you're looking for communication standards and reliable solutions. In today's microservices world, everybody talks about REST services and http-based protocols. As a matter of fact, this will never be enough for most enterprise projects which typically tend to have a much more complex set of requirements. A reasonable solution is a Java Message Service based integration. And while we're not looking at centralized infrastructures and ESBs anymore, we want point to point based integration for defined services.

#412 Process Cloud Service -> Workspace tour

Leading on from the previous post -

Now I want to deploy the process to my test environment -

Click Test -

#411 Introduction to Process Cloud Service - Simple Order Process

PCS Roles

A good way to begin with PCS is by looking at the default roles.
Here they are -

Process Service Developer -

#409 The Hare of the Dog Volume 2 released

Great news on the publishing front.

Using Camel Routes In Java EE Components

I've been working with Camel since a while now and I really like it's simplicity. Using it on top of Java EE always was a little bit of a challenge and one of the recent talks I gave about how to do this and the different methods of bootstrapping Camel in Java EE actually proposes to use the WildFly-Camel Subsystem. In an ongoing series I am going to explore the different ways of doing this and provide a bunch of examples which are still missing from the talk.

#407 ICS Basic Components and some sample integrations to get you started!


ICS is simple - checkout the design screen functionality -

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