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Android Update: 5.0

Today my Nexus 7 got the upgrade to Android 5.0:

Watch out for superficial invariants

superficialAs I was reading a blog post on CQRS, Aggregate Roots, and Invariants here, I became aware of a mistake I’ve seen many developers make over the years and I thought I’d call it out real quick.

The 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration is available

DZone made it again. Another one of their famous guides got published yesterday. This time it is all about Enterprise Integration.

On Java EE and Community - Voxxed Interview

Devoxx is nearly a wrap. Beside the general awesomeness, Stephan and his team launched a new content website to be the number one stop for all topics related to technologies which are relevant for Devoxx attendees. While I've been at GeeCon, Lucy asked me for an interview which I happily gave. So we get to chat about WildFly development and explains why the Java EE needs you.

#350 Using API Catalog for harvesting Service Bus APIs

Same modus operandi as in the previous post - except we now us the osbharvester directory.

#349 Using the API Catalog

Now to the usage of the catalog itself.

It leverages the OER concept of the harvester and has the concept of Departments for User management.

The Admin function - I have clicked on the Admin link -

Trip Report: Joker Conf 2014

I am traveling a lot lately and catching up with the trip reports is not easy. One of my favorite trips lately was my visit in St.

#348 Installing API Catalog

Very simple -

download the required files from OTN.

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